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Eliana Johnson and Chris Stirewalt love the news business but they hate a lot of what’s happening to it these days. Using their decades of experience in print, digital and TV news they tell the story behind the stories, always on the lookout for bias, sloppy reporting and, well, just plain wretched journalism. Every week they help you to be a better, smarter news consumer.

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-11-30 09:45:00

A Feast of Facile (NEBM7587901464.mp3?updated=1701300232)

We took a break from debate prep to bring you the most facile content the American News Media has to offer this week. From racist plagues to self-inflicted Revenge Porn, its a “Harumph” heavy episode. Dont worry, there are a few positive pieces and praise for Cheesecake Factory. Wretch on! Time Stamps:  4:49 Front Page 44:36 Obsessions 52:02 Reader Mail  54:00 Favorite Items If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Show Notes:  WaPo: Is Biden Too Old to Run Again? We Asked People Born on His Exact Birthday WaPo: Univision anchor Jorge Ramos rebukes network for not challenging Trump Popular Information: Kushner's Mexican connection - by Judd Legum  Wapo: Bidens travel to Georgia to celebrate the life of Rosalynn Carter  Business Insider: Washington's secret weapon is a beloved Gen Z energy drink with more caffeine than God  Semafor: WSJ, Times journalists pull union away from Gaza statement   NYTimes: Israel-Hamas War: Second Hostage-Prisoner Exchange Is Completed After a Delay  NY Times:Gaza Civilians, Under Israeli Barrage, Killed at Historic Pace  AP News: Defeated Virginia candidate Susanna Gibson may not be done with politics WaPo:After affirmative action, a Black and White teen rethink Ivy League schools  They Fled Climate Chaos. Asylum Law Made Decades Ago Might Not Help  Why Warblers Flock to Tonier Neighborhoods To Shrink Learning Gap, This District Offers Classes Separated by Race Malls with a Cheesecake Factory do better than those without  How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life  WSJ: Held Hostage by Hamas: How Two Girls Survived Captivity in Gaza Slate: What Sam Altman can get away with at OpenAI now. @JessicaPMelugin on X “It’s important to remember that traditional media often dislikes social media generally because it ate their lunch on advertising and decentralized their control of information dissemination. That bias explains A LOT of reporting on social media matters. Futurism:Sports Illustrated Published Articles by Fake, AI-Generated Writers NYT: Nom Nom Nom. What’s the Deal With Cookie Monster’s Cookies?  NYT: When Ruthless Cultural Elitism Is Exactly the Job

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-11-24 09:45:00

Favorite Stories of 2023 (NEBM5063770643.mp3?updated=1700648101)

Please enjoy your travels back home with some of our favorite wretches moments of 2023. Do we have some insightful segments? Yes, but more importantly we are brining some big laughs and tastier finds (best hotdogs across the country). If you’re at home, check out our episode on YouTube! Wretch on, turkeys! Show Notes: Judd Apatow, Gabrielle Union, Tommy Dorfman Accuse The New York Times of "Dangerous Inaccuracies" in Coverage of Trans People  Interested in Polyamory? Check Out These Places  Prince Harry, Meghan, the Paparazzi and a Chaotic Night in Manhattan  Biden warns top aides against offering him political advice about Hunter The Real Lesson From the Hunter Biden Saga  Revealed: Politico’s banned words  The Lost Titanic Sub Didn't Even Have a Basic Safety Beacon  OceanGate CEO Missing in Titanic Sub Had History of Donating to GOP Candidates  Meet the ‘elite’ couples breeding to save mankind Tax season is getting longer. Blame climate change.  Don’t want a baby because of climate fears? You’re not alone. The Elite Circle Clarence Thomas Entered That Led to the Supreme Court  The Elite Circle Clarence Thomas Entered That Led to the Supreme Court  Lawyers with supreme court business paid Clarence Thomas aide via Venmo  Tracy Chapman, Luke Combs and the complicated response to ‘Fast Car’  Joy Reid Says She Wouldn't Go Out on July 4 'Because America is Awash With Guns'  How the American Left Sees the War in Israel  15 Regional Hot Dog Styles in America

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-11-17 09:45:00

Vibe Check in the Quiet Car (NEBM3976214091.mp3?updated=1700187944)

Before reading this, please wish Chris a Happy Birthday! And say good luck to his family as he subjects them to birthday McRibs. As for the show, we’re breaking down the drama at Daily Wire, Nikki Haley “scandals” and fashion trends emerging from the Israel-Hamas War. Time Stamps: 4:21 Front Page 1:02:17 Obsessions 1:08:12 Reader Mail  1:11:11 Favorite Items Show Notes: Curtis Houck on Twitter: WATCH: CBS's Gayle King LECTURES the father of a eight-year-old Israeli girl being held hostage by Hamas that "innocent children in Pales --Palestinians...are dying" too just as "innocent Israeli children" and, b/c of "politics," "no one seems to be able to say enough, stop"  Powerline: The AP at work today  AP News: Medics and patients, including babies, stranded as battles rage around Gaza hospitals WFB: BEASTMODE: Gaza Hospital Patient Says Hamas Should 'Go To Hell and Hide There' Instead of 'Hiding Among the People'  WFB: WaPo's Shipley Hand-Selected Hamas Cartoon He Pulled Amid Woke Blowback, Cartoonist Ramirez Says  The Wrap: Ben Shapiro Dares Candace Owens to Quit After War of Words About Israel Mediaite: 'I'm Gonna Have You Thrown Off This Train!' Senate Democrat Battles a Far-Left Blogger on Amtrak Ride  Politico: Firm powering Haley’s presidential bid hit with harassment lawsuit  AP News: Nikki Haley walks back her demand that social media ban anonymous posters after facing GOP backlash  WaPo: Fani Willis: Georgia trial involving Trump might not conclude until early 2025 Variety: Univision Anchor Leon Krauze Exits in Wake of Network's Controversial Trump Interview  NYMag: Selling Bidenomics Is Biden’s Only Chance to Beat Trump  Axios: Speaker Mike Johnson calls separation of church and state a "misnomer"  New Republic: Why Is Mike Johnson Flying a Christian Nationalist Flag Outside His Office? | The New Republic NPR: Speaker Johnson's close ties to Christian right — both mainstream and fringe WaPo:Florida’s laws, book bans drove this librarian to quit - Washington Post  WaPo: A boom of ballot initiatives is reshaping this state’s democracy  NYT: More Americans Say They’re in a Brain Fog. Long Covid Is a Factor. NYT: Kaffiyeh: The Symbolism and History of a Checkered Scarf   NYT:McDonald’s Growing Appetite for Fashion: Crocs, Moschino and More  National Review: The BBC Humiliates Itself — Again  Amichai Stein on Twitter: "Targeting medical staff"??? The daily @BBCNews Blood libel Ofer Gendelman on Twitter: Hamas has hidden these weapons in the MRI unit of the #Shifa_Hospital and in its clinics. The Guardian: ‘It never ends’: the book club that spent 28 years reading Finnegans Wake | James Joyce  Kotaku: YouTubers Put Anal Bead Chess Conspiracy To The Test  Kicker: Favorite Items of the Week: Poynter: Instead of Taylor Swift beat reporters, we need Nextdoor beat reporters - Poynter WFB: Yale Law Students for Hamas

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-11-11 09:45:00

McCarthyites, Amirite? (NEBM3875811686.mp3?updated=1699661195)

We are lucky to have Christine Rosen, of Commentary Magazine and AEI, return as a guest host this week. She helps Chris break down this week’s GOP debate, Tuesday’s election results and a new era at the Washington Post. Wretch on! 3:57 Front Page 57:42 Obsessions 1:03:01 Reader Mail 1:05:15 Favorite Items Show Notes: WaPo: RNC shifts away from establishment media for the fourth GOP debate  NBC News: Key takeaways from the 2023 elections: Democrats show strength beyond Biden The Atlantic: Donald Trump’s Gift to Adam Schiff  WaPo: In Israeli-Palestinian battle to sway Congress, only one side wins NYT: Jewish Viewers Find a Refuge in Fox News WaPo: Washington Post deletes editorial cartoon criticized as racist  NYT: Will Lewis Named C.E.O. of The Washington Post Gothamist: In Greenpoint, a man with severe mental illness is harming neighbors. No one knows what to do. WaPo: Dink, dink, ka-ching: The pickleball industry fights to cash in Obsessions: AEI: Of Drones and Journalists: Balancing Personal Privacy with Press Freedom While Juggling Federal and State Regulations | American Enterprise Institute  Reader mail: WSJ: The Michigan Superfan Who Became a Michigan Coach—and the Center of a Michigan Scandal Favorite Item:  NYT: The War Stories Their Families Never Forgot WSJ: His Job Was to Make Instagram Safe for Teens. His 14-Year-Old Showed Him What the App Was Really Like.

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-11-04 08:45:00

True False Equivalence (NEBM4200826234.mp3?updated=1699067088)

This week, Eliana and Chris talk about a family member jumping into the political spotlight and no, its not Mike Johnson. We’re looking at the latest narratives to come from the Israel-Hamas conflict, 2024, a celebrity’s attempted cancellation and our hosts have a healthy debate around the Speaker’s developing strategy. Time Stamps:  3:38 Front Page 50:32 Obsessions  56:45 Reader Mail  58:29 Favorite Items  Show Notes: Wapo: Biden’s dismissal of the reported Palestinian death toll  National Review: New York Times: Will Iran Ever Get Around to Killing the Jews Like They Say They Will?  NYT: Penn Donors Are Revolting Over Israel-Hamas, DEI, Trans Rights and Other Issues The Atlantic: The Decolonization Narrative Is Dangerous and False  Power Line: My cousin Dean WaPo: Opinion | Dean Phillips, who’s challenging Biden, answers our top 5 questions  NYT: Trump’s Verbal Slips Could Weaken His Attacks on Biden’s Age WSJ: Why Trump’s Drastic Plan to Slash the Government Could Succeed Politico: ‘He Seems to Be Saying His Commitment Is to Minority Rule’ Politico: Speaker Johnson taps veteran GOP operative as chief spokesperson  Free Beacon: How New Speaker Mike Johnson Can Silence Liberal Critics and Win Back the Mainstream Media  WaPo: Years into a climate disaster, these people are eating the unthinkable WSJ: ‘Sorry’ for Being So Blunt  WFB: Big Yikes, Fam: Taylor Lorenz's New Influencer Book Is Mid. It's Giving Cringe, Does Not Slap, on God. Obsessions: Free Beacon: I Said Hamas Raped and Beheaded. The Yale Daily News Issued a Correction. The Dispatch: Pence Runs Away From the Circus - Chris Stirewalt Favorite Item:  Tablet: The George Kennan Who Wasn’t WSJ: The Astrophysicist Who Has a Better Way to Board Airplanes

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-10-26 09:45:00

Speaker Who? (NEBM9061295463.mp3?updated=1698289334)

Tune in this week to hear our live reaction to the newest speaker of the house, Rep. Mike Johnson (no relation to Eliana). We’re continuing to breakdown the latest coverage of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Biden, and the Beckham series on Netflix  Time Stamps: 2:45 Front Page  49:31 Obsessions 53:56 Reader Mail  56:25 Favorite Items Show Notes: The Atlantic: A Record of Pure, Predatory Sadism NYT: Editors’ Note: Gaza Hospital Coverage Vanity Fair: Inside the ‘New York Times’ Debate Over Its Gaza Hospital Bombing Coverage  WSJ: Hamas Fighters Trained in Iran Before Oct. 7 Attacks CNN Business: Harvard and UPenn donor revolt raises concerns about big money on campuses The Nation: The Fight Over MSNBC’s Cave-in to Islamophobia NYT: How the Israel-Hamas War Imperils Action Against Global Warming CNN Business: Alsu Kurmasheva: Russian court extends detention of US journalist NBC News: GOP speaker nominee Mike Johnson played a key role in efforts to overturn the 2020 election NYT: Supreme Court Lifts Limits for Now on Biden Officials' Contacts With Tech Platforms  ANC News: Ex-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows granted immunity, tells special counsel he warned Trump about 2020 claims: Sources WSJ: DeSantis Isn’t at Home Abroad Daily Beast: The Messenger Is ‘Out of Money,’ Obsessions:  CPJ: Journalist casualties in the Israel-Gaza conflict  Medium: How might we build trust in an untrusting world? | by Richard Gingras  Favorite Item:  The Free Press: On Double Standards and Deafening Silence The Age: Straight bat outta Compton: Why LA gang members are embracing the gentleman's game

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-10-21 09:45:00

Treating Israel and Hamas as Equals (NEBM8405024757.mp3?updated=1697842242)

We’re coming to you a day late this week, but we’re covering lots of ground. The media had a tumultuous few days covering the conflict between Israel and Hamas. We’re also looking at the odd choices for interviews by The White House, hot mics at Fox News, and controversy around Lunchables. Time Stamps:  1:25 Front Page 46:05 Obsessions 56:42 Reader Mail  1:00:01 Favorite Items of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Show Notes:  Clarity with Michael Oren on Substack: Media FAQs about Gaza: Part II New York Times: After Gaza Hospital Blast, News Headlines Shift With Changing Claims National Review: Gaza Hospital Strike: The Blame-Israel-First Crowd Blames Israel First New York Times: Powerful Donors Push Universities to Condemn Criticism of Israel The Atlantic: Students for Pogroms in Israel  Washington Post: Biden gives fewer press interviews. But he woos more influencers. Newsweek: Sean Hannity Email to Jim Jordan Opponents Raises Questions  Mediaite: Brian Kilmeade Caught on Hot Mic calling Rep. Don Bacon 'Dumbass' for Voting Against Jordan WaPo: How Sean Hannity and Steve Bannon helped to fuel the GOP speaker chaos  CNN: Reliable Sources Newsletter October 16, 2023 WaPo: The make-believe Republican primary  Meidas Touch Network: NBC Files Motion to Televise Trump's J6 Trial  WaPo: Weak rules allow ultra-processed foods like Lunchables on school menus Mediaite: Jada Pinkett’s Strategic Oversharing Has the Media Promoting Her Memoir WaPo: It’s becoming impossible to report from Gaza NYT: A Palestinian Restaurant Perseveres in War’s Shadow Huff Post: ‘On Thin Ice’: Some Biden Administration Staffers Feel Stifled Discussing Horrors In Gaza BBC News: Explaining the 'how' - the launch of BBC Verify  The Guardian: Ian McEwan criticises hiring of ‘sensitivity readers’ looking for offensive material in manuscripts The Messenger: German Couple Gets Hitched at McDonald’s Because They Wanted ‘The Ultimate United States Wedding’ Free Beacon: I'm an American—And I'm Staying in Israel With My Young Family

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-10-12 09:45:00

War Brings Clarity (Mostly) (NEBM6129685562.mp3?updated=1697079176)

Today’s episode will focus on the excellent reporting on Hamas’ attack on Israel as well as subpar coverage. We’re also talking buyouts at the Washington Post, the next Speaker of the House and College in the United States. Time Stamps: 1:57 Front Page 51:58 Reader Mail 54:57 Obsessions 1:01:13 Favorite Items If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Show Notes: Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Music Festival Massacre - Tablet Magazine  How Hamas duped Israel as it planned devastating attack | Reuters  Israel Was Prepared for a Different War - WSJ  Israel’s Intelligence Failure - Tablet Magazine  Iran Helped Plot Attack on Israel Over Several Weeks - WSJ Early Intelligence Shows Hamas Attack Surprised Iranian Leaders, U.S. Says - The New York Times ADL Director Jonathan Greenblatt Tears Into MSNBC on Morning Joe: 'Who's Writing the Scripts? Hamas?'  How the American Left Sees the War in Israel - POLITICO  Tim Scott, please drop out, urge others to follow and unite behind Haley - The Washington Post  Best Foodie Cities in America (2023) Nothing Defines America’s Social Divide Like a College Education - The Atlantic  Opinion | Without a College Degree, Life in America Is Staggeringly Shorter - The New York Times  Slow Boring on Substack: The "Deaths of Despair" narrative is wrong What You Get Out of College Is Who You Put Into It - Chris Stirewalt - The Dispatch  Who Runs the Best U.S. Schools? It May Be the Defense Department. - The New York Times  Yuki Tsunoda: The Potty-Mouthed Japanese F1 Racer Who Became a Cult Star - The New York Times

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-10-07 09:45:00

Washington Goes to the Dogs (NEBM4708162138.mp3?updated=1696637272)

What day is it? Whose in charge? Eliana and her cohost, AKA Chris, try to make sense of the busy week in Washington as they breakdown the mess in the House, Biden’s “rabid” dogs, Michael Wolff’s surprise NYT bestseller, SBF’s style and the demand for political disinformation. Wretch on! Time Stamp: 1:29 Front Page 37:21 Obsessions 44:02 Reader Mail 50:38 Favorite Item If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Show Notes: Politico: Playbook: Inside Trump's surprise endorsement NYT:Can We Talk About Joe Biden?  Wapo:Commander is second Biden dog removed from White House after biting Daily Beast: Michael Wolff’s New Book Is a NYT Bestseller—With Just Over 3,000 Copies Sold  NBC News:Second Republican primary debate had the lowest TV viewership since 2015  WSJ: Sam Bankman-Fried’s Courtroom Look Spells a Personal Vibe Shift NYTimes: Gerry Turner Is the First ‘Golden Bachelor.’ Just Don’t Call Him a Silver Fox.  WSJ: After Shunning Scientist, University of Pennsylvania Celebrates Her Nobel Prize WaPo:Americans don't hate living near solar and wind farms as much as you might think  The Demand for Political Misinformation is a Bigger Danger than the Supply  Hans Niemann pooh-poohs a chess cheating theory that's based on vibrating beads

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Debate or Detroit (NEBM2788655360.mp3?updated=1695945897)

Did you watch this week’s GOP Debate? If not, we have you covered on today’s episode. We’re also breaking down the latest 2024 polls, Bidenomics, AOC’s non-union vehicle and multple items on Taylor Swift. Wretch on! 1:50 Front Page 42:20 Obsessions 47:18 Reader Mail 51:00 Favorite Item If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches NY Post: Republican debate features attacks on Biden, absent 'Donald Duck' Trump Detroit News: Donald Trump: UAW negotiations 'don't mean as much as you think' Mediaite: Trump Calls on RNC to Cancel All Future Primary Debates 'So We Can Train Our Fire' on Biden NPR: Commander bites again: Biden's dog has nipped another Secret Service officer  WaPo: Post-ABC poll: Biden faces criticism on economy, immigration and age Axios: Scoop: Biden team's don't-let-him-trip mission  National Review: Americans Don’t ‘Believe’ Biden’s Economy Is Good Because That Is a Lie Puck News: Mark Thompson’s Message & MTP Overheating The Atlantic: Pangea Ultima Is a Bleak Vision of Earth’s Future Medias Touch: Restaurant Responds to David Brooks: Bar Tab Was 80% of Bill Raw Story: Taylor Swift squeeze Travis Kelce helped fund Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham campaigns AP News: Largest US newspaper chain is hiring Taylor Swift and Beyoncé reporters WaPo: The new phone call etiquette: Text first and never leave a voice mail  WaPo: Dave Portnoy’s pizza festival brings buzz and backlash for pizzerias Obsessions: NYT: State Department Spent $52,701 on Curtains for Residence of U.N. Envoy  American Habits: Media obsession over Washington bad for federalism Favorite Item:  Mediaite: Michael Wolff Reveals Tucker Carlson Was Source of DeSantis Dog-Kick Story He Publicly Denied  WaPo: Opinion Women's bodies should not be a matter of public interest

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-09-22 09:45:00

Eat My Shorts . . . and My Hoodie (NEBM3516051088.mp3?updated=1695346567)

If you’re reading this on a plane, please do your best to mind your own business (you’ll understand why 15 seconds into today’s episode). After our etiquette lesson, we jump into our front page including Rupert Murdoch’s breaking news, the Shutdown the dress code followed by a full Facile File and much more. Wretch on! Time Stamps: 02:56 Front Page 54:31 Obsessions  1:01:05 Reader Mail  1:04:45 Favorite Item  If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Time Stamps: NYT: Rupert Murdoch to Retire From Fox and News Corporation Boards  Daily Beast: Murdoch Called Hannity ‘Retarded’ and DeSantis ‘Kicked’ Tucker’s Dog, Wild New Book Claims  Politico: Republicans resigned to being the villains in the inevitable government shutdown  NYT: Lawmakers Give New Senate Dress Code a Dressing Down WSJ: The Billionaire Keeping TikTok on Phones in the U.S. WaPo: The food industry pays ‘influencer’ dietitians to shape your eating habits CNN: US gas prices are unusually high. Here's why you shouldn't worry Kite and Key Media: The Relationship Between Extreme Weather and Climate Change  WaPo: Her students reported her for a lesson on race. Can she trust them again?  NatGeo: Salted? Alkaline? Here’s what you actually need to hydrate.  NYT: Jann Wenner’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Reign Ended in 20 Minutes @ChrisVannini on Twitter: “Nick Saban's radio show is the purest thing left in college football. Makes $11 million annually, greatest coach of all time, and he comes here every Thursday to take offensive line criticism from a man named Peewee.” @overhearddistrict on Instagram: “Spotted at the DMV” TMZ: Sexy Woman in Bodysuit Kicked Off Plane, Claims She's IG Famous  NYT: She Pioneered Internet Fame, He Helped Draft a Constitution. Now They're in Love. Obsessions:  WaPo: U.S. and Iran trade prisoners, signaling partial thaw in relations Slate: An Unexpected Scandal Could Lose Democrats the Virginia Legislature Favorite:  The Atlantic: I Never Called Her Momma The Atlantic: Nixon Between the Lines

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-09-15 09:45:00

Hanoi Joe (NEBM2156539692.mp3?updated=1694736692)

Do you ever feel attacked? Tune in and hear how the White House deals with this feeling when their media allies start to turn their backs. We’re also diving into Walter Isaacson’s latest book, new plans to “Revitalize Local News” and the best hot dogs across our great nation. Time Stamps: 3:01 Front Page 50:46 Obsessions 59:59 Reader Mail 1:06:38 Favorite Item Watch this episode on YouTube If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches WaPo: Opinion | President Biden should not run for reelection in 2024 Cnn politics: Biden campaign plots long-game strategy as Democrats' fears of a Trump win spike  NYT: Biden’s News Conference in Vietnam Ignites His Opponents  Semafor: In books, Biden is an energetic leader. Too bad nobody reads them.  WaPo: Why do we care whether Republican candidate Tim Scott has a girlfriend?  NYMag: What Does Walter Isaacson Know About Elon Musk?  Semafor: Twitter appears to throttle New York Times  MacArthur Foundation: Press Forward Will Award More Than $500 Million to Revitalize Local News - MacArthur Foundation  NYTimes: Fox Sued by New York City Pension Funds Over Election Falsehoods WIRED: Preferring Biological Children Is Immoral NYT: 15 Regional Hot Dog Styles in America Denver Post: Lauren Boebert escorted out of “Beetlejuice” musical in Denver after “causing a disturbance”  Business Insider: 'Corporate goths' are wearing their fishnets and eyeliner to work — and they're not apologizing for expressing themselves  Obsessions:  CBS: Virginia election candidate responds after leak of tapes showing her performing sex acts with husband: "It won't silence me" MinnPost: MinnPost will no longer publish comments on stories. Here’s why  Fav Items:  NYT: Opinion | The One Privilege Liberals Ignore  NYT: D.E.I. Statements Stir Debate on College Campuses

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When Libs Own Libs (NEBM5462261296.mp3?updated=1694132207)

Do you think Trump’s trial should be televised? Do you enjoy Imagine Dragons? If either of those questions pique your interest than we have the perfect podcast for you! Welcome to Wretch Nation where we're breaking down the latest in 2024 coverage, migrants in NYC and troubles at Spotify. Wretch on! Time Stamps: 1:54 Front Page 1:02:00 Obsessions 1:09:42 Reader Mail 1:11:43 Favorite Item of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Show Notes: WSJ: Biden’s Age, Economic Worries Endanger Re-Election in 2024, WSJ Poll Finds  THE HILL: The Trump trials should grant America a lens into the federal courts Politico: DeSantis’ super PAC chief: We're spreading dirt on Ramaswamy Mediaite: Rolling Stone Reports That Neo-Nazi Marchers Declared They Were 'All DeSantis Supporters,' Leaves Out Important Follow-Up  Politico: We Asked the 2024 Candidates to Pick the Songs That Stir Their Souls  CNN: Opinion: How Covid-19 is resurfacing after months of calm CNN: Dr. Fauci responds to study that says masks didn't work CBS: Mayor Eric Adams says asylum seeker crisis "will destroy New York City" NYT: Opinion | Kia and Hyundai Helped Enable a Crime Wave. They Should Pay for It. NYT: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on How She’s Changed Mediaite: Stranded Fox News Reporter Hails This Year's Burning Man as 'One of the Best'  WSJ: Spotify’s $1 Billion Podcast Bet Turns Into a Serial Drama Bethenny Frankel on Instagram: When Sofia Richie had her lavish wedding France, it changed the way people look at luxury. WaPo: Look up the best regional pizza in your state  NYP: Just 12% of Americans — mostly men — are eating half of our beef supply: new research NYT: Have You Seen Paul McCartney’s Lost Bass Guitar? Tips Welcome. Obsessions:  Forbes: Elon Musk Promotes Campaign To Ban ADL While Agreeing With ‘Raging Anti-Semite’ Daily Mail: Does Elon regret giving Tucker free rein? Musk throws shade on Carlson's sit down with fraudster who says he had sex with Barack Obama - calling for 'objective evidence' and not claims from 'someone with a dubious history'  US News: Switzerland Is No. 1 in 2023 US News Best Countries Rankings  Favorite Item: WSJ: They’ve Been Friends for 60 Years. Lew and Bobby Have Figured Out What Most Men Don’t.  FreeBeacon: Memoirs of a Closet Conservative

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Unblemished Record of Heterosexuality (NEBM9802688670.mp3?updated=1693535004)

Chris is out, and Eli is in. That’s right—Eli Lake, from The Re-Education, is stepping in for Chris this week. We’re taking a look at the new captain of CNN, reviewing corrections at Fox News that’ll make you say “yikes,” and ending with some Futbol talk. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Time Stamps: 1:43 Front Page 28:26 Obsessions 43:08 Reader Mail 47:12 Favorite Item Show Notes: WSJ: Mark Thompson Helped Revive the New York Times. CNN Is His Next Test.  APNEWS: Biden is widely seen as too old for office, an AP-NORC poll finds. Trump has problems of his own  The Messenger: ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Singer Oliver Anthony Slams Use of Song at Republican Debate: ‘I Wrote That Song About Those People’ Inside the Marine Corps' Fight with Fox News over a False Gold Star Family Story CNN: Fox News apologizes to Gold Star family after facing backlash over false story CNN: How conservatives use ‘verbal jiu-jitsu’ to turn liberals’ language against them Bethanny Frankel on Instagram: The Manolo × Fauxnolo Comfort Test - lets go WSJ: Who Needs an Entree? Diners Order Salad and Fries and Call It a Meal NYT: Yale Students Got a Terrifying Message. From the Campus Police WaPo: Boston University hires Harvard disinformation scholar Joan Donovan MSNBC: Harvard expert reveals how she predicted Covid disinformation KCAL News: Eminem asks GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy to stop using his music Tablet: Qatar’s World Cup FIFA Bribe Documents Exposed

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Meat Bag Flow (NEBM4313371817.mp3?updated=1692925026)

We’re reporting from the dairy state on today’s episode. Even if Chris is physically back in D.C., his spirit is with Eliana back in Milaukwee. You already know we’re diving deep into the first GOP debate of the 2024 presidential election. On top of that, we’re checking in with Don Lemon, Justin Trudeau, Brittney Spears and one of the great inventors of our time. Wretch on! Time Stamps: 2:01 Front Page 48:28 Obsessions 56:15 Reader Mail 1:00:34 Favorite Item If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Show Notes: NYT: How Ron DeSantis Joined the ‘Ruling Class’ — and Turned Against It Business Insider: A fellow Yale secret society member said Ron DeSantis rolled his eyes when she talked about her upbringing as a Hispanic girl in Texas: 'It was like I wasn't worth listening to'  Mediaite: 'Says It All': Don Lemon Claims Vindication After CNN Fired Chris Licht — Who Fired Him  Fortune: Elon Musk to remove headlines from news articles shared on X Reuters: Meta putting profit ahead of safety by blocking wildfire news, says Trudeau Axios: Newsrooms grapple with rules for AI  WSJ: America’s Fight Over Tipping at Restaurants Comes to Its Biggest Battleground Yet WaPo: A sex educator in Michigan refused to be shamed. Then came the backlash. WSJ: The Inventor Whose Life Work Is Perfecting the Writing Pen TMZ: Britney Spears Paying $10K a Month for Sam Asghari's New Apartment  New Yorker: Britney Spears’s Conservatorship Nightmare The Dispatch: Crowd Madness Intensifies Obsessions: Free Beacon: Democratic Opposition Researcher, a Former '60 Minutes' Producer, Masquerades as Journalist While Digging Dirt on Pennsylvania's David McCormick WaPo: West Virginia University plans to cut foreign languages and other programs Favorite Item Kansas Reflector: 'You're an ***hole, police chief': Kansas newspaper owner defiant in video of home invasion  NYPost: Why Sam Bankman-Fried likely won't get Adderall while locked up in Brooklyn jail

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RICO Suave (NEBM1507168380.mp3?updated=1692322733)

Eliana is out this week, but we have the great Kevin Williamson stepping in for her. We’re jumping into indictment coverage from the Washington Post and then moving onto Fox News woes, local news “solutions” and closing out the front page with BBLs (Brazilian butt lifts). Wretch on! Time Stamps: 09:16 Front Page 1:13:13 Obsessions 1:21:24 Reader Mail 1:27:27 Favorite Item of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Show Notes:  WaPo: Trump insults D.C. to get his trial moved. The city rolls its eyes.  Hollywood Reporter: CNN Overhauls Lineup: Abby Phillip Takes 10 p.m., Laura Coates to Host 11 p.m., New Morning Show Hosts and Weekend Programs NYT: Fox’s Top Lawyer, Viet Dinh, Will Depart Yahoo: 'A dangerous decision': Canadian news is disappearing from Instagram, Facebook  The Atlantic: The Local-News Crisis Is Weirdly Easy to Solve  Kansas Reflector: Police stage 'chilling' raid on Marion County newspaper, seizing computers, records and cellphones The Dispatch: The Perils of Activist Journalism  Cincinnati Enquirer: Retired Reds beat writer John Fay's life story is a love story Axios: As BBLs grow more popular, deaths rise in South Florida  APNews: Armed Utah man shot by FBI last week carried AR-15 in 2018 police encounter, records show  The Fire: Don’t tread on my editorial independence  NYTimes: The Frothy Saga of the Jacuzzi Family  The Spectator: Wolves and the Greens: why Germans are flocking to the AfD

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-08-10 09:45:00

The Fate of The Debate (NEBM6914952586.mp3?updated=1691626559)

Will Trump join the debate later this month? Does he have a good reason to sit the first one out? If you are asking these questions, then join us for an early episode this week. We’re cooking up a forecast on first GOP Presidential debate, coverage John Fetterman, STEM in journalism and a serving a robust Facile File. Wretch on! Time Stamps:  1:38 Front Page 46:01 Obsessions 54:50 Reader Mail 1:00:32 Favorite Item of the Weeks  If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Show Notes: Mediaite: Fox & Friends Implores Trump Not to Snub Republican Debate NYTimes: DeSantis Upends Campaign Leadership as Trump Looms and Urgency Grows AP News:DeSantis is defending new slavery teachings. Civil rights leaders see a pattern of 'policy violence' People: President Biden Speaks Out on Hunter's Daughter, 4, with Ark. Woman: 'Jill and I Only Want What's Best' (Exclusive)  Politico:  Who at 1600 Penn is making bank? Free Beacon: Biden Monkeypox Adviser Says White House Supports ‘Joy’ of ‘Risky’ Sex Free Beacon: WATCH: Biden Monkeypox Adviser Makes Taxpayer-Funded Appearance in BDSM Harness  NYTimes: John Fetterman, Hoodie and All, Is Adjusting to Life in the Senate - The New York Times  WSJ: New York Times Earnings: Publisher Adds 180,000 Digital Subscribers AP News: Residents are at a loss after newspaper that bound community together shuts in declining coal county Poynter: A technical question: Should journalism be designated STEM? The Guardian: Racism at heart of US failure to tackle deadly heatwaves, expert warns LA Times: Remote work gave them a reprieve from racism. They don't want to go back The Daily Beast: Lizzo Was Never as Progressive as We Wanted Her to Be  The Athletic: Ghiroli: Orioles’ unforced error with announcer Kevin Brown dims team’s shine at wrong time Bethenny Frankel on Instagram: “I spend money so you don’t have to” Free Beacon: How MIT Helped Develop Tech for a Chinese Company That Surveils Uyghurs NYT: How a U.S. Tech Mogul Used Nonprofits to Sow Chinese Propaganda Reason: Studies Keep Finding That Social Media Algorithms Don't Increase Polarization. Why Is the Press So Skeptical?  WSJ: A Nevada Town Where the West Is Still Wild NYTimes: The Secret Hand Behind the Women Who Stood by Cuomo? His Sister.

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-08-04 09:45:00

Our Favorite Books and Films About Journalism (NEBM6267450841.mp3?updated=1691099224)

It’s in the title, folks! We are joined by our friend and Nebulous colleague, Eli Lake, to discuss our favorite books and films in the genre of journalism. We have comedies, we have dramedies and we have some picks that are as dramatic as they get. We hope you are able to add a few movies and books to your queue! Books: Personal History, by Katherine Graham  What it Takes, by Richard Ben Cramer All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren Scoop, by Evelyn Waugh Movies: The Paper All The President’s Men Broadcast News Shattered Glass Call Northside 777

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-07-27 09:45:00

Media Bites Back at Biden (NEBM5100945809.mp3?updated=1690427995)

We’re early this week! And in case you haven’t heard, DeSantis is cooked . . . or at least that’s the latest take from the media. We’re breaking down the latest 2024 news, controversial curriculum in Florida, Hunter Biden, and stick around for great moments in fact-checking. Time Stamps: 41:03 - Style Section 47:36 - Obsessions 53:30 - Reader Mail 54:59 - Favorite Items Show Notes: NBC: Note cards and shorter stairs: How Biden's campaign is addressing his age NYPost: Biden’s dog Commander sent Secret Service officer to hospital, bit 6 others after replacing first pooch Major CNN: DeSantis cuts additional campaign staff in effort to ‘streamline operations’ Politico: New Florida teaching standards say African Americans received some ‘personal benefit’ from slavery Washington Examiner: Truth is the first casualty of liberal media’s war on DeSantis Politico: Political consultant backing Tim Scott spewed the N-word during card game Washington Post: Tuberville’s tales about his father in World War II have false elements New York Times: Study of Elite College Admissions Data Suggests Being Very Rich Is Its Own Qualification New York Times: In Florida, Swimmers Brave an Ocean That Feels Like Steamy Syrup Washington Post: Five ways to sleep better during a heat wave without blasting the AC New York Times: Would You Drink Wastewater? What if It Was Beer? Washington Post: Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s charged mission of healing Variety: Inside the Battle for CNN: Jeff Zucker, David Zaslav, Chris Licht and 18 Months of Crazy Backstabbing Washington Post: Black Lives Matter images deleted from Jason Aldean’s ‘Small Town’ video Washington Post: Tracy Chapman, Luke Combs and the complicated response to ‘Fast Car’ The Atlantic: What’s the Matter With Barbie? New York Times: I Saw ‘Barbie’ With Susan Faludi, and She Has a Theory About It Wall Street Journal: How Allbirds Lost Its Way New York Times: Is the Cure to Male Loneliness Out on the Pickleball Court? Business Insider: Exclusive: Hunter Biden's gallery sold his art to a Democratic donor 'friend' whom Joe Biden named to a prestigious commission AP News: ‘Mama bears’ may be the 2024 race’s soccer moms. But where the GOP seeks votes, some see extremism Chalkbeat: Politicians and pundits say parents are furious with schools. Polls say otherwise NYPost: Gen Z cries ‘time blindness’: Is being late a real medical condition?  The Stanford Daily: Stanford president resigns over manipulated research, will retract at least three papers Wall Street Journal: Deadly School Fire Casts Light on Sexual Exploitation in Guyana Mining Town

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-07-21 09:45:00

The Interview: Andrew Sullivan (NEBM1795131498.mp3?updated=1689916779)

We are delighted to be joined by Andrew Sullivan of The Weekly Dish. He takes us on a journey through his upbringing in traditional media to his days blogging alongside Matt Drudge in the early 2000s and how he ended up on Substack. Andrew’s story teaches us about how journalists connect with audiences and how one finds their voice. Wretch on! If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-07-14 09:45:00

Biden Blow-Back (NEBM4803223012.mp3?updated=1689298321)

No small talk this week, we’re diving straight into the front page and it’s packed. We’re looking at all things Biden, Clarence Thomas, the fall of The New York Times Sports section and the state of men. Wretch on! Watch this episode on YouTube If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Time Stamps: 1:27 Front Page 56:37 Obsessions 1:01:30 Reader Mail 1:05:40 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: The Hill: Secret Service ends probe of White House cocaine discovery with no suspect NYT: Opinion | It’s Seven Grandkids, Mr. President  The New Republic: What Do Bidenomics and the President’s Grandchild Have to Do with Each Other? Everything. NYT: DeSantis Confronts a Murdoch Empire No Longer Quite So Supportive  RealClearPolitics: California Gov. Newsom: FOX News "Contributes To The Mental Health Crisis" But I Can't Stop Watching It | Video Newsweek: How's Twitter Working Out for Tucker Carlson?  NYT: The Case That Could Be Fox’s Next Dominion  Politico: The testosterone primary of 2024 is ‘getting out of hand’  WaPo: Opinion | How today’s Twitter has made conservative boycotts more successful NYT: The Elite Circle Clarence Thomas Entered That Led to the Supreme Court  The Guardian: Lawyers with supreme court business paid Clarence Thomas aide via Venmo  National Review: Rand’s Latin American Campaign Stop NYT: Transgender Care Bans Leave Families and Doctors Scrambling Mediaite: CNN Apologizes After Getting Slammed for Misgendering Dylan Mulvaney In Bud Light Segment NBCNews: Kidney stones are rising among children and teens, especially girls, research shows  NYT: Climate Disasters Daily? Welcome to the ‘New Normal.’ WaPo: A dip in the ocean this summer? No thanks.  NYT: The New York Times to Disband Its Sports Department  Poynter: We should’ve seen it coming: The New York Times dismantles its sports department Awfulannouncing:Northwestern’s student newspaper lauded for breaking football program hazing story  Bethenny Frankel on Instagram: I love SPECIAL pieces. Do you like?  Variety:'Dark Side of the 2000s' Premiere Date, Trailer From Vice TV Huffpost:  I Started A Nudist Magazine. I Didn't Expect How Badly I'd Be Treated Because Of It. Obsessions:  NYPost: Jake Tapper defends CNN over Trump town hall: 'We can't ignore him'  AEI: Could News Bloom in News Deserts? Favorite Item:  WaPo: Opinion | Christine Emba: Men are lost. Here’s a map out of the wilderness. WSJ: How to Make Money by Losing $300,000 a Year on Slot Machines

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Go Injunct Yourself (NEBM5089245131.mp3?updated=1688692319)

What does the word “Patriot” mean to you? Did you go outside to celebrate our nation’s Birthday? Well, the American news media believes these are questions worth debating. Join us on Ink Stained Wretches where we go deep on these topics and other malarky the press had for us this week. Watch this episode on YouTube If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Time Stamps: 2:37 Front Page 35:58 Obsessions 42:35 Reader Mail 49:52 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: Bloomberg: Biden Appeal Opens a New Front in Battle Over Internet Speech NYT: Ruling Puts Social Media at Crossroads of Disinformation and Free Speech NYT: A ‘Cage Match’ Between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg May Be No Joke Wapo: Secret Service investigating suspected cocaine found in White House  Politco: White House cocaine culprit unlikely to be found: Law enforcement official Mediaite: Joy Reid Says She Wouldn't Go Out on July 4 'Because America is Awash With Guns'  NPR: Heat is making squirrels 'sploot' — a goofy act that signals something serious Wapo: How hot dog contestants went from eating 10 to 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes  Hollywood reporter: ESPN Cutting On-Air Talent as It Seeks Additional Cost Savings  WSJ: Food Is Meh, Décor Is Bland, Parking Nonexistent: Must Be D.C.’s Most-Exclusive Restaurant The Atlantic: The Harry and Meghan Podcasts We’ll Never Get to Hear Obsessions:  NYT: Ms. Rachel the YouTube Star Wants to Sing With Her Littles  Wapo: An unlikely provocateur, Miss Texas, takes on the state's GOP leaders  Favorite Items: CTV News:Unexploded bombs among dangers for nude trespassers, Calgary First Nation says NYT: Hunter Biden’s Daughter and a Tale of Two Families

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-06-30 09:44:00

Microdosing Lazy Reporting (NEBM1686525103.mp3?updated=1688094667)

We’re shaking things up and starting the show with praise this week regarding Hunter Biden coverage. After that, we break down the aftermath of Trump’s Fox Interview, RFK Jr., and the benefits of micro dosing. Watch this episode on YouTube If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Time Stamps: 3:26 Front Page 45:46 Obsessions  52:30 Reader Mail 58:34 Favorite Items Show Notes: NBC: Biden warns top aides against offering him political advice about Hunter NYT: Opinion | The Meaning of Hunter Biden Politico: Playbook: Mike Pence’s plan to go further on abortion The Hill: Trump rips ‘nasty’ Bret Baier after Fox News interview Vanity Fair: Fox News Is Scrambling to Get Donald Trump on the Debate Stage: “He Despises the Murdochs”  WaPo:Jesse Watters gets Tucker Carlson’s 8 p.m. slot in Fox News shake-up  The Atlantic: Inside the Mind of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  NYT: - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants to Be President. Cheryl Hines Is Along for the Ride. WSJ: ​Canada Passes Law Forcing Facebook, Google to Pay Media for Links AP News: Smoke from Canada wildfires is increasing health risks in Black and poorer US communities Scientific American: Climate-Friendly Cocktail Recipes Go Light on Ice The Atlantic: The Comic Strip That Explains the Evolution of American Parenting  Reuters: More Than 100 U.S. Political Elites Have Family Links to Slavery Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President by Candace Millard NYT: How Migrants Flown to Martha’s Vineyard Came to Call It Home NYT: ‘Hava Nagila,’ the Jewish Folk Song, is a Hit at Clubs, Bars and Even Mets Games Obsessions: NYT: Why Did Jenna Lyons Join the Rebooted RHONY? WSJ: Magic Mushrooms. LSD. Ketamine. The Drugs That Power Silicon Valley. Favorite Item:  WSJ: This Small Oil Town Has an Extravagant Obsession: Million-Dollar Home Renovations Yahoo Sports: US judge throws out high-profile chess cheating lawsuit

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A Nugget of Truth (NEBM2312234853.mp3?updated=1687490823)

We’re going big for Grimace’s birthday today on Ink Stained Wretches. We’re sipping on some purple shakes while breaking down the Hunter Biden coverage, Brett Baeir’s interview with Trump, Robert Kennedy and much more.  Watch this episode on YouTube If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Time Stamps: 3:37 Front Page 1:08:12 Obsessions  1:13:10 Reader Mail 1:14:47 Favorite Items Show Notes: National Review: The Intentionally Provocative Hunter Biden Plea Deal The Dispatch: Night of the Hunter  Mediaite: Bret Baier Earns Bipartisan Praise for Grilling Trump on Classified Docs: 'An Extraordinary Interview'  Chicago Tribune: Victor Shi: Cameras must be allowed during Donald Trump’s trial  Mediaite: Jake Tapper Says CNN Won't Cover 'Potentially Dangerous' Trump Speech — One Month After Network Held Town Hall for Him  The Wrap: Gavin Newsom Tells Sean Hannity He Was Blasted by Left for ‘Incredible Relationship’ With Trump During COVID (Video)  Commentary Magazine: The End of Cable News? - Christine Rosen WaPo: The life and power of Casey DeSantis  WaPo: Gov. Ron DeSantis used secretive panel to flip state Supreme Court News Nation: Joe Rogan challenges vaccine expert to debate anti-vaxxer  National Review: The Real Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  Daily Beast: The Lost Titanic Sub Didn't Even Have a Basic Safety Beacon New Republic: OceanGate CEO Missing in Titanic Sub Had History of Donating to GOP Candidates | The New Republic  WaPo: Fred Ryan to leave Washington Post after nine years as publisher WaPo: Tesla 'Autopilot' crashes and fatalities surge, despite Musk's claims  WaPo: Inside a conservative confab for young women, where feminism is a lie TIME: Tequila Is Eclipsing Vodka as U.S.'s Most Popular Spirit Michigan Daily: The whiteness of green spaces: The cyclical nature of exclusion in environmental professions  Mens Health: Are You Gynosexual? Here's What It Means, According to Experts  NYT: Lionel Messi, Saudi Arabia and the Deal That Paid Off for Both Sides  NYT: Why Do Team Owners Raise the Championship Trophy First? Mediaite: Andy Reid Raves About Food At Chiefs' White House Visit WSJ: Prince Harry and Meghan, Spotify End Podcasting Deal Variety: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Labeled 'F—ing Grifters' by Spotify Exec Bill Simmons After Deal Ends  NYT: A Flight Attendant’s 12 Etiquette Rules for Summer Travel Obsessions: Public on Substack: First People Sickened By COVID-19 Were Chinese Scientists At Wuhan Institute Of Virology, Say US Government Sources WSJ: U.S.-Funded Scientist Among Three Chinese Researchers Who Fell Ill Amid Early Covid-19 Outbreak  National Review: When the Scandal of the Century Has No Consequences  The Atlantic: Lara Logan’s Break With Reality  The Dispatch: When Public Opinion Is Irrelevant  NYT: Tracking Major Supreme Court Cases in 2023: Affirmative Action, Elections and More Favorite Items:  Inquirer: Two Rhode Island officials visited Philly. They were so rude their state launched two separate investigations.  Sports Illustrated: Stephen F. Austin Bowling Coach Quits After Affair With Player Is Revealed

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-06-16 09:45:00

The Interview: Jon Ward (NEBM8478810740.mp3?updated=1686886676)

Today we are joined by Yahoo News’s Jon Ward. Chris dives deep into Jon’s new book, Testimony: Inside the Evangelical Movement That Failed a Generation. Outside of the book, Chris and Jon also open up about their beginnings in journalism and the rise of digital media. Wretch on! If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches

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Goodbye, Other Chris (NEBM7147372602.mp3?updated=1686277123)

Strap in, Wretches. We’re going deep into the firing of CNN Chief, Chris Licht. We also breakdown Chuck Todd’s exit, Tucker’s full Twitter debut and the origins of McDonald’s Grimace.  Time Stamps:  2:00 Front Page 56:37 Obsessions 1:00:50 Reader Mail  1:03:56 Favorite Item If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up for our Newsletter Watch the full episode here Follow us on Instagram @InkStainedWretches Show Notes: The Atlantic: Inside the Meltdown at CNN  NYT: Could Jeff Zucker Fix CNN? He Seems to Think So. Semafor: CNN lost trust over COVID coverage, internal report found Politico: The Real Reason Chris Licht Got Fired From CNN The Information: The Real CNN Drama is Cable News' Growing Irrelevance  NYT: Chuck Todd to Leave ‘Meet the Press’ National Review: NYT: GOP’s Diverse Field Just a Sign of GOP Racism The New Republic: The Arrogance of Already Crowning Trump the Republican Nominee The Daily Beast: Casey DeSantis Is the Walmart Melania Trump  WaPo: Let Ron DeSantis identify however he wants Mediaite: Jen Psaki, James Comey Envision Trump in an Ankle Bracelet  Deadline: Tucker Carlson Debuts Twitter Show To Big Numbers, Threatens To Leave Elon Musk-Owned Platform If Anyone Calls Him Out Semafor: Inside the high-stakes clash for control of Ukraine’s story NYT: Nazi Symbols on Ukraine’s Front Lines Highlight Thorny Issues of History  Mediaite: Is Anyone Going to Retract Their Baseless Claims That Fox News Leaked the Tucker Tapes?  APNews: As conservatives target schools, LGBTQ+ kids and students of color feel less safe  NYT: Pat Robertson, Who Gave Christian Conservatives Clout, Is Dead at 93 Daily Mail: Mark Zuckerberg denies that he was choked out during Jiu-Jitsu tournament NYT: With Hannah Gadsby’s ‘It’s Pablo-matic,’ the Joke’s on the Brooklyn Museum VinePair: Behold the Nostalgic, Purple Silliness That Is McDonald's Grimace Shake Obsessions:  NYT: The Complicated Reality of Joe Biden, America’s Oldest President The Guardian: Amazon and Google fund anti-abortion lawmakers through complex shell game Favorite Items: WaPo: The fugitive heiress next door: Why Brazil is fascinated by Margarida Bonetti Semafor: Did Washington underestimate Kevin McCarthy?

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Let The Pride Wars Begin (NEBM2625952639.mp3?updated=1685669760)

Gather round, wretchos, and listen to the tales from the pride wars. Stick around to hear more on the debt ceiling, the pronunciation of Desantis and a detailed profile on the next Lululemon.  If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Watch this Episode on YouTube Follow us on Instagram Sign up for our Newsletter Time Stamps:  5:40 Front Page 51:01 Obsessions 1:00:20 Reader Mail 1:04:21 Favorite Item Show Notes: Samafor: Pride Month is a war. Brands are the battlefield. Fox Business: Chick-fil-A gets heat from Twitter users over DEI Axios: "Anti-woke" movement finds itself an investment vehicle Free Beacon: Kevin McCarthy Just Notched a Victory. His Speakership is Perpetually on the Brink, According to the Press. NYT: DeSantis, Wading Into Debt-Ceiling Fight, Puts Pressure on Trump Axios: Dee-Santis or Deh-Santis? His team won't say Rolling Stone: DeSantis Is Scheming to Steal the Right-Wing Influencer Vote From Trump NYT: Tara Reade, Who Accused Biden of Assault, Says She Has Moved to Russia Wapo: Burning trash for the planet? Climate cash sets off branding frenzy.  The Atlantic: Latinos Can Be White Supremacists Yahoo: Rock singer curses out DeSantis supporters during show: 'You're f---ing dead to me' WSJ: Alo Yoga Is Beating Lululemon at Its Own Game WaPo: For mega-rich heirs, the anxieties that drive 'Succession' are all too real  Puck: Tim Scott’s Audience of One CJR: Journalism’s Essential Value NYT: It’s Millionaire vs. Billionaire in the Battle of the SoHo Pergola

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-05-26 09:45:00

Media Dunks on DeSantis (NEBM1056534235.mp3?updated=1685059626)

We’re kicking off with Meatball Ron and how the media meanies are dogpiling on his botch launch. We also breakdown recent coverage around Tim Scott, the Debt Ceiling and Fox New’s “woke” employee handbook. Wretch on this MDW! Time Stamps: 02:44 Front Page 46:22 Obsessions 53:48 Reader Mail  55:42 Favorite Item of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to receive show notes directly in your inbox Show Notes:  Semafor: Ron DeSantis shut out the media. That's changing. Puck News: Ronny on the Run NBC: Read the full transcript of NBC News' exclusive interview with Sen. Tim Scott  WaPo: In debt ceiling talks, House Dems worry over Biden’s approach with GOP Daily Signal: EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology Mediaite: Fox News Show Outnumbered Finally Issues Brief Correction to 'Migrants Booting Veterans' Story NYT: Tensions Flare Inside The Messenger, a Fledgling News Site  AP News: Black children are more likely to have asthma. A lot comes down to where they live KFF: Poverty Rate by Race/Ethnicity The Desk: NBC fires Glen Kuiper after on-air slur during Oakland A's game NYT: I’m a Couples Therapist. Something New Is Happening in Relationships. Obsessions:  Politico: The Casey DeSantis Problem: ‘His Greatest Asset and His Greatest Liability’ Nature: Users choose to engage with more partisan news than they are exposed to on Google Search The Hill: ‘Am I gay?’-related Google searches soar 1,300 percent in 19 years: analysis Politico: The return of the Lady Macbeth trope Favorite Items:  @Emmerpope on Instagram: “Catching Up on the News” Video WaPo: Think you can land a plane? We put average people to the test.

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-05-19 09:45:00

The Veganism of Sexual Practices (NEBM3084683888.mp3?updated=1684464900)

Wretch nation. We are looking deep into the permission structure of the American news Media this week. This includes prime-time shakeups across cable news, crime coverage, and polyamory. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to receive show notes directly in your inbox Time Stamps:  04:10 Front Page 58:53 Obsessions 1:10:00 Reader Mail  1:14:00 Favorite Item of the Week  Show Notes: WSJ: CNN Promotes Kaitlan Collins to Prime Time Slot Following Trump Town Hall WaPo: Anderson Cooper scolds critics of CNN's town hall with Trump  NYT: Opinion | We’re Asking the Wrong Questions About the Trump Town Hall  Variety: Fox News Mulling Primetime Changes After Tucker Carlson Exit  Daily Beast: ‘Karma Is a Bitch’: Roger Ailes’ Widow Goes Off on Fox News Woes  Washington Examiner: Subway death coverage confirms that in the liberal bubble, only conservatives are political WaPo: Daniel Penny becomes ‘hero’ for conservatives, DeSantis after killing Jordan Neely on subway  NYT: A Refugee From Another Time Gets an Eviction Notice NYT: How a Few Stories of Regret Fuel the Push to Restrict Gender Transition Care  Wapo: Elon Musk compares George Soros to Jewish supervillain Magneto  NYT: The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History Is Here, With Familiar (Rich) Winners AP News: How the American Dream convinces people loneliness is normal NYT: Why Some Companies Are Saying ‘Diversity and Belonging’ Instead of ‘Diversity and Inclusion’  WSJ: Vol. 36, No. 5: Honorifics Neiman Lab: No need to shoot The Messenger: Its muddled ideas are doing the job NYT: Why Americans Are Smuggling Fruit Roll-Ups Into Israel JSOnline: The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile's name has changed. Here's what to know.  Daily Mail: I wear tight 'booty shorts' to the gym but I don't want male attention NYT: Prince Harry and Meghan Say They Were Chased by Paparazzi in New York  NYT: Interested in Polyamory? Check Out These Cities. WaPo: Durham’s probe of Russia investigation has cost taxpayers at least $6.5 million NYT: Supreme Court Blocks Release of Full Mueller Report for Now (Published 2020) WaPo: The Mueller Report Illustrated: The Obstruction Investigation WaPo: End of a love affair: AM radio is being removed from many cars Favorite Item: Reason: I Worked for Hodding Carter III at a Small-Town Mississippi Newspaper  Wired: Pete Buttigieg Loves God, Beer, and His Electric Mustang

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-05-12 09:45:00

A Troubled Town Hall (NEBM5354949883.mp3?updated=1683863752)

Donald Trump returned to CNN this week and, as expected, the media has strong feelings about the results. We break down their reactions as well as other stories like Joe Biden’s diet, Tucker’s next move, and Eliana’s favorite self-tanner. Wretch on! If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to receive show notes directly in your inbox Time Stamps: 2:34 Front Page 53:38 Obsessions 1:02:41 Reader Mail 1:04:29 Favorite Items Show Notes: NPR: CNN's town hall with Donald Trump takes on added stakes after verdict in Carroll case Puck News: The Kaitlan Era Begins Tonight CNN: Trump and the Town Hall Tucker Carlson on Twitter: We’re Back  Dylan Byers on Twitter: NEWS: Tucker Carlson will relaunch his show *on Twitter* with help from former Fox News staff. He will forgo at least $25 million owed to him by Fox Corp. in order to break non-compete clause. Axios: The food fight in the White House: Biden's diet  WaPo: Opinion | President Biden should hold more solo press conferences - The Washington Post  NYPost: White House bans New York Post from Biden event as Hunter indictment looms The Dispatch: The Content Trap Bill Nichols on Twitter: I'm biased and congrats to all the #Pulitzer winners. But does anyone think that if the Washington Post or NY Times had gotten an early draft of the most important SCOTUS opinion in a generation, they would NOT have won? @politico and @joshgerstein and team deserved better Ap: AP wins public service, photo Pulitzers for Ukraine coverage  YouGov: Trust in Media 2023: What news outlets do Americans trust most for information? WaPo: Most Americans support anti-trans policies favored by GOP, poll shows  WaPo:Inflation eased again in April, but prices are still rising fast  National Review: Cream and Sugar with Your Cup of Personal Moral Defect?  Variety: MTV News Shuts Down, Paramount Lays Off 25% of Networks, Studios Group - Variety  NYT: Elizabeth Holmes Opens Up About Her Theranos Trial and What Comes Next  WaPo: The rich don't dress like you think they do  Obsessions:  NYT: The Smooth-Talking Republican Who Would Rule by Fiat NYT: Opinion | American Road Deaths Show an Alarming Racial Gap Wall Street Journal: Vice Media Nears Deal for $400 Million Sale Out of Bankruptcy NYT: Father-Son Duo in Alabama Wins Pulitzer, Bucking Headwinds in Local News NYT: Inside the Delirious Rise of ‘Superfake’ Handbags

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-05-05 09:45:00

Trump and CNN, Frenemies Again (NEBM5198763208.mp3?updated=1683256690)

The presidential debates are starting to take shape and we’re here to give you a preview of how it could go down. Also, we’re reflecting on the White House Correspondents Dinner as well as updates on Tucker and Clarence Thomas. Wretch on!  If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to receive show notes directly in your inbox Watch this episode on YouTube Time Stamps:  3:12 Front Page 41:35 Obsessions 49:35 Reader Mail 52:04 Favorite Item Show Notes: CNN:Trump to appear at CNN town hall in New Hampshire | CNN Politics  NYT: Trump Likely to Sit Out One or Both of First Two G.O.P. Debates  WaPo: There remains little value in broadcasting Trump’s comments live Semafor: Take Donald Trump seriously, not literally, on “fake news.” WaPo: Republicans aim to disrupt 2024 general election debates amid Trump complaints Mediaite: 'You Brought This Up!' Trump Scolds Nigel Farage For Suggesting He Stop Talking About 2020 Election  NYT: Tucker Carlson’s Text That Alarmed Fox: ‘It’s Not How White Men Fight’  NYT: How Scalia Law School Became a Key Friend of the Supreme Court AP News: Americans fault news media for dividing nation: AP-NORC poll  Semafor: Politico's founder is spending $20 million to train aspiring journalists NYT: Vice Is Said to Be Headed for Bankruptcy  The Dispatch: The Flooded Zone Propublica: Clarence Thomas Had a Child in Private School. Harlan Crow Paid the Tuition.  Politico: My Descent Into TikTok News Hell  Mediaite: Jeffrey Toobin Recalls Departure from CNN and Infamous Zoom Call: 'I'd Rather Not Go Into the Grisly Details' SLToday:  ‘Rudderless ship of chaos’: St. Louis judge advances Kim Gardner contempt case

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Tuckered Out (NEBM8717882565.mp3?updated=1682732069)

Wretch Nation! We’re late, but we are here. It’s a big week in news media and we waste no time geting into stories circling Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon. There are plenty of theories, anonymous tips and hot takes this week so tune in to hear us make sense of the madness. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Show Notes: Daily Beast: The Inside Story of Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon’s Monday Media Massacre NY Mag: Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon’s Same-Day Demise Politico: Tucker Carlson’s Exit Shows Who’s the Real Star at Fox Politico: Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Tucker Carlson I Might Be Wrong Substack: The Tucker Carlson Role Just Opened Up FiveThirtyEight: The Fox News Defamation Trial Hurt Trust Among Some Viewers NYTimes: Newsmax Ratings Climb After Tucker Carlson’s Exit at Fox  Don Lemon on Twitter: I was informed this morning by my agent that I have been terminated from CNN. CNN Communications on Twitter: Don Lemon’s statement about this morning’s events is inaccurate. He was offered an opportunity to meet with management but instead released a statement on Twitter. Variety: Gayle King, Charles Barkley Confirm Weekly CNN Show  NY Times: Signed Letters, Mar-a-Lago Dinners: Trump's Personal Touch in Fighting DeSantis  WaPo: Trump touts authoritarian vision for second term: ‘I am your justice’ The Hill: Trump questions why he should participate in GOP primary debates Politico: GOP tries to paint Biden’s labor nominee as radical, hoping to turn Dem votes against her Politico: Judge tosses Devin Nunes suit over Esquire article  NYT: Neil Gorsuch Sold Property to Head of a Major Law Firm WaPo:BRENNAN DISCLOSES GIFTS FROM LOCAL DEVELOPER  NYT: BuzzFeed News, Which Dragged Media Into the Digital Age, Shuts Down  Semafor: Semafor Newsletter  @NateSilver538 on Twitter: Disney layoffs have substantially impacted FiveThirtyEight. I am sad and disappointed to a degree that’s kind of hard to express right now. We’ve been at Disney almost 10 years. My contract is up soon and I expect that I’ll be leaving at the end of it. Propublica: In Secret Recording, a Top City Library Official Calls Alaska Natives “Woke” and “Racists”  NYPost: New York Post reporter Conor Skelding loses battle with cancer  Tucker Carlson: Quarter Zip Pullover The Atlantic: You Will Miss Bed Bath & Beyond Politico: POLITICO's awards for D.C.'s 10 biggest attention-seekers: The Thirsties Washington Examiner: Your reminder that the Left started the culture wars over transgenderism Vanity Fair: Tucker Carlson’s Prayer Talk May Have Led to Fox News Ouster: “That Stuff Freaks Rupert Out”  New York Times: Tucker Carlson Texts Set Off Crisis Atop Fox on Eve of Trial

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The High Price of Low Standards (NEBM9844647467.mp3?updated=1682037553)

We have a big episode this week, folks. Starting off with the Fox News and Dominion settlement, jumping over to 2024 coverage and taking a moment to examine the future of humankind. Tune in! Time Stamps: 3:00 Front Page 47:56 Obsessions  54:30 Reader Mail 57:36 Favorite Item of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to receive show notes directly in your inbox Show Notes: Fox News: FOX News Media, Dominion Voting Systems reach agreement over defamation lawsuit  Reuters: Exclusive: Fox investors seek records in possible step toward suing directors NYT: Opinion | What Protects Fox News In the Dominion Trial Also Protects Our Democracy  WaPo: After high-flying start, DeSantis hits stumbling blocks on road to 2024 The American Conservative: Learning From Vlad the Impaler News Nation: Musk, media reach boiling point over Twitter changes  WSJ: Harlan Crow Is ‘Collateral Damage’ of a Smear Campaign Against Clarence Thomas Politico: Playbook: No GOP favors for Feinstein Yahoo News: Meet the ‘elite’ couples breeding to save mankind WaPo: Choosing not to have a kid out of climate fears? You're not alone. - The Washington Post WaPo: Tax season is getting longer. Blame climate change. MarketWatch: Oklahoma sheriff’s office says recording by McCurtain Gazette-News of talk about killing journalists was illegal WSJ: Prayers, a Glitchy App and a Five-Minute Race for Migrants at Border to Win Entry to U.S.  NYTimes:As Migrant Children Were Put to Work, U.S. Ignored Warnings  WSJ: Can I Wear Jeans and a White T-Shirt to Work? Plus 8 More Burning Questions On the Classic Men’s Outfit  Obsessions: NYT: How a Campaign Against Transgender Rights Mobilized Conservatives WaPo: Boston is a bucket-list marathon. Now nonbinary runners can compete, too.  WSJ: A Tense Wait for an Imprisoned Son WSJ: Evan Gershkovich Is Not a Spy Favorite Items: WaPo: Teachers nationwide are flummoxed by students' new chess obsession 104.5 WOKV: Mets broadcasters hilariously explain possum still at large in Athletics' television booth

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Leaker, Not Whistleblower (NEBM6497879066.mp3?updated=1681436021)

This week we are lucky to be joined by Karol Markowicz while Chris is on Spring Break. We’ll be breaking down the coverage of the leaked classified documents, Clarence Thomas, The Tennessee Three and much more. Time Stamps: 14:54 Front Page 38:11 Reader Mail 39:52 Favorite Item of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to our newsletter to receive show notes directly in your inbox Show Notes: WaPo: Discord member details how documents leaked from closed chat group Washingtonian: Clarence Thomas’s Billionaire Benefactor Collects Hitler Artifacts The Daily Beast: ‘Misunderstanding’ Led to Good Morning America’s Blur of Trump’s Campaign Podium  Bloomberg: Murdoch to Testify at Fox-Dominion Trial as Soon as Monday  Yahoo News: How Tennessee Republicans turned gun control lawmakers into Democratic heroes Vanity Fair: Between the Tennessee Three, Abortion, and Trump, the GOP Just Loves Losing  Politico: Sorry, Jon Stewart — America Needs Crossfire Again AP News: Climate change adding 50 homers a year in MLB, study says Jezebel: Rupert Murdoch, Jerry Hall's Divorce Agreement Bars Her From Giving Story Ideas to 'Succession'  Mediaite: SNL Parodies Trump Hating Liberals With 'CNZen' Commercial  NY Post: CNN boss Chris Licht admits Don Lemon is a 'lightning rod' after sexist rant, misogyny history NYT: These Couples Got Married During Trump’s Indictment YouTube: 'You Just Lied': Elon Musk Slaughters BBC Reporter In Live Interview

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2015 All Over Again (NEBM5855470536.mp3?updated=1680816011)

It’s another historic week by the media’s standards as they try to chase ratings with Trump’s arraignment. The press was also busy reacting to 60 Minute’s newest special and reacting to Women’s NCAA White House plans. All of this and more on this week’s episode. Tune in! If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to our newsletter to receive show notes directly in your inbox Time Stamps: 03:05 Front Page 30:07 Obsessions 37:57 Reader Mail 39:53 Favorite Items of the Week Show Notes: Free Beacon: Chase Those Ratings: Watch the Media's Obsessive Coverage of Trump's Arraignment Journey  WaPo: On ‘historic’ Trump indictment day, media scrambled to show us something NYT: Trump will be arraigned today. Clinton will be honored. Washington Examiner: The Washington Post's gross partisan practice when reporting on alleged sex crimes  WaPo:Opinion | Fox News's Dominion 'cherry-picking' defense is rotten - The Washington Post  Semafor: Fake news’ no more: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s journey to 60 Minutes WSJ: Evan Gershkovich — Reporter at The Wall Street Journal  The Spectator: The Wall Street Journal’s curious DEI hire  NYT: For Lower-Income Students, Big Tech Internships Can Be Hard to Get The Atlantic: Angel Reese Meets the Same Old Stereotypes  TMZ: Elon Musk's Twitter Strips New York Times of Verified Checkmark  NYPost: Meet the Whittakers: Inside 'America's most inbred family' that speaks in grunts NYT: When Climate Change Melts Your Relationship National Day Calendar: NATIONAL HUG A NEWSPERSON DAY - April 4  Obsessions: Politico: How to tell what's real online  WaPo:ChatGPT invented a sexual harassment scandal and named a real law prof as the accused  Favorite item:  NYT: ‘Hot Ones’ Was a Slow Burn All Along Variety: Don Lemon's Misogyny at CNN, Exposed: Malicious Texts, Mocking Female Co-Workers and 'Diva-Like Behavior'

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The Beige Lady (NEBM2538435059.mp3?updated=1680223737)

Good news: the gang is back together in the studio. From their guild to housing crisis reporting, we have lots to catch up on with the New York Times. We’re also checking in on CNN’s latest play, reading between the lines in Marty Baron’s op-ed, and learning it's okay to sleep with stuffed animals. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to our newsletter to receive show notes directly in your inbox Time Stamps: 2:57 Front Page 51:42 Obsessions 57:13 Reader Mail 58:04 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: WSJ: White House Condemns Russia's Detention of Wall Street Journal Reporter  WSJ: CNN Finalizing Deal to Add Gayle King as It Hits Lowest Ratings in Decades  @Mosheh on Instagram: A CNN crew was robbed in San Francisco while reporting on the rampant crime that has plagued the city. @NYTimesGuild on Twitter: After 3 years of thriving with hybrid work, we cannot in good faith agree to a contract that would give @nytimes the unilateral right to call us into the office 5 days a week — the company’s current position. 865 @NYTimesGuild members delivered this petition to management today. Commentary Magazine: The New York Trans - Christine Rosen The Dispatch: What New York Housing Shortage? WaPo:Opinion We want objective judges and doctors. Why not journalists too?  CJR: Has the press learned to cover Trump better? The past week suggests not.  Dan Nguyen on Twitter: My “I didn’t eat pudding with 3 fingers” Fox News chyron has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my chyron The Atlantic: Nobody Likes Mike Pence  NPR: The FBI raided a notable journalist's home. Rolling Stone didn't tell readers why  NYT The Morning: Good morning. Americans use Fahrenheit, but many climate reports exclusively use Celsius. WaPo: Opinion | Covid gave America a surprise baby boom WaPo: What does an AR-15 do to a human body? A visual examination of the deadly damage. Freddie deBoer on Substack: Of Course You Know What "Woke" Means Ars Technica: How The New York Times managed to avoid ruining Wordle Los Angeles Times: The California newspaper that has no reporters left  WSJ: The Most Polarizing Men’s Dress Shoe Is Back. Buckle Up. AP News: Review: Lana Del Rey's 'Ocean Blvd' is an intimate epic NYT: sleep with stuffed animals WSJ: America Pulls Back From Values That Once Defined It, WSJ-NORC Poll Finds Semafor: How to spend 3 months vacationing in Florida like Jair Bolsonaro  New Yorker: The Secret Joke at the Heart of the Harvard Affirmative-Action Case

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The Interview: Shawn McCreesh (NEBM5328517122.mp3?updated=1679631114)

Today we are joined by New York Magazine’s Shawn McCreesh. We talk to Shawn about the art of a good profile, his days at New York Times, and his connection to previous ISW interviewees.  If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to our newsletter to receive show notes directly in your inbox Show Notes New York Magazine: Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner’s Politico Ambitions  New York Magazine: How SBF Sweet-Talked the Media  NYTimes: Opinion | In My Hometown, Opioids Are Still Stealing Lives  New York Magazine: Get Me Risa Heller!  Mediate: ‘I Was So F*cking Freaked Out’: Ex-NYT Staffer Describes ‘Crying’ and ‘Bloodthirsty’ Colleagues Seeking Vengeance for Cotton Op-Ed  Guest Recommendations:  New York Magazine: Pete Hamill on the Revolt of the White Lower Middle Class  NY Times: Jamie Tarses' Fall, as Scheduled GQ: Ted Kennedy on the Rocks | GQ  The New Yorker: Ted Turner, the Lost Tycoon  Vanity Fair: OVITZ AGONISTES  NY Times: Woman of Mass Destruction  New York Magazine: The Death of (the Idea of) the Upper East Side

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Ocean's 2 (NEBM9550288496.mp3?updated=1679003195)

John Podhoertz, editor of Commentary Magazine, sits in for Eliana today. We’re diving deep into the media’s 2024 coverage and then jumping into a full business section with news from Buzzfeed, Politico, and more. Time stamps:  6:40 Front Page 1:16:26 Obsessions 1:22:58 Reader Mail  1:28:37 Favorite Item of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to receive show notes directly in your inbox Show Notes: The Dispatch: Who Needs the MSM? Politico: Trump prepares an extensive opposition file on ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’  WaPo: On the trail, freewheeling Donald Trump counters scripted Ron DeSantis WaPo: Much of the 2024 GOP field focuses on dark, apocalyptic themes Mediaite: Al Sharpton Floats His New Nickname For Anti-Woke Republicans: 'Well What's The Opposite?' Vanity Fair: How Rod Dreher’s Blog Got a Little “Too Weird” for The American Conservative | Vanity Fair  Politico: How Biden saved Silicon Valley startups: Inside the 72 hours that transformed U.S. banking  WSJ: Barney Frank Pushed to Ease Financial Regulations After Joining Signature Bank Board  WaPo: A lot of people heard what Barney Frank said about the new banking law. Few knew he works for a bank.  WaPo: Dafna Linzer abruptly steps down as Politico’s executive editor Puck: Dafna Punk  WSJ: BuzzFeed Encourages Reporters to Write More Stories in Attempt to Turn Profit Nieman Journalism Lab: The scale of local news destruction in Gannett’s markets is astonishing Page Six: Gwyneth Paltrow dragged on TikTok over wellness tips  Slate: Why Are All Action Heroes Named Jack, James, or John? MSNBC: Oscars 2023: Best picture nom ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is slick, but sick  Deadline White House on Twiter: "If Stormy is someone they are going to look as a substantial witness for this case, I am certain that she will do a fantastic job... the facts will prevail and the facts do not benefit the former president" - @MichaelCohen212 w/ @NicolleDWallace MSNBC: Why Michael Cohen wouldn't be as bad a prosecution witness as some may think LA Times: How white and affluent drivers are polluting the air breathed by LA's people of color WaPo: Opinion | Gavin Newsom unfairly punishes Walgreens for its abortion pill policy  CBS New York: City of Newark falls for Sister City scam: "Whose job was it to do a simple Google search?"

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Womyn in the Nyews (NEBM1842874640.mp3?updated=1678405180)

We’re celebrating Herstory this week! Listen in to hear stories from AND about Semafor, updates on Fox News, and Eliana has insights into Politico’s new style. Time Stamps: 3:31 Front Page 50:06 Obsessions  1:00:30 Reader Mail 1:03:31 Favorite Item of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to receive show notes directly in your inbox Show Notes: NYT: Inside the Panic at Fox News After the 2020 Election Dispatch: Bill Sammon, the Deer Hunter Mediaite: Bret Baier Airs Report Questioning Tucker Carlson's Jan. 6 Coverage, Features McConnell Saying Fox News Made 'A Mistake'  Semafor: Conflict of Interest at the Post  Axios: Semafor partners with Chinese Communist Party-linked think tank  Mediaite: 'Not a Concept I Support': DeSantis Calls Out Media Using His Picture for 'More Clicks' on Blogger Registration Bill He Doesn't Advocate  WaPo: Baseball can no longer ignore Ron DeSantis's culture wars  Politifact: What does it mean to be ‘woke’?  CBS: 2 women leading the sports and business sides of the Miami Marlins are making history NYT: For Women in Afghanistan, the War’s Terror Gives Way to New Fears NYT: The Dirty Little Secret of Credit Card Rewards Programs  WaPo: Nearly everyone is exposed to unhealthy levels of tiny air pollutants, study says DailyMail: Democrat FTC boss turns screws on Elon Musk by demanding he hand over information on layoffs  Neil Chilson on Twitter: I've looked at (and revised, even) dozens of consent orders. Douglas provides a standard description of why the FTC has consent orders and how enforces them through demand letters.  JoshKraushaar on Twitter: Some personal news: Excited to announce that I will be the new editor-in-chief for @J_Insider starting at the end of the month. I’m thrilled to be working with @melissaeweiss in her new role as JI executive editor.  I Might Be Wrong Substack: Announcing the "Wrongthink" Podcast! Featuring Me and a Far-Better-Known Dude! Obsessions:  The Spectator: Revealed: Politico’s banned words NYPost: I pretended to be a 14-year-old boy on TikTok — what I saw terrified me  Kicker: WSJ: How Sexual Assault Allegations Against a U.S. Chess Grandmaster Went Unaddressed for Years AP: Video captures dramatic moment SUV slams into Houston cafe

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Fox’s Bruh Moment (NEBM4210321124.mp3?updated=1677908472)

Today, we’re going deep into Fox’s horrible, bad, no-good week. We’re also looking at the Wuhan Lab leak coverage, The View (unfortunately), and the AP’s constipation clarification. Hit it, baby! 02:37 Front Page 40:27 Obsessions 46:43 Reader Mail 48:21 Favorite Item of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Sign up to receive show notes directly in your inbox: Show Notes: NYT: Murdoch Acknowledges Fox News Hosts Endorsed Election Fraud Falsehoods Puck: Will Rupert Make a “Blood Sacrifice”? WaPo: Opinion | Democrats finally seem ready to wage war on Fox News Semafor: 'Non-Person' Donald Trump faces 'soft ban' at Fox Reason: Global Disinformation Index, Inform Thyself Slow Boring Substack: Misinformation isn’t just on the right HuffPost: 'The View' Host Joy Behar Scorches Trump On East Palestine Train Derailment Deadline: ‘Dilbert’ Cartoon Dropped From Many News Outlets Over Creator Scott Adams Racial Remarks Vanity Fair: How Newsmax’s Cable-Fee Fight Spiraled Into the Right’s Latest “Censorship” Crusade Puck News: Zaz’s “Equity Story” & Credit Suisse’s Demise AP: Constipation does not kill more people than rifles in the US D Magazine: Dallas Morning News Fires Reporter for Calling Mayor 'Bruh' on Twitter Axios: Scoop: Jonathan Capehart quits WaPo editorial board, leaving no people of color TV Tech: FCC Asks Administrative Law Judge to Rule on Aspects of Tegna Deal WSJ: Upward Mobility Is Alive and Well in America Favorite Items of the Week: NYT: Jaromir Jagr, The 51-Year-Old Hockey Star Who Won’t Quit NL Times: Amsterdam murder suspect caught with bag of meat at Lisbon Airport, fueling cannibal rumor The Fifth Column: Ep #396 w/ Chris Stirewalt "Fired by Fox, Fixing the News, Eating a McRib” Check out exclusive nebulous media content: Website - Instagram - Twitter - YouTube -

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At Fox and CNN, Talent Runs Amok (NEBM9377565904.mp3?updated=1677206361)

Cable news currently has its hands full with Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon. Tune in to get the latest on the New York Times outrage, Ron Desantis and this week’s George Santos.   If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Watch this episode on YouTube Time Stamps:  2:42 Front Page 47:27 Obsessions 55:18 Reader Mail  57:36 Favorite Items Show Notes:  NYT: Uproar Hits CNN as Don Lemon Is Rebuked for Comments About Women  Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: 'If Don doesn't go, we will!': Angry female staffers at CNN issue ultimatum over Lemon's sexist Nikki Haley comments and threaten to quit if he stays on-air WaPo: Opinion | Does Don Lemon's punishment at CNN fit the crime? Axios: Exclusive: Kevin McCarthy gives Tucker Carlson access to massive trove of Jan. 6 riot tape  News Channel 5: Businessman, economist, cop, international sex crimes expert? The stories of Congressman Andy Ogles Vanity Fair: Ron DeSantis Shouldn’t Be Covered Like Just Another Republican The Dispatch: DeSantis Is (Almost) Right About Libel Law WaPo: Republicans use ‘wokeism’ to attack left — but struggle to define it NewsMax: Sen. Tuberville: Newsmax Targeted to Silence Conservatives  NYT: ‘Chernobyl 2.0’? Ohio Train Derailment Spurs Wild Speculation. NBC News: Supreme Court rejects Ohio man’s bid to sue police over arrest for Facebook parody NYT: James O’Keefe Leaves His Post as the Leader of Project Veritas Mediaite: Upcoming Oscars Ceremony Will Be Equipped With 'Crisis Team' in the Event of Another Will Smith-Style Stunt Obsessions:  Mediaite: ‘I Was So F*cking Freaked Out’: Ex-NYT Staffer Describes ‘Crying’ and ‘Bloodthirsty’ Colleagues Seeking Vengeance for Cotton Op-Ed  NYPost: Censorship of Roald Dahl is more akin to China's cultural revolution than supposed democracies  Favorite Items of the Week:  The Athletic: Rosenthal: Remembering Tim McCarver, the ideal teammate in broadcasting and baseball  NYT: In a First, a Woman Issues a Thunderstorm Watch, Officials Say

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Polly Want A Crisis? (NEBM8229323663.mp3?updated=1676594827)

Rough week for NYT while the attempt to course correct on multiple fronts. We’re also looking at how the inflation is being interpreted amongst various publications and WaPo’s attempt at creating the next George Santos. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Watch this episode on YouTube Time Stamps:  2:08 Front Page 50:15 Obsessions  1:00:30 Reader Mail 1:06:56 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: Mediaite: NYT Edits Article Calling John Fetterman Health Needs ‘Special'  Hollywood Reporter: Judd Apatow, Gabrielle Union, Tommy Dorfman Accuse The New York Times of “Dangerous Inaccuracies” in Coverage of Trans People  John Hirschauer on Twitter: “The New York Times is bending over backwards to avoid saying the word “Chiefs.” Mediaite: WATCH: ESPN’s Chris Berman Ties ‘Abe Lincoln’s Birthday’ to the Historic Two Black QBs Who Started in the Super Bowl Reuters: Fox News must face Smartmatic's lawsuit over election-rigging claims The Hill: GOP senators push back at Biden’s FCC nominee during third hearing CNBC: Inflation rose 0.5% in January, more than expected and up 6.4% from a year ago  WaPo: US inflation slows to 6.4%, but price pressures re-emerge WSJ: To Save Money, Maybe You Should Skip Breakfast  WaPo: California fires widen the gap between rich and poor  Vox: Russia, climate, inflation: Are we headed toward a “polycrisis”? The buzzword at Davos, explained. WaPo: These women journalists were doing their jobs. That made them targets.  WaPo: The Hunter Biden laptop and claims of ‘Russian disinfo’ Washington Examiner: Disinformation Inc: State Department bankrolls group secretly blacklisting conservative media  NyMag: The Only Success Story in Right-Wing Social Media  NyMag: Trump Insult ‘Meatball Ron’ Is Better Than ‘DeSanctimonious’  The Onion: Adam Schiff Seeks Diane Feinstein’s Endorsement By Playing Into Delusion He’s High School Sweetheart Who Died In WWII DW: German director suspended after critic smeared with dog poo  Wapo: Anna Paulina Luna rose to Congress on a compelling life story. It surprised some who knew her. National Review: What’s going on with the Ohio train crash A Newspaper Taught Hemingway to Write Puck: Licht’s Rebound Play

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Sour (Don) Lemon (NEBM3097861396.mp3?updated=1675988736)

We’re celebrating Valentine’s day a little early with some fancy cookies this week. Aside from the reluctant review of SOTU, we’re kicking off this week with some inside scoops on the media’s biggest personalities. Stay tuned for updates on WaPo parenting advice and the Dallas Zoo. Time Stamps: 02:14 Front Page 45:03 Obsessions  51:12 Reader Mail  53:41 Favorite Item of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Show Notes:  Free Beacon: WATCH: Media Salivate Over Biden's State of the Union Speech, Mock GOP Rebuttal Mediaite: WATCH: Don Lemon Calls Off Commercial Break to Go Off on Kaitlan Collins Interview With James Comer  NY Post: Don Lemon 'screamed' at 'CNN This Morning' co-host, left crew 'rattled': sources  Page Six: Matt Lauer considering a media comeback attempt: sources  Time: The Chinese Balloon Looks Nothing Like a Weather Balloon, Experts Say Byline Times: Russia and the US Press: The Article the CJR Didn’t Publish Business Insider: An 'anti-capitalist' financial planner explains how to make ethically sound investments WaPo: House GOP embraces mainstream media after years of bashing ‘fake news’ WaPo: Slow? Koala? Crunchy? Your guide to the wild world of parenting styles Chronicle: Fear of a Black-Studies Planet  NYT:The Blurred Lines Between Goldman C.E.O.’s Day Job and His D.J. Gig NYT: The 6 Best Boxed Chocolates of 2023 Politico: Reporter arrested during news event on Ohio train derailment  NYPost: AOC serves up disinformation about Hunter Biden — and us ABC27: ‘I was framed:’ Las Vegas politician accused of killing journalist speaks from jail  Courthouse News Service: Judge declines newspaper’s request for sanctions against police in reporter’s murder probe  NYTimes: ‘One Gut Punch After Another’: The Case of the Missing Dallas Zoo Animals

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Trying to Check the Box (NEBM1960335279.mp3?updated=1675381505)

Chris Licht (Chris #2) is doing the interview rounds again as rumors fly about CNN’s interest in adding some comedy flavor to its programming.  WaPo’s Fred Ryan is facing some heat as business continues to stumble and scientists are eating legos to see . . what comes out the other end. Tune in for more “other end” conversations! If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Time Stamps:  02:31 Front Page 51:26 Obsessions 1:00:29 Reader Mail 1:09:49 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes:  LA Times: CNN boss Chris Licht on restoring trust and why he deleted his Twitter account  Washington Examiner: CNN to begin airing Bill Maher's Overtime amid reports of a comedy venture Puck News: Will Gayle King Bite on CNN? New Yorker: What Happened to the Washington Post? Philadelphia Inquirer: The NYT should tell readers whether it helped crooked FBI agents get Trump elected in 2016  WaPo: GOP report shows plan to ramp up focus on disproven election fraud claims  WaPo: 'Environmental racism' and the mysterious cars rusting in D.C. woods  WaPo: Hunter Biden’s lawyers, in new aggressive strategy, target his critics Matt Feeney on Twitter: Wapo: Opinion | Britain’s proposed online safety rules defy common sense NPR:  6 doctors swallowed Lego heads for science. Here's what came out  Free Beacon: The Political Targeting of George Santos Is Inextricable From His Sexual Orientation and Latinx Heritage  Politico: 16 Hours With George Santos: Dunkin’ Donuts, 27,000 Steps and a Scolding NYT: Bobby Hull, Hockey Hall of Famer, Is Dead at 84 NYT: Bobby Hull’s Golden Hockey Career Diminished by His Troubling Dark Side NYT: How Parenting Today Is Different, and Harder The Verge: Lauren Sánchez will lead an all-woman crew to space on Blue Origin NYT: In the Fight Over Gas Stoves, Meet the Industry’s Go-To Scientist Andrew Sullivan on Substack: Rod Dreher On His Crises Of Faith And Family WTAE: Groundhog Day 2023: Punxsutawney Phil makes his prediction  WSJ: Missing Dallas Zoo Monkeys Found in Closet of Abandoned Home

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Quarter Zip, Full Freakout: Press nuts for Santos (NEBM6917366237.mp3?updated=1674852091)

We’ve got a BIG front page this week. From $50 million contract disputes to shrinking news rooms, media companies are feeling the heat this week. We also want to give a major shoutout to all of those who sent us their media swag. Keep it coming! If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Watch this episode on YouTube. Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Time Stamps:  02:19 Front Page 50:19 Obsessions 55:44 Reader Mail  1:00:47 Favorite Item of the Week  Show Notes:  NYT: Jeff Bezos Visits The Washington Post as Layoffs Loom NYT: Washington Post Lays Off 20 Journalists WaPo:Opinion section at The Washington Post expands its roster with seven new contributors NYT: Media Start-Up Semafor Plans to Buy Out Sam Bankman-Fried’s Investment  NYT: Rupert Murdoch Backtracks on Plan to Merge Fox and News Corp Daily Beast: Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight Are on ABC’s Chopping Block  Mediaite: Steven Crowder Daily Wire Rant Epitomizes Conservative Betrayal Complex  American Firebrand on Twitter: “Tucker's full monologue exposing the deep state's control over the government: "Permanent Washington is in charge” WaPo: Opinion | Tucker Carlson's messages with Alex Jones are revealed: 3 takeaways CBS News: M&M's puts spokescandies on "indefinite pause" in wake of uproar over changes to green M&M  NYT: Good morning. “The 1619 Project” continues to provoke national debate about race and history. WaPo: Doomsday Clock hits 90 seconds to midnight, its most dire prediction eve Newsweek: I'm Gay. Leave Ivan Provorov Alone | Opinion WSJ: The Chess World’s New Villain: A Cat Named Mittens NYT: Opinion | Nancy Pelosi, Liberated and Loving It NBC News: Highlights from the Ticketmaster hearing: Senators criticize 'monopoly' over Taylor Swift fiasco  Fox News: Longtime Fox News Channel executive Alan Komissaroff dead at 47  Free Beacon: Al Sharpton, Lionized

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Getting “Fake” Tough on Biden (NEBM3897478351.mp3?updated=1674096300)

The classified documents saga continues this week on Ink Stained Wretches. We’re also looking into CNN’s comedy exploration, NYT’s slip up and how Daily Wire is doing at the box office. Watch this episode on YouTube If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Time Stamps:  05:15 Front Page 43:11 Obsessions 53:07 Reader Mail 57:40 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes:  WaPo: The Biden documents scandal is a test for the media — and an opportunity  Semafor: CNN is serious about getting into comedy WaPo: Climate change puts more women at risk for domestic violence Vice: Blockbuster NYTimes Story Accidentally Leaked Phone Numbers of Russian Soldiers Criticizing War  Free Beacon on Twitter: Andrea Mitchell chides a reporter for using the term "pro-life" WaPo: Opinion | D.C.'s crime bill could make the city more dangerous WaPo: D.C. Council overrides Bowser veto of crime overhaul bill The Dispatch: The Strangeness of Psychotic Jew-Hatred  The Atlantic: Take Detransitioners Seriously  National Review: The Second Annual Best Coffee Cup in Conservatism Contest Alex Thompson on Twitter: Personal news: I'm joining the amazing team at @axios The Free Beacon: The UAE Has Donated Millions to the Atlantic Council. They Just Got a Glowing Op-Ed From the Think Tank's Chief. AVClub: Gina Carano and Ben Shapiro's filmmaking relationship is going about as well as you'd expect Indie Wire: Gina Carano's New Ben Shapiro-Produced Movie Is Somehow Still Too Woke for Some Right-Wingers  CNBC: Op-ed: Making the case for oil CEO Sultan Al Jaber to lead the UN climate conference this year Ellen Fleming on Twitter: Sometimes that Boston accent slips out when you least expect it Financial Times: Tyler Cowen: ‘Economists can’t predict the effects of new technologies. Surely that should humble us a bit?’

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Documents for Me, But Not for Thee (NEBM4339817495.mp3?updated=1673578173)

We’re ranting about everything from classified documents to fine dining. We’ve also got more on CNN, Ron Destantis coverage and following up on congressional housing. Welcome in! Watch this episode on YouTube If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Time Stamps: 02:24 Front Page 46:00 Obsessions 56:07 Reader Mail  1:00:26 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: WaPo: Justice Dept. reviewing classified documents found in Biden's post CNN Politics on Twitter: There are clear distinctions between the two classified documents cases involving President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump Mediaite: Contributor Ben Domenech as a 'Moron' and a 'Buffoon' for His Speakership Take  NYT: Can Ron DeSantis Avoid Meeting the Press?  NYT: Opinion | The Party’s Over for Us. Where Do We Go Now?  Wapo: Environmentalists have a blind spot in the debate over gas stoves  ABC 6 News: 'Kraken' strain causes new COVID concerns  Wapo: New survey finds antisemitic views are widespread in America  NYT: Blake Hounshell, ‘On Politics’ Editor at The Times, Dies at 44  NYT: Noma, Rated the World’s Best Restaurant, Is Closing Its Doors NYT: Opinion | Noma and the Fizzle of Too-Fine Dining  The Daily Caller on Twitter: CNN’s Jim Sciutto: "Is election denialism a new U.S. export?" CBS Sunday Morning: Extended interview: Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda and more  Noah Smith on Substack: Why Paul Ehrlich got everything wrong NYT: Another Big Boomer Effect NYT: A Hamline Adjunct Showed a Painting of the Prophet Muhammad. She Lost Her Job

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2023-01-06 09:45:00

Wretches, Lies, and the Videotape (NEBM6250222122.mp3?updated=1672975382)

New Year. Same Us. We’re getting the Speaker news cycle out of the way first so we can jump into some of our favorite stories like homophobic telescopes and white supremacist exercise. Watch this episode on YouTube. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Time Stamps:  03:30 Front Page 43:24 Obsessions 49:03 Reader Mail  53:48 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: NYT: How Naming the James Webb Telescope Turned Into a Fight Over Homophobia NYT: How a Dog’s Killing Turned Brooklyn Progressives Against One Another New York Times on Twitter: In the Bahamas, a Lingering Sympathy for Sam Bankman-Fried The Cut: Representative Delia Ramirez Knows the Housing Struggle  AEI: WaPo’s Apologia for School Library Porn  TIME: The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise, and 6 Other Surprising Facts About the History of U.S. Physical Fitness  NY Post: How ESPN handled broadcast during horrifying Damar Hamlin injury  NYtimes: There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be Short WaPo: Art at Capitol honors 141 enslavers and 13 Confederates. Who are they? The Princetonian: 3 Princeton DEI staff members resign, alleging lack of support WSJ: When Mary Met the Angel The Wrap: Semafor to 'Redeem' Sam Bankman-Fried Investment - In Other Words, Return It (Exclusive)

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-12-30 09:45:00

The Interview: Chris Cuomo (NEBM7298565476.mp3?updated=1672374138)

Chris’s NewsNation colleague, Chris Cuomo, joins him and Eliana this week for a special interview episode. We jump in to Chris’s early days at Fox News, what he learned at ABC as well as CNN. We’re closing out 2022 with Chris x2! Talk to you all in 2023! If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here.

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-12-23 09:45:00

Media Grinches Steal Christmas (NEBM6623926422.mp3?updated=1671762277)

With layoffs at Wapo, Tucker attacking Zelenskyy, and an ABC producer going rogue, the holiday season is less than jolly for the media. Tune in to also catch up on Disney drama and the menopause gold rush. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here.   Time Stamps: 2:12 - Front Page 34:52 - Obsessions 42:08 - Reader Mail 44:50 - Favorite Items of the Week Show Notes:  Politico: Playbook PM: WaPo braces for more layoffs Puck: Post-Apocalyptic  WaPo: Your 2022 News Print NYT: In Testimony, Hannity and Other Fox Employees Said They Doubted Trump’s Fraud Claims WSJ: Bob Iger vs. Bob Chapek: Inside the Disney Coup Hollywood Reporter: Disney Analyst: Spinning Off ESPN, ABC Is “Best Path Forward” NPR: She was an ABC News producer. She also was a corporate operative Slate: I Think I Found Kyrsten Sinema’s Side Hustle WSJ: The Stanford Guide to Acceptable Words Yahoo: 'Disgusting!': 'New York Times' slammed after crossword puzzle resembles swastika NYT: Welcome to the Menopause Gold Rush Coindesk: Divisions in Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Empire Blur on His Trading Titan Alameda’s Balance Sheet The Economist: Crypto’s last man standing WSJ: The 30-Year-Old Spending $1 Billion to Save Crypto Bloomberg: This Crypto CEO Says He Made $20 Billion Just to Give it All Away WSJ: Tech Live summit: What’s Next for Crypto Dispatch: Life Is Too Short For Hating Harry & Meghan New York Magazine: Fall of the Progressive Boy King NY Post: Man with WWI explosive lodged in his rectum sparks bomb scare, hospital evacuation

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-12-16 09:45:00

Failing Upwards (NEBM1188277870.mp3?updated=1671142384)

We are finally getting to the Twitter Files and Brittney Griner coverage this week. On top of those items, we’re checking in on ex-CNN President Jeff Zucker, updates from the NYT walkout and EOY media lists. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Time Stamps:  2:33 Front Page 49:14 Obsessions  56:00 Reader Mail 58:13 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes:  Axios: Exclusive: Bari Weiss reveals business plan for buzzy new media startup WSJ: Jeff Zucker, Former CNN President, to Lead Sports-and-Media Investment Firm RedBird IMI Mediaite: Mediaite’s Most Influential in News Media 2022  Semafor: New York Times DC Reporters are skipping the walkout NYT: With End of Griner’s Detention, a New Wave of WNBA Activism Begins  WaPo: From Mexican cartel labs to U.S. streets, a deadly fentanyl pipeline Puck News: The Obamas’ Hollywood Education NYT: The 93 Most Stylish ‘People’ of 2022  WSJ: Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Crash WSJ:  Sam Bankman-Fried’s Parents Were There for FTX’s Rise, and Now Its Fall The Onion: Nation Forgives Harvey Weinstein After He Gets Really Good At Football  Commentary:  How Disinformation Journalists Practice Disinformation

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-12-09 09:45:00

Problematic Sharks (NEBM1378537918.mp3?updated=1670537208)

This week we’re saying “Welcome in” to all new and returning listeners. NYT faces a strike, Facebook may be facing congress and CNN says goodbye to staffers and contributors. Most importantly, we’re sharing our new favorite story from The Washington Post. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Time Stamps: 03:09 Front Page 40:03 Obsessions 49:13 Reader Mail  55:00 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: NYT: New York Times Union Holds One-Day Strike  WSJ:  Facebook Threatens to Pull News From Platform if Congress Passes Bill Helping Publishers  Truth on the Market: Imposed Final Offer Arbitration: Price Regulation by Any Other Name NYT: Defamation Suit Against Fox Grows More Contentious Twitter: Taylor Lorenz on China Lockdown Twitter: Taylor Lorenz reacting to WaPo article DOJ: Lawyer Michael Avenatti Sentenced to 14 Years in Federal Prison for Stealing Millions of Dollars from Clients and Tax Fraud Free Beacon: Fashback: The Media Was Obsessed with Michael Avenatti WaPo: Calling out of the blue: Why would you do this to someone you love?  WaPo: Discovery’s Shark Week needs diversity, more positive science, study says  NYT: 12 Dinner Parties Around the World, From Tokyo to Paris Twitter: Bill Spindle leaves Semafor  Fox News: James Woods fires back at Twitter, vows to sue over censorship on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' The Spectator World: Kirstie Alley, the woman left out in the cold  Smith Mountain Eagle: Gary's Corner: Soul Mate NYT: Hans Niemann Is the Bad Boy of Chess. But Did He Cheat?

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-12-02 09:45:00

The Media’s Musky Odor (NEBM9653486757.mp3?updated=1669996351)

Filling in for Eliana this week is Christine Rosen, Chris’s colleague from AEI. We have lots to catch up on this week from Kanye West’s Mar-a-Lago dinner to the media’s treatment of SBF. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Time Stamps:  03:19 Front Page 1:02:00 Obsessions 1:05:36 Reader Mail  1:11:18 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes:  Fox News: Rep. Boebert’s apparent midterm victory makes liberal pundits eat their words The Atlantic: Just Wait Until You Get to Know Ron DeSantis Reuters: Trump ally Devin Nunes can sue NBCUniversal for defamation - judge WaPo: Elon Musk and the hardcore cult of Diet Coke WaPo: Musk's Twitter no longer bans covid misinformation Fox News: Taylor Lorenz rips Elon Musk on BBC: He has made Twitter a 'disaster' Good Morning America: George Stephanopoulos sits down with FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried NYT: Sam Bankman-Fried Blames ‘Huge Management Failures’ for FTX Collapse Axios: Sam Bankman-Fried's "underdressed genius” look The Atlantic: The Black Investors Who Were Burned by Bitcoin Bloomberg: NPR Hiring Freeze, CNN Cuts Are Latest Signs of Media Crunch Axios: CNN Layoffs Begin The Daily Beast: AP Fires Reporter Behind Retracted ‘Russian Missiles’ Story  NYT: President Biden Is Turning 80. Experts Say Age Is More Than a Number. WaPo: Rise in Iranian assassination, kidnapping plots alarms Western officials DailyMail: EXCLUSIVE: From co-stars to lovers: GMA anchors Amy Robach, 49, and T.J. Holmes's, 45, romance is revealed The Guardian: Delaware man sentenced for joining US Capitol riots while on Tinder date  WaPo: She has 13 cats in a two-bedroom condo. Here's her litter-box advice.  Quartz: Apple hobbled a crucial tool of dissent in China weeks before widespread protests broke out  Politico:‘No path’ forward: Biden calls on Congress to avert rail strike WaPo: Union Station has fallen on hard times. Can it be saved? NYT: San Francisco Considers Allowing Use of Deadly Robots by Police

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-11-25 09:45:00

Favorite Stories from 2022 (NEBM3605015645.mp3?updated=1669310778)

Please enjoy a compilation of a few of our favorite stories from this past year while you’re doom scrolling on your couch in a pool of leftovers. We will be back next week! If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. Show Notes:  Free Beacon: How the Left Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Domestic Terrorism CNN: Washington Post's Dave Weigel suspended for retweeting sexist remark Mediaite: Did the 'FBI Planted Evidence' Theory Come From Trump?  The Daily Beast: NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Shakeup Puts Chuck Todd in Jeopardy  New York Times: Washington Post’s Business Struggles as Frustrations Mount

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-11-18 09:45:00

Will the Trump Rerun Rate? (NEBM2265388300.mp3?updated=1668727956)

Happy (now belated) birthday to our very own Chris Stirewalt! How else would we celebrate but check in with Trump’s third presidential bid, midterm aftermath and the media’s reaction to the FTX drama. Time Stamps: 03:37 Front Page 33:48 Obsessions  42:14 Reader Mail  49:23 Favorite Item of the Week  Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here.   If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Show Notes:  The Guardian: Murdoch tells Trump he will not back fresh White House bid – report CNN: The New York Post just brutally trolled Donald Trump WSJ: Donald Trump’s Presidential Rerun Washington Post: Trump’s early 2024 presidential campaign launch fails to rally GOP NYT: Jonathan Swan Joins The New York Times WaPo: Accused U-Va. gunman was scrutinized by threat assessment team for weapon NYT: China and Iran Use Private Detectives to Reach Dissidents in America  NYT: Elon Musk Fires Twitter Employees Who Criticized Him NPR: Elon Musk gives Twitter employees an ultimatum: Stay or go by tomorrow CNN: CNN Plans to Sober Up Boozy New Year’s Eve Coverage NYT: How Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX Crypto Empire Collapsed Vox: Interview: Fallen crypto CEO Sam Bankman-Fried opens up about FTX, Alameda Research, and his regrets FTX coach says executives were ‘undersexed’, denies rampant amphetamine use Shakespeare Theatre: Much Ado About Nothing Commentary Magazine: O Ye of Little Faith: The Anti-Semitism of Kanye West

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-11-11 09:45:00

Media's Midterm Misses (NEBM4097318697.mp3?updated=1668182436)

Welcome to the otherside of the midterms! Eliana opens with her soliloquy on the election before we jump into events that unfolded Tuesday night. We’re also checking on twitter and DeSantis’s past. Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here.  If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Time Stamps:  5:05 Front Page 35:49 Obsessions 45:43 Reader Mail  51:38 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes:  Popular Information: Political media is broken New York Times: 5 Ways To Soothe Election Stress New York Times: A rare win for MSNBC over CNN in the election night ratings battle.  CNN: Fact check: Biden's midterms message includes false and misleading claims New York Post: Here’s how Donald Trump sabotaged the Republican midterms WSJ: Trump Is the Republican Party’s Biggest Loser WSJ: The GOP’s Midterm Failure WSJ: Mike Pence: My Last Days With Donald Trump The New York Times: Resistance to Misinformation Is Weakening on Twitter, a Report Found The New York Times: How Molly Jong-Fast Tweeted Her Way to Liberal Media Stardom The Washington Post: NBC retracts erroneous Paul Pelosi story that fueled conspiracy theories The Dispatch: Radical Kooks Axios: The new seaplane between D.C. and New York is a blast Washington Post: Ron DeSantis, who denounced Disney, actually got married there The New York Times: Pranks, Parties and Politics: Ron DeSantis’s Year as a Schoolteacher Wall Street Journal: How 2022 Midterm Polls Performed in Senate Races New York Times: 40 Chickens in 40 Days: How a Philadelphia Man Cheered His City WSJ: FTX Tapped Into Customer Accounts to Fund Risky Bets, Setting Up Its Downfall Bloomberg Law: Matt Levine’s Money Stuff: FTX Had a Death Spiral CNBC: Crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried blames himself for FTX's collapse, admits he 'f---ed up'

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-11-04 08:45:00

Paul Pelosi and Unlimited Outrage (NEBM4146036895.mp3?updated=1667587223)

The attack on Paul Pelosi polarizes the press, CNN debuts their new morning show and Chris Hayes is absolutely exhausted of predicting the future. Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Time Stamps:  Front Page: 02:53  Obsessions 37:29  Reader Mail 45:12 Favorite Item of the week 50:55 Show Notes:  The Spectator World: We should be better than Paul Pelosi conspiracy theories Forbes: Debut Of ‘CNN This Morning’ Draws Just 387,000 Viewers, Down From The Show It Replaced, ‘CNN New Day’ NY Times: Biden Verbally Fumbles, Twice, During Campaign Trip in Florida  WaPo: Opinion | Blame NYT Tom Cotton op-ed scandal on A.G. Sulzberger, not James Bennet  WaPo: Elon Musk Twitter deal closes, CEO fired  The Daily Beast: Chris Hayes Is Tired of Predicting the Future NBC: No U.S.-born Black players expected on World Series rosters Politico: Ads targeting transgender kids flood swing states Wall Street Journal: Jony Ive on Life After Apple

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-10-28 09:45:00

Ableists on the Attack (NEBM3437452702.mp3?updated=1666911016)

This week we’re recapping coverage of the Pennsylvania Senate debate, diving into new developments at CNN and breaking down why Ted Cruz appeared on The View. Receive show notes directly in your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter here. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Time Stamps:  02:48 Front Page 38:20 Obsessions 49:39 Reader Mail 55:53 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes:  The Atlantic: The Fetterman-Oz Debate Was a Rorschach Test The Independent: Kara Swisher shuts down ‘nonsense’ claims that John Fetterman couldn’t follow conversation CNBC: CNN chief Chris Licht has big ideas, but employees are nervous, and more job cuts are coming  Axios: Scoop: Tucker Carlson lashes out at GOP campaign chief in irate private call  The Daily Beast: Newsmax Bans Lara Logan After She Goes Full QAnon, Spews Blood Libel on Network Seattle Times: Seattle Councilmember Sawant says her property is being vandalized, criticizes police investigation The Hill: Nearly 60 percent see mainstream media as a threat to democracy: poll Semafor: Jimmy Finkelstein raises $40 million to launch Daily Mail, Washington Post hybrid WaPo: America has a Black sperm donor shortage. Black women are paying the price.  NY Times: With Ads, Imagery and Words, Republicans Inject Race Into Campaigns NYPost: Hecklers interrupt 'The View' taping to shout down Ted Cruz  WaPo: Congress and divorce: The curse of the Oregon 5th District  NYTimes: Blunder in Affirmative Action Case May Cost Harvard $15 Million

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-10-21 09:45:00

Democracy Doomsayers (NEBM3736274311.mp3?updated=1666311261)

The media gets anxious about the midterms, former execs pass the buck on missing Hunter Biden coverage and the use of the word “illegal” starts to lose its meaning.   Time Stamps: 03:53 Front Page 46:54 Obsessions 54:37 Reader Mail 59:43 Favorite Item of the Week   Show Notes: Variety: Election Threats Spur CBS News to Test New Coverage for Midterms NYT: Poll Shows Voters See Democracy in Peril, but Saving It Isn’t a Priority WaPo: The potential sleeper races of 2022, from Utah to Oregon Mediaite: Ex-MSNBC Boss Phil Griffin and Ex-CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Defend Their Non-Coverage of Hunter Biden: ‘He Was Never Arrested!’  NYT: Bernard McGuirk, Famous and Infamous as Foil of Imus, Dies at 64 Reuters: Former WSJ reporter says law firm used Indian hackers to sabotage his career WaPo: Death of Lola, 12, found in box in Paris sparks shock in France CNBC: Putin introduces martial law in illegally annexed Ukrainian regions WaPo: UAE relied on expertise of retired U.S. troops to beef up its military  New York Times: Suzanne Scott’s Vision for Fox News Gets Tested in Court The Atlantic: Kevin Durant purchases Major League Pickleball expansion team Politico: Charlie Kirk Needed a Friend  NYT: Fencing Can Be Six-Figure Expensive, but It Wins in College Admissions  NYT: It’s Never Too Late to Pivot From N.F.L. Safety to Neurosurgeon Sky Full of Bacon Blog   If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

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Jews in the News (NEBM5461740551.mp3?updated=1665713448)

Jake Tapper sits down with President Biden as Tucker sits down with Kanye West. Also, we play catch-up on Politico's reaction to their new boss's leaked messages.  Time Stamps: 01:32 Front Page 35:30 Obsessions 41:00 Reader Mail 43:49 Favorite Item of the week Show Notes:  NewsWeek:Hannity Airs Joe Biden's Private Voicemail to Hunter Biden  Daily Mail: Kanye West claims 'fake children were planted in his home to sexualise his kids' Indy Star: Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita under fire after defending Kanye West  The Washington Post: Mathias Dopfner has a 'contrarian' plan for Politico and global media  I Might Be Wrong Substack: Did We Learn a Single Fucking Thing From Covid? The Washington Post: Places in America with the most chain restaurants New York Times: Biden, Storyteller in Chief, Spins Yarns That Often Unravel MKHammer Substack: In the Age of Quiet Quitting, I Was Quiet Suspended, And I Can't Shut Up About It Flawater Free Press: Six Nebraska towns are trying to ban abortion. Will it change anything? The North Platte Bulletin: Gray Television fires KNOP news director The Atlantic: The Most Important Amicus Brief in the History of the World   The Wall Street Journal: Chess Investigation Finds That U.S. Grandmaster ‘Likely Cheated’ More Than 100 Times Independent: Irish dancing rocked by major allegations of competition fixing involving dance teachers and judges If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-09-30 09:45:00

Practice Safe News (NEBM9516783994.mp3?updated=1664490343)

We’re back with our regular schedule this week. Biden’s Press Secretary tries to spin his gaffes while the media spins Hurricane Ian coverage into climate change awareness. Plus, the Washington Post encourages readers to embrace the recession. Time Stamps: 00:26 Introduction 4:17 Front Page 27:09 Obsessions 42:54 Reader Mail 48:47 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: Greg Price on Twitter Free Beacon: WATCH: As Hurricane Ian Reaches Florida, Media Fixate on Climate Change CNN video on Twitter WaPo: Recessions have a silver lining Puck: Murdoch’s World: Thiel vs. McConnell TMZ: NBC Hurricane Reporter Using Condoms to Protect Microphone Bloomberg: CNN Lays Off Podcast Employees in Latest Round of Cuts St. Louis Cardinals on Twitter NYT: Sundance Liked Her Documentary, ‘Jihad Rehab,’ Until Muslim Critics Didn’t If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-09-24 09:45:00

How to Win Friends and Influence Coverage (NEBM2211638963.mp3?updated=1663964076)

This week we’re diving deep into the relationships between journalists and politicians. Plus Don Lemon gets a history lesson, and more drama in the world chess. Time Stamps:  00:23 Introduction 03: 22 Front Page 33:14 Obsessions 40:24 Reader Mail 47:37 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: 60 Minutes: President Joe Biden: The 2022  Politico: Nina Totenberg Had a Beautiful Friendship With RBG. Her Book About It Is an Embarrassment. Daily Beast: Bret Baier Wanted Fox to Rescind Arizona Call, 'Put It Back' in Trump's 'Column' Puck: The WaPo’s Post-Trump Blues Continue WaPo: Youngkin’s meeting with Va. delegation gets heated over trans policy Christiane Amanpour on Twitter CNN: Don Lemon on Reparations video NYT: How Russian Trolls Helped Keep the Women’s March Out of Lock Step  Tablet Mag: Is the Women's March Melting Down? WSJ: The Question Behind the Magnus Carlsen-Hans Niemann Drama: How to Cheat at Chess? Washingtonian: Confirmed: Maryland Drivers Are Worse Than Virginia Drivers If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-09-17 09:45:00

Media Flunks Econ 101 (NEBM4632755028.mp3?updated=1663362264)

We’re back, folks! Journos do their best to report on the economy, CNN assembles a new morning crew, Brian Stelter lands a new gig and The Washington Post is looking for a new “Social Media Coach”. Time Stamps: 00:23 Introduction 03:29 Front Page 32:11 Obsessions 48:02 Reader Mail 56:32 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes:  Free Beacon: WATCH: Journalists Tout ‘Good News’ of 8.3% Inflation as Stock Market Plummets Axios: Brian Stelter heads to Harvard while he figures out next gig WaPo: Social Media Coach CBS News: Queen Elizabeth's beloved corgis are getting a new home after her death — with Prince Andrew CNN: Queen Elizabeth's beloved corgis are getting a new home after her death — with Prince Andrew NPR: BYU bans a fan who yelled a racist slur at a Black volleyball player on Duke's team WaPo: BYU bans fan, relocates volleyball match after racist slurs, threats NyTimes: B.Y.U. Says It Found No Evidence of Racial Slurs at Volleyball Match Common Sense: How the Media Fell for A Racism Sham Techdirt: Legacy News Orgs’ Hatred Of Google Runs So Deep They’re Willing To Give Up Fair Use To Punish Google WSJ: Latino Voters, Once Solidly Democratic, Split Along Economic Lines WSJ: Chess Is in Chaos Over Suspicion That a Player Cheated Against Magnus Carlsen Reductress: Cute! Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis Prepare to Be Buried Alive With Her If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-09-02 09:45:00

Beat the Press (NEBM1617530939.mp3?updated=1662080539)

NBC reshuffles plans for Meet The Press, Washington Post is turning out to have a rough year and Steve Doocy changes his tone on Trump. Time Stamps: 00:23 Introduction 3:45 Front Page 36:48 Obsessions 44:37 Reader Mail 51:04 Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: MSN:NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Shakeup Puts Chuck Todd in Jeopardy NYT: Frustrations Mount at Washington Post as Its Business Struggles Mediaite: Steve Doocy Flatly Asks Why Classified Documents Were in Trump's Desk: 'These Are the Biggest Secrets in the World!' CJR: Jared Kushner bubbles up again NYT: Opinion | Harry Styles Walks a Fine Line NYT: Death in Navy SEAL Training Exposes a Culture of Brutality, Cheating and Drugs WSJ: Do You Need an Interior Designer or a Marriage Counselor? The Cut: Meghan Markle on Her New Life in California If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-08-26 09:45:00

In the Presence of a Published Author: The Stirewalt Book Episode (NEBM3463370279.mp3?updated=1661477307)

Chris is in the spotlight this week as we discuss the release of his new book, ‘Broken News’. We also catch up on Brian Stelter’s departure from CNN and a surfing donkey. Show Notes: The Daily Beast: CNN Staff Fears Right-Wing Billionaire John Malone Will Turn It Into a Dumpster Fire NYT: Brian Stelter Leaving CNN After Network Cancels ‘Reliable Sources’ - The New York Times NYT: Nelson’s Long Encore Axios: Democrats' stunning turnaround AP News: Cheney ponders 2024 bid after losing Wyoming GOP primary WaPo: Trump’s dominance in GOP comes into focus, worrying some in the party Gutsy — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ Broken News is available now for purchase on Amazon. If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-08-19 09:45:00

Mar-a-Lago: Stupid Takes And Asininities (NEBM7052689194.mp3?updated=1660869402)

Too much to catch up on this week, with the FBI raising Mar-a-Lago, Axios hitting payday, and CNN saying hasta la vista to Jeffrey Toobin. Time Stamps: 00:23 Introduction 03:26 Front Page 1:01:08 Obsessions 1:08:38 Reader Mail 1:15:01 Favorite Item of the week Show Notes: Mediaite: Did the 'FBI Planted Evidence' Theory Come From Trump? NYT: Defamation Suit About Election Falsehoods Puts Fox on Its Heels The Hill: Bream selected as Fox Sunday host; Wallace gets CNN show Axios: Cox Enterprises Acquires Axios Media Inc. Washington Post: Opinion | Study: CNN, MSNBC took sharp left turns during Trump's presidency Jeffery Toobin on Twitter Reuters: Washington DC lightning strike that killed three offers climate warning Washington Post: How a four-day workweek could be better for the climate NYT: Aspen’s Tangled Summer Saga: The Rich Developer vs. the Local Paper Reuters: Fact Check- Fabricated Op-Ed in The Washington Post on ‘canceling the midterms’ created as satire Mississippi Free Press: UM Graduate Suspected of Killing Jay Lee in Oxford Appears in Court, Still No Details New York Post: Ontario Premier Doug Ford swallows bee during live news conference The Dishcast Podcast: Dexter Filkins On DeSantis And Trump If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-08-12 09:45:00

The Interview: Matthew Continetti (NEBM2223383811.mp3?updated=1660252585)

Founding Editor of the Washington Free Beacon and AEI Senior Fellow Matthew Continetti joins Eliana and Chris to discuss the relationship between the right and the media, as detailed in his new book, The Right. The Right: The Hundred-Year War for American Conservatism by Matthew Continetti

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-08-05 09:45:00

Primary Schooled (NEBM3435821842.mp3?updated=1659672181)

CNN goes on an apology tour while profits drop, the media embraces for a blue wave and we kindly ask audiences to stop giving into performative outrage. Time Stamps: 0:24 - Introduction 5:08 - Front Page 45:15 - Obsessions 58:57 - Reader Mail 1:01:27 - Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: CNN: Harris' remark sparks right-wing media outrage. Hear what happened in the room Fox News: Twitter blows up over Kamala Harris introducing herself with 'she/her' pronouns, description of her clothing @unionmarketdc on Instagram Washingtonian: Union Market’s Edens Apologizes for Anti-Asian Email After Chef-Led Petition Lexington Herald Leader: Some suggest flood victims 'got what they voted for.' Kentuckians aren't having any of that. Washington Post: Several election deniers backed by Trump prevail in hotly contested primaries Washington Beacon: CNN Chief’s Republican Apology Tour New York Times: CNN Profits Are Down as Ratings Plummet NYMag: Why Republicans Stopped Talking to the Press The New York Times: The Morning Aug, 4, 2022 The Washington Post: A TikTok rival promised millions to Black creators. Now some are deep in debt. New York Times: How Did a Two-Time Killer Get Out to Be Charged Again at Age 83? The Washington Post: Opinion | Trans people shouldn’t have to hide to help Democrats win Inquirer: Pa. Senate: John Fetterman's comfortable upbringing undercuts image, Republicans say If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-07-29 09:45:00

The Interview: Walter Russell Mead (NEBM9288637852.mp3?updated=1659101119)

Wall Street Journal Global View columnist and author Walter Russell Mead talks to Eliana about what reporters get wrong about Israel, what makes a great columnist, his new book, and more. The Arc of the Covenant by Walter Russell Mead

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-07-22 09:45:00

Performative Politics (NEBM3151254557.mp3?updated=1658458580)

AOC’s fake cuffs, the New Yorker gets its own Feliciz Sonmez, and it turns out many Americans are consuming no news. Time Stamps:  00:24 - Introduction 02:43 - Front Page 32:00 - Obsessions 45:06 - Reader Mail 51:21 - Favorite Item of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at Show Notes: The Washington Post: Opinion | How media coverage drove Biden’s political plunge CJR: ‘Blowtorch Britain’ captures global attention New York Times: CNN Chairman Chris Licht Picks Leadership Team for Post-Zucker Era CNN: “Boxing” video Erin Overbey’s Twitter thread New York Times: Wake Up, Billionaires: The Occupiers Are Coming for the Hamptons AOC’s Tweet Fox News: Tucker: This is a book-length suck-up to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reuters Institute: Overview and key findings of the 2022 Digital News Report WMC-TV: Rep. Bennie Thompson tests positive for COVID-19, White House hearing continues in his absence The Guardian: Mortgage strikes threaten China’s economic and political stability The New York Times: Opinion | What It Means to See America in Person

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-07-15 09:45:00

The Uvalde Tapes (NEBM4775530928.mp3?updated=1657837411)

Austin-American Statesman releases footage of the shooting, abortion fact checks go awry, and Chris and Eliana explain former Rep. Katie Hill’s public-interest nudes. Plus, the great breakfast taco debate. Time Stamps: 0:24 - Introduction 05:26 - Front Page 56:07 - Obsessions 1:03:47 - Reader Mail 1:13:46 - Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: The Washington Post: A one-source story about a 10-year-old and an abortion goes viral Jessie Watters Primetime Clip The Columbus Dispatch: Arrest made in rape of Ohio girl that led to Indiana abortion drawing international attention Politifact: Anti-abortion group exaggerates how states regulate late-term abortions Austin American-Statesman: Watch Uvalde school shooting video obtained by Statesman showing police response Austin American-Statesman: Why the Austin American-Statesman chose to publish video from inside Robb Elementary Free Beacon: The Legal Precedents That Haunt Uvalde The New York Times: How Elon Musk Damaged Twitter and Left It Worse Off The Wall Street Journal: Twitter Didn't Seek a Sale. Now Elon Musk Doesn't Want to Buy. Cue Strange Legal Drama. Politico: Opinion | If Tucker Runs in 2024, Here's Who the Democrats Need The Daily Beast: Tucker Carlson 'Steamrolls' Ben Smith During Awkward Semafor Rollout Interview Columbia Journalism Review: The Biden administration's weasel words on press freedom Mediaite: 'A Judge Ruled That My Naked Body Was in the Public Interest': Former Rep. Katie Hill Bankrupt After Revenge Porn Suit The Washington Post: • Uber leveraged violent attacks against its drivers to pressure politicians CNN: Jill Biden apologizes after citing 'bodegas' and 'breakfast tacos' to praise Hispanic diversity The Daily Caller: Cassidy Hutchinson Begged Senior Trump Officials For 'Financial Assistance' After Being Subpoenaed By J6 Committee The Atlantic: The Most Pathetic Men in America CBS News: Meet the dog who learned to walk like a human The New York Times: Columbia Loses Its No. 2 Spot in the US News Rankings If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-07-08 09:45:00

Biden Replacement Theory (NEBM3926401021.mp3?updated=1657254333)

Press searches for Biden 2024 alternatives, CNN says it ain’t paying attention to the ratings as it pivots away from partisanship, and “Sir, this is a Denny’s” Time Stamps: 00:24 - Introduction 05:28 - Front Page 41:44 - Obsessions 49:57 - Reader Mail 57:59 - Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: CNN: After string of Supreme Court setbacks, Democrats wonder whether Biden White House is capable of urgency moment demands The New York Times: Biden Promised to Stay Above the Fray, but Democrats Want a Fighter The New York Times: Ken Auletta Finally Wrote the Harvey Weinstein Story He Wanted to Tell - The New York Times POLITICO: Shadow 2024 race: Newsom vs. DeSantis POLITICO: Gun safety group announces $10M for battleground state races Variety: David Zaslav Sees ‘Opportunity’ Amid Industry Turmoil as Moguls Convene in Sun Valley The Washington Post: As some Democrats grow impatient with Biden, alternative voices emerge The Washington Post: Maybe the Democrats aren’t doomed in November The Washington Post: As some Democrats grow impatient with Biden, alternative voices emerge WGCL-TV: Denny’s Employees attack a news crew Tweet from @bobhardt If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-07-01 09:45:00

The Media Does Roe (NEBM3388524951.mp3?updated=1656640385)

As Roe v Wade gets wall-to-wall coverage, Eliana and Chris break down the Jan. 6 hearing, including former ABC News president James Goldston’s role and what his 2003 Michael Jackson documentary tells us about how to understand things. Plus, Bret Baier takes the heat from Trump-backed candidate for governor in AZ. Time Stamps: 00:23 - Introduction 01:44 - Front Page 48:26 - Obsessions 1:02:19 - Reader Mail 1:08:21 - Favorite Item of the Week Show Notes: Honesty with Bari Weiss Podcast NPR: The end of Roe v. Wade Has Huge Economic Implications For Male Partners, Too NYT: New Guidelines Encourage Breastfeeding Longer, but Call for More Parental Support CJR: Punchbowl and Power in Washington, DC WaPo: 6 Takeaways From Illinois, Colorado, Oklahoma and Other States WaPo: Election Deniers in Colo. Rejected in Favor of More Moderate Republicans Vanity Fair: “Our Metric Isn't Rachel's Numbers or Bust”: Can Alex Wagner Keep The Maddow Faithful Tuned In? Forbes: With Rachel Maddow On Leave, Ratings Drop 26% For MSNBC’s ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ NYT: How the House Jan. 6 Panel Has Redefined the Congressional Hearing Poynter: It's Possible to be a Journalist and a Human

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-06-24 09:45:00

For the Media, It’s 2024 Already (NEBM7077290652.mp3?updated=1656029906)

The media primary is underway as candidate profiles pop up everywhere, the NYT does a climate change doozy, and the wretches are flooded with Burger King mail.  Time Stamps 00:25 - Introduction 02:29 - Front Page 34:02 - Obsessions 45:18 - Reader Mail 56:33 - Favorite Items of the Week Show Notes: Limited Liability Podcast NYT: Infighting Overshadow's Big Plans at The Washington Post Politico: Fifty Years After Watergate, A Generation of Frightened Editors WaPo: Floridians Give Desantis Points For His Covid Stance. Will it Hold?  New Yorker: Can Ron DeSantis Displace Donald Trump as the G.O.P.’s Combatant-in-Chief? WaPo: USA Today Removes 23 Articles, Says Reporter Fabricated Sources Vice: White Nationalists Want to Reclaim Nature as a Safe Space for Racists NYT: Republicans Drive to Tilt Courts Against Climate Action Reaches a Crucial Moment Reason: Are a Majority of D.C. Circuit Judges Republican Appointees? NYT Thinks So The Hostile Media Phenomenon: Biased Perception and Perceptions of Media Bias in Coverage of the Beirut Massacre WSJ: One Grocer Wanted to Give Up Plastic. It Got Rotting Bananas Instead. Poynter: Pairing College Journalism Students With News Outlets May Be Key to Solving the Local News Crisis, Researchers Suspect

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-06-17 09:45:00

Woke Whoppers (NEBM3588289054.mp3?updated=1655430208)

Stirewalt squirms under Johnson’s questioning about his testimony, woke wars tear the Left apart, and why journos should not write about economics.  Time Stamps: 0:17 - Introduction 9:38 - The Front Page 43:05 - Obsessions 52:53 - Reader Mail 59:19 - Favorite Items Show Notes: Washington Post: Chris Stirewalt lost his job at Fox News. But he knows he was right. NYT: A Vanishing Word in Abortion Debate: "Women" The Intercept: Elephant in the Zoom Vanity Fair: "We Have To Be Ready". Steady and Calm Joe Kahn Takes Charge of the Turbulent Times NYT: Democrats' Risky Bet: Aid GOP Extremists in Spring, Hoping to Beat Them in Fall WSJ: On Inflation, Economics Has Some Explaining to Do Popville: A Photo Farewell to The Big Hunt NYT: What Makes a Bathing Suit So Expensive? If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-06-08 20:59:19

KinderCare at The Washington Post (NEBM7466512372.mp3?updated=1654718738)

Democracy dies in twitter fights, Phil Mickelson learns a lesson about ‘off the record' and the undercovered case of the anti-police fire bomber. Time Stamps 0:24 - Introduction 2:13 - Front Page 43:07 - Obsessions 57:04 - Reader Mail 1:01:51 - Favorite Items Show Notes CNN: Dave Wiegel Suspended Washington Post: Black Voters' Support of Biden Has Cooled, Poll Finds SI: Phil Mickelson Claims Some Saudi-Related Comments Off The Record NYT: The Bachelorette Party Comes for Scottsdale WSJ: Read This Before You Rage-Tweet at Your Airline Free Beacon: How the Left Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Domestic Terrorism If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-06-03 09:45:00

Little Miss Sunshine (NEBM2844921293.mp3?updated=1654217113)

In an off-brand moment for ISW, Eliana is full of praise this week for fact-checkers. We also have journalists down in Uvalde trying to figure out the play-by-play of the horrific shooting, and CNN is hoping to exercise some restraint with the ‘ole breaking news chyron. Show Notes: NYT: Uvalde Teacher Spoke With Husband, a Police Officer, Before She Died WaPo: Biden’s fantastical claim of $500 in annual utility savings Fortune: EXCLUSIVE: Sheryl Sandberg, prompted by Roe v Wade, says why she decided to step down from Facebook after historic tenure Rolling Stone: ‘Men Always Win’: Survivors ‘Sickened’ by the Amber Heard Verdict NYPost: Repairman who revealed Hunter Biden laptop sues Schiff, CNN, Politico and the Daily Beast WSJ: Expatriate Executives Flee Saudia Arabia’s Bad Bosses Caitlin Flanagan: I’m a Coastal Grandmother. Stop Appropriating Our Culture Time Stamps: 0:23 - Introduction 4:12 - Front Page 34:29 - Obsessions 43:15 - Reader Mail 44:30 - Favorite Items of the Week If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-05-27 09:45:00

The Media and Mass Shootings (NEBM2808873347.mp3?updated=1653618787)

We break down media coverage of the Texas shooting, ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ goes poof, and NPR creates a snitch line. Show Notes: LA Times on Chris's big news Ronald Brownstein on Filibuster WaPo on Stefanik WaPo on Monkeypox CJR on Political Writing Smithsonian on Small Town papers WaPo Op-Ed on Trump 2024 WSJ on Depp v Herd Trial trends NYT on John Fetterman's style Timestamps: 5:22 - Coverage of Texas Shooting 9:41 - Filibuster 14:40 - NRA mentioned in Media 19:17 - Trump Primary Coverage 29:39 - Stu Varney 32:15 - Sussman Trial 35:00 - Monkeypox 40:04 - NPR Mask Policy 44:00 - Obsessions 44:14 - WaPo on Elise Stefanik 50:40 - CJR on Political Writing 54:39 - Reader Mail 1:00:56 - Smithsonian on small-town paper 1:02:15 - Trends from Depp v Herd trial 1:04:31 - NYT on John Fetterman's style If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-05-20 09:45:00

Replacement Blame Game (NEBM4751977237.mp3?updated=1653013174)

Media makes a hash of the Buffalo shooting, the Biden administration pulls the plug on the Biden administration’s “disinformation” board, and a birder is back. Show Notes: WaPo on Stefanik and Buffalo NYT on Paul Krugman Malcon Gladwell on Tucker WaPo's Climate Change Stats Axios Chart on Depp v Heard Case WaPo on Disinformation Board NYT on a birder Politico on Steve Schmidt NPR on Pulitzer Debate  Time Stamps 3:50 - Front Page 4:11 - WaPo and Stefanik 13:02 - Paul Krugman and NYT 14:30 - Tucker on Buffalo Shooting 17:45 - "Eye Patch McCain" 20:01 - Gladwell on Tucker 22:01 - Lawerence O'Donnell's crazy cakes 24:05 - CNN+  27:49 - WaPo Rant 32:11 - Amber (Ya) Heard 37:01 - Disinformationn Board Disamebled  40:23 - A Birder is Back 42:55 - Holy Schmidt  48:33 - Kathy Barnette 54:00 - Reader Mail 55:59 - Pultizer Debate 57:30 - Clarence Thomas If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-05-13 09:45:00

Be Smart: Reap the Whirlwind (NEBM8548192676.mp3?updated=1652410843)

Axios gets its comeuppance for allowing reporters to join political protests, Chris has some issues with primary coverage, and the AP misses the real story on corporate silence on Roe decision Time Stamps: 2:01 - Front Page 2:15 - Axios Employee Policy 8:25 - Roe Effect on Media 11:54 - Mississippi Governor v CNN 16:01 - Politico Doubles Down 23:11 - Fan Mail on AP Article 30:23 - Ugh, Pulitzers 33:37 - Renaming GWU 38:25 - OANN PSA 39:22 - Big (or small?) Moves for Chuck Todd 44:30 - Tom Brady's Big Contract 48:02 - Obsessions 48:20 - New Press Secretary 52:20 - Primary Coverage 59:20 - Reader Mail 1:03:29 - Favorite Items If you have a story you want us to talk about, e-mail us at

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-05-06 09:45:00

#SyrupConcerns (NEBM5909631229.mp3?updated=1651802954)

We break down Roe v. Wade coverage, the “boring” White House beat, and Trump’s role in the GOP primaries. Time Stamps: 4:15 - Roe V Wade 18:40 - Primary Fever 22:00 - White Correspondence Dinner 28:31 - Mr. President's Teleprompter 32:04 - Taylor Lorenz and Drudge Report 37:08 - Madison Cawthorne Video 42:15 - Obsessions 51:30 - Reader Mail 1:00:25 - Say Something Nice Show Notes: NYT on Politico's big scoop Poytner Column AEI article from the great Samantha Goldstein Politico article on White House Coverage Politico article mentioning the teleprompter NYT's Elon Musk Profile Email us stories or just say hi:

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-04-29 09:45:00

I love your Musk (NEBM1532019415.mp3?updated=1651202683)

Pressies panic over Musk’s Twitter acquisition and “harassment” of obscenely wealthy and powerful tech execs, Murdoch’s Facebook grudge lives on – and isn’t newsworthy, and should we care whether Kamala is taking a COVID pill? Show Notes: WSJ on Sheryl Sandberg putting pressure on Daily Mail WaPo on Musk twitter attack Michael Lewis's Podcast George Will's column Jeff Maurer in Persuasion Time Stamps: 2:58 - Kamala has Covid 10:09 - Most Dangerous Man in The World: Rupert Murdoch 15:07 - Facebook v. Murdoch 23:48 - Obsessions 24:05 - Elon boosts online attacks 33:09 - Michael Lewis on Tornados 37:40 - Fan Mail 46:55 - Favorite Items - Email us stories or just say hi:

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-04-22 09:45:00

CNN Minus (NEBM1143657737.mp3?updated=1650594788)

CNN scuttles streaming service, Taylor Lorenz plays ding dong ditch, and the journos go nuts over a judge’s ruling on the CDC mask mandate for federal transit. Show Notes: Pew research on twitter users Shawn McCreesh's profile of Joe Kahn Politico’s coverage of Joe Kahn Wonderful Fred Smith interview in WSJ Time Stamps 3:57 - Lorenz Doxxes 14:53 - Chris Licht takes a dig at journos 20:04 - Joe Kahn Profile 27:03 - Fact-checkers check Biden's arm shake 30:25 - Tucker Carlson explores testicle tanning 34:10 - Piers Morgan is something else 36:40 - Rudy is also something else 37:53 - Obsessions 38:20 - RIP CNN+ 43:32 - Journos resond to mask ruling 51:05 - Reader Mail 53:51 - Favorite Items of the Week 54:10 - CNN Colleagues being bros 56: 02 - FedEx Founder skirts non-PC comments

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-04-15 09:45:00

Stirewaltian Both-Sidesism (NEBM5083867843.mp3?updated=1649988552)

How race skews crime coverage, CNN gets owned, and geez, why can’t the NYT or the WaPo tell us what the 1619 Project actually says? Show Notes: Freebeacon coverage on the race of murders NYT coverage on subway shooter Cuomo's corporate puff piece Stelter owned Axios coverage on CNN+ NYT coverage on substack Lachlan Murdoch makes views clear NYT on 1619 project Elon wants twitter BLM's $6 million mansion Dianne Feinstein Coverage Time Stamps: 6:37 - Front Page 2:50 - Coverage of the Subway shooter 12:49 - Chris Cuomo's corporate puff segment 17:57 - Brian Stelter gets caught off guard 23:31 - CNN+ isn't doing hot 30:37 - Substack growing pains 33:01 - Laura Ingraham beefs with Hannity 36:52 - Lachlan Murdoch makes his views clear 41:19 - NYT and Hillsdale 42:55 - What happens if Elon buys twitter? 45:55 - Obsessions 51:12 - Fan Mail 59:28 - SF Chronicle takes on a rough one 1:02:35 - BLM Mansion

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-04-08 09:45:00

Two Masters (NEBM9414721719.mp3?updated=1649389798)

This week we've got New York Times: #NeverTweet, Gridiron dinner becomes a COVID superspreader, and will Psaki bomb on MSNBC? Show Notes: Leaked memo on NYT social media policy MSNBC interviews Taylor Lorenz Conservative radio cancels an employee WaPo editorial board on Hunter Biden Jen Psaki in talks to join MSNBC Australian journalist tried in China Vox covers Elizabeth Warren Axios and Edelman poll NYT on Bachelor couples Time Stamps: 3:18 Dean Baquet. You're a hero, or not? 13:15 Taylor Lorenz goes on MSNBC 18:19 Conservative radio cancels an employee over a tweet 20:44 More Hunter Biden! 28:44 Jen Psaki joins MSNBC 32:51 Pedo weirdness 38:41 Cooking up a superspreader at the Gridiron Obsessions 44:49 - Elizabeth Warren coverage 48:31 - Axios Poll 53:25 Reader Mail Favorite Item of the Week 54:39 - Bret Baier's interview with Zelenskyy 55:22- Bachelor Couples who make it work

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-04-01 09:45:00

Hunter’s Laptop: Better Late Than Never? (NEBM3117904598.mp3?updated=1648774564)

The WaPo investigates the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Ginni Thomas pushes Ukraine off the front page, and Chris and Eliana tackle reader e-mail. Show Notes GWB letter to kids on business opportunities Behold! WaPo authenticates Hunter Biden laptop NYT on Clarence and Ginni Thomas Ezra Klein interviews Larry Summers Times 5:03 - Behold! WaPo authenticates the Hunter Biden laptop 18:03 - Media manipulation– bonus Taylor Lorenz content 21:06 - Bedingfield testifies in maiden voyage 24:20 - Lara Logan speaks out 29:43 - Mulvaney hire roils CBS 34:40 - Obsessions 345:05 - Ginni Thomas 45:42 - The Slap Reader Mail 1:04:211 - Favorite Items of the Week 1:04:31 - Goldilocks coverage of Ukraine 1:06:58 - Ezra Klein on Larry Summers

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-03-26 08:45:00

Journos Lavish Praise on Each Other (NEBM8435627257.mp3?updated=1648248950)

Mary Katharine Ham is in for Chris. We talk about the latest brouhaha over an NYT editorial, what the heck is up with Axios’s weird new newsletter, and lots of listener mail. Show Notes:  Axios steps in it Invasion of the Fact-Checkers Manchin’s houseboat too homely to be a yacht, experts say Buy Mary Katharine’s book Listen to Getting Hammered

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-03-18 08:45:00

Slaves to the Red Light (NEBM3336171926.mp3?updated=1647567593)

Chris Cuomo’s novel defense, emotionally exploitative Ukraine coverage, and Chris makes a star turn on Jon Stewart’s show Times: 05:20 - Segment: Front Page 05:31 - "They made me do it" - Chris Cuomo 9:49 - Taylor sits down with Obama Bro 16:44 - Chris hangs out Jon Stewart 19:15 - NYT falls for Veritas 22:44 - Exploitative Cable News Coverage on Ukraine 28:02 - Keith Olbermann pitches Keith Olbermann to MSNBC 33:40 - Segment: Obsessions 33:56 - Justin Smith believes the era of the foreign correspondents is over 42:18 - Substack launches a standalone app 46:06 - Segment: Favorite Item of the Week 46:20 - Emails from our listeners! We are thankful! 47:44 - Mina Kimes owns the bullies Links:  Chris Cuomo: They made me do it! Andrew Cuomo wants to make a comeback  First Rule of the NYT: Don’t Talk About the NYT Mina Kimes defends pretty sports reporters

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-03-11 09:45:00

Can’t be confined by the New York Times (NEBM2389374762.mp3?updated=1646969033)

Taylor Lorenz is just bigger than that, according to Taylor Lorenz, plus the truckers are the left’s Mexican caravan, and a top NYT reporter accidentally says what he really thinks about some of his whiny colleagues Show Notes: Shawn McCreesh profiles Taylor Lorenz ***CRINGE*** Taylor Lorenz Twitter thread NYT’s Matt Rosenberg spills the beans on Jan. 6 and his sissy colleagues in Project Veritas sting  Amazing Ukraine pic FNC’s Jen Griffin fact-checks her FNC colleagues on Russia/Ukraine

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-03-04 09:45:00

The State of the Union is…Absurd (NEBM8483999039.mp3?updated=1646404315)

Chris goes all-in on why SOTU coverage is ridiculous, journos unite at the altar of Zelensky, and Eliana is doubly obsessed with CNN. Show Notes: Axios on Smith-Smith fundraising Chris Licht’s CNN mandate  WSJ: Drip, drip, drip on CNN Nikole Hannah-Jones beclowns herself  John Malone on CNN

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-02-25 09:45:00

Ukraine in the Membrane, Baby! (NEBM1166484171.mp3?updated=1645753690)

Eliana talks baby, plus Eliana and Chris dig deep on their obsessions over the past six weeks: the CNN drama, the Washington Post's (mis)understanding of freedom, and the Free Beacon's crack pipe blockbuster. Links Pre-order Chris’s book here! David Graham piece in Atlantic WaPo on Clyburn and Biden’s SCOTUS picks, with an epic correction WaPo on freedom is white supremacy WFB on crack pipes WaPo and NYT “fact check” the Washington Free Beacon 80s news screens Shape covers restless anal syndrome

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-01-20 15:53:11

Ink Stained Wretches, The Interview: Alex Thompson (NEBM5811773797.mp3?updated=1642695639)

POLITICO White House correspondent and author of West Wing Playbook Alex Thompson talks to the wretches about the trials and travails of covering the Biden administration, working for Maureen Dowd, and more. Links Sign up for the West Wing Playbook Chris Cadelago and Daniel Lippman's reporting Alex Thompson's other talent: jumping rope with his arms

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2022-01-05 20:10:00

Ink Stained Wretches, The Interview: Ben Smith (NEBM5652308878.mp3?updated=1641414669)

In what we didn't know was an exit interview, the recently departed New York Times media writer covers the waterfront on journalism and the news business with Eliana and Chris Links Ben's piece in the New York Times on racecar driver Brandon Brown

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2021-12-31 09:45:00

A Wretches Year in Review (NEBM4284581861.mp3?updated=1640923732)

Eliana and Chris unpack the best and worst of the media in 2021 Times 02:18 - The Worst 03:15 - Nicole Wallace on public opinion of President Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal 08:17 - Coverage of critical race theory and the Virginia gubernatorial election 12:58 - Tucker Carlson's January 6 documentary 16:17 - Mainstream media's praise for Simone Biles quitting the summer Olympics 18:48 - The Brothers Cuomo 24:16 - The Best 24:33 - New York Times reporter Michael Powell on the tyranny of the woke in the media 28:48 - PBS's documentary of the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan 31:00 - Pat McAfee announces FanDuel deal 32:52 - Reid Epstein's piece on long-lost father and son 33:57 - Animals on the loose! 35:28 - Yale Daily News on mental health and Daylight Saving Time Links Reid Epstein's article

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2021-12-24 09:45:00

Manchin Hit by Flurry of Snowflakes (NEBM7562292495.mp3?updated=1640323950)

Joe Manchin is no maverick, Kamala can't take the heat in the kitchen, and capes are super, or the Financial Times says Times 04:26 - Segment: Front Page 04:38 - Joe Manchin kills Build Back Better 12:50 - Chris Wallace's Fox News Sunday replacement 17:06 - Jesse Watters catches flack after saying he wants a "kill shot" interview with Fauci 24:59 - Kamala Harris spends big in a Paris kitchen store 28:46 - Trump's Truth Social won't allow criticism of the network 30:50 - Ben Smith's interview with Brandon Brown of "Let's Go Brandon" fame 34:04 - The New York Times on coronavirus and college students' mental health 39:06 - Segment: Obsessions 39:18 - The obituary of Renay Mandel Corren (Chris) 41:09 - The Wall Street Journal's coverage of the Washington Post grappling with post-Trump subscription decline (Eliana) 47:01 - Segment: Favorite Item of the Week 41:11 - Wall Street Journal travel columnist Scott McCartney bids adieu (Chris) 48:34 - Capes are in, according to the Financial Times (Eliana) Links Chris's Dispatch article on Joe Manchin The San Francisco Chronicle's hard-hitting coverage of Kamala Harris Harris complains about her media coverage (like this piece in the Washington Free Beacon) Ben Smith of the New York Times interviews Brandon of "Let's Go Brandon" fame The Wall Street Journal's piece on the Washington Post's post-Trump struggles Long live the obituary! Rest in peace, Renay Mandel Corren Wall Street Journal travel columnist Scott McCartney signs off Not all heroes wear capes. But according to the Financial Times, they're having a moment.

From Ink Stained Wretches at 2021-12-17 09:45:00

Chris Wallace + (NEBM8592879675.mp3?updated=1639721257)

FNC Sunday host jumps to streaming, NYT issues an epic correction aka retraction, and Fox News hosts hit up Mark Meadows on Jan. 6 with their unvarnished thoughts. Times 03:24 - Segment: Front Page 03:33 - Chris Wallace departs Fox News to join CNN + 14:52 - Sen. Amy Klobuchar plays hall monitor with CNN's Jake Tapper 18:55 - Operation Whistle Pig 22:15 - The Washington Post's piece on Sen. Joe Manchin's opposition to green energy 26:40 - Dr. Oz tells CNN that he will only do interviews on Fox News 29:30 - Segment: Obsessions 29:40 - Fox News hosts sent texts to Mark Meadows urging Trump to act on January 6 (Chris) 36:01 - The New York Times "corrects" a story on a Palestinian professor in Gaza "calmly" teaching Israeli poetry (Eliana) 41:57 - Segment: Favorite Item of the Week 42:08 - The best-ever restaurant review in on the Everywhereist blog (Chris) 45:57 - Real Housewife of New York City Luann de Lesseps dines and dashes at Le Diplomate (Eliana) Links YaHoo News on the article on CPB investigating Americans The most epic New York Times correction The most wild restaurant review ever Real Housewife of New York City dines and dashes at Le Diplomate, via New York Magazine

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Bonfire of the Cable News Vanities (NEBM3406595939.mp3?updated=1639148298)

Rep. Devin Nunes leaves Congress for MAGA media, surgeon general shrinks the news, much ado about Fox’s torched tinsel Times 01:34 - Segment: Front Page 01:40 - Times names Simone Biles Athlete of the Year 05:02 - The Washington Post editorializes the obituary of late editor Fred Hiatt 08:09 - Chris Cuomo fired from CNN, and he prepares to sue 12:23 - The Los Angeles Times on the entertainment nexus of QAnon and Hollywood 13:33 - Politico on Biden foreign policy 16:51 - Politico on inflation  20:57 - Rep. Devin Nunes to retire from Congress to head up Trump's social media company 25:11 - Buzzfeed goes public, and shares tank 27:31 - Supreme Court abortion case coverage focuses on Justice Kavanaugh 30:00 - The surgeon general warns of mental health issues in young people 32:10 - Fox's Christmas tree fire 34:33 - Segment: Obsessions 34:39 - Politico's Jack Shafer blasts cable news (Chris) 38:04 - The New York Times coverage of the withdrawal of Biden's socialist nominee for comptroller of the currency (Eliana) 42:23 - Segment: Favorite Item of the Week 42:48 - Coverage of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial (Chris) 45:40 - Wall Street Journal op-ed on crime (Eliana) Links Times names Simone Biles Athlete of the Year New York Post article on Chris Cuomo suing CNN Los Angeles Times piece on QAnon and Hollywood Politico article on Biden Politico article on inflation Jack Shafer's piece on cable news Ghislaine Maxwell trial coverage, via Poynter Wall Street Journal op-ed on crime

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We Knew it Was You, Fredo (NEBM9705043303.mp3?updated=1638482557)

Chris Cuomo demonstrates once again that he is unfit for primetime, or anytime, the media botches crime and Omicron coverage, and Chris's Dispatch colleagues hit the exits from Fox News Times 03:26 - Segment: Front Page 03:34 - The return of The Brothers Cuomo 11:38 - The Daily Beast reports on drama at Politico 13:27 - Chris's colleagues Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes leave Fox News 22:53 - The New York Times can't explain the nationwide spike in violent crimes 29:07 - Crisis coverage of climate change and the Smithsonian, via the New York Times 31:28 - The Yale Daily News publishes the greatest story ever written 35:08 - Segment: Obsessions 35:18 - New York Magazine piece on Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports (Chris) 40:09 - The media coverage of the Omicron coronavirus variant (Eliana) 46:26 - Segment: Favorite Item of the Week 46:50 - Chris's favorite headline (Chris) 47:21 - Erik Wemple's Washington Post article on Chris Cuomo and CNN boss Jeff Zucker Links Daily Beast article on drama at Politico The New York Times article on climate change and the Smithsonian The best article ever, à la the Yale Daily News Chris's favorite headline ever Erik Wemple's article on CNN

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Thanksgiving Special (NEBM8238487352.mp3?updated=1637854627)

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy the greatest hits of Ink Stained Wretches

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Free Speech: Not a ‘Straw Man’ (NEBM7450562405.mp3?updated=1637330052)

The Aspen Institute takes on “misinformation,” the left wants in on the right’s media “dominance,” and POLITICO fills us in on the mental health travails of State Department employees Times 03:45 - Segment: Front Page 03:53 - The federal investigation into Project Veritas and First Amendment questions 07:31 - Substack CEO's interview with Substacker Mike Solana 11:25 - Aspen Institute commission on disinformation 15:17 - One America News Network backs Gigi Sohn, Biden's left-wing nominee to the FCC  18:26 - The Daily Beast reports that Newsmax is eyeing former Fox News talent 23:15 - Rupert Murdoch bashes Trump for focusing on the past 26:15 - Politico's report on Democrats launching left-wing media outlets 31:49 - CNN's report on Kamala Harris's tumultuous relationship with the West Wing 38:44 - The Washington Post headline on Trump's bureau of land management and racism 42:42 - Segment: Obsessions 42:53 - Former New York Times CEO says TV news is in "dead trouble" (Chris) 47:05 - Politico on State Department officials' mental health the Afghanistan withdraw (Eliana) 51:38 - Segment: Favorite Item of the Week  51:53 - Importance of obituaries (Chris) 54:23 - John Malone blasts CNN during CNBC interview (Eliana) Links The Washington Post article on Project Veritas and James O'Keefe Substack CEO's sound off Politico article on State Department officials' mental health post-Afghanistan withdraw Poynter article on obituaries