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From Not Just the Tudors at 2024-02-22 03:00:35 (unread)

Ghosts & Guardian Angels (media.mp3?tk=eyJ0ayI6ImRlZmF1bHQiLCJhZHMiOnRydWUsInNwb25zIjp0cnVlLCJzdGF0dXMiOiJwdWJsaWMifQ==&sig=5AXPPp8bcn1hcdBY1i6Avubt9zffF5U-4C-PVQTAa84)

In Elizabethan and Stuart England, ghosts weren't supposed to exist. Protestant preachers and writers had banished them - but people continued to see them. So how did our early modern forebears reckon with ghosts and their heavily counterpart, angels?

In this episode of Not Just the Tudors, Professor Suzannah Lipscomb finds out from Professor Peter Marshall, author of several books on ghosts, beliefs and the dead in Reformation England.

This episode was edited by Ella Blaxill and produced by Rob Weinberg.

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From Biz & IT – Ars Technica at 2024-02-22 00:37:16 (unread)

iMessage gets a major makeover that puts it on equal footing with Signal

How Kybers and ratcheting are boosting the resiliency of Apple's messaging app.

From Empire at 2024-02-22 00:30:00 (unread)

125. The Origin of the Houthis (GLT8597439454.mp3?updated=1708564446)

Since November 2023, the Houthis have been attacking international shipping lanes in the Red Sea. They set off from the Yemeni coastline on speedboats, armed with guns and unmanned drones, often supplied by Iran, and cause havoc. Such has been the chaos of these attacks that Britain, the USA, and other western nations have launched retaliatory airstrikes. But where did this group come from and what do they want? Emerging in the 1990s as a Shia religious movement that rejected the repressive and corrupt rule Yemen faced at the time, the Houthis grew in power and influence. This culminated in a coup in 2014 that made them the de facto ruler of Yemen and started a civil war that has since drawn in Sunni Saudi Arabia, Iran, and many other powers in the region. Listen as William and Anita are joined by Orwell Prize-winning journalist and Yemen specialist Iona Craig to discuss the rise of the Houthis. For bonus episodes, ad-free listening, reading lists, book discounts, a weekly newsletter, and a chat community. Sign up at Twitter: @Empirepoduk Email: Assistant Producer: Anouska Lewis Producer: Callum Hill Exec Producer: Neil Fearn Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

From The Rest Is History at 2024-02-22 00:10:00 (unread)

422. Ancient Carthage: Rise of a Superpower (Part 2) (GLT7946297144.mp3?updated=1708537688)

“An aristocratic republic, secret and well-ordered, where individuals are subject to the harsh laws of the austere and disciplined rich…” The mysterious, wealthy and glamorous city of Carthage flourished between the ninth and second centuries BC, becoming one of the greatest naval and mercantile powers in the world. By the sixth century BC the Carthaginians were a force to be reckoned with, holding off assaults from various Greek rivals, and starting to colonise larger parts of the Mediterranean. Where once there had been a barren wasteland, now stood glittering villas and temples, bustling marketplaces, and vast walls stretching down to the sea. Yet Carthage also had a reputation for violence and cruelty. Bloody human offerings were made to the gods, with hundreds of Carthaginian children cast into the flames, whilst crucifixion was often inflicted on generals who fell short of Carthage’s exacting standards… Join Tom and Dominic as they explore the extraordinary rise of Carthage, a city of blazing innovation and sinister mystique. By the third century BC it seemed that no power could ever rival it. But little did the Carthaginians know that another city, a minnow from an Italian backwater, was on the rise. A city that may even one day challenge her supremacy: Rome. *The Rest Is History LIVE in 2024* Tom and Dominic are back onstage this summer, at Hampton Court Palace in London!  Buy your tickets here: Twitter: @TheRestHistory @holland_tom @dcsandbrook Producer: Theo Young-Smith Assistant Producer: Tabby Syrett Executive Producers: Jack Davenport + Tony Pastor Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

From The Rest Is Entertainment at 2024-02-22 00:10:00 (unread)

Can celebrities dodge jury service? (GLT4734202923.mp3?updated=1708535483)

Could you be judged by Lorraine Kelly or Richard Madeley? Is fame a reason to avoid jury service? Does Richard now have enough knowledge to commit the perfect murder, and why is so much left on the cutting room floor of Hollywood? Your questions answered on The Rest Is Entertainment with Richard Osman and Marina Hyde. Twitter: @restisents Email: Producer: Neil Fearn Executive Producers: Tony Pastor + Jack Davenport 🌏 Get our exclusive NordVPN deal here ➼ It’s risk-free with Nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee! ✅ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

From The Rest Is Politics at 2024-02-22 00:10:00 (unread)

222. Question Time: Banning phones in schools and parliament, citizens' assemblies, and American isolationism (GLT9515965299.mp3?updated=1708464427)

Should mobiles be banned from schools and the House of Commons? What is Labour's grand plan for citizens' assemblies really about? Is there growing Russian influence in Britain? Join Rory and Alastair as they answer all this and more in today's episode of The Rest Is Politics: Question Time. TRIP Plus:  Become a member of The Rest Is Politics Plus to support the podcast, receive our exclusive newsletter, enjoy ad-free listening to both TRIP and Leading, benefit from discount book prices on titles mentioned on the pod, join our Discord chatroom, and receive early access to live show tickets and Question Time episodes.  Just head to to sign up, or start a free trial today on Apple Podcasts: Instagram: @restispolitics Twitter: @RestIsPolitics Email: Producers: Dom Johnson + Nicole Maslen Exec Producers: Tony Pastor + Jack Davenport Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

From Biz & IT – Ars Technica at 2024-02-21 22:01:17 (unread)

Google goes “open AI” with Gemma, a free, open-weights chatbot family

Gemma chatbots can run locally, and they reportedly outperform Meta's Llama 2.

From Newscast at 2024-02-21 21:18:00 (unread)

Disorder Disorder in the House of Commons (p0hd9c2y.mp3)

Today we look at the chaotic scenes in Westminster over Gaza ceasefire votes.

A row erupted after the Commons Speaker allowed MPs to vote on a Labour motion on the Israel-Hamas conflict. The SNP and Conservatives accused Sir Lindsay Hoyle of breaking with precedent for allowing the votes - and chaos ensued.

Plus a row over who said what about government delays in payments to sub-postmasters.

Adam is joined by the BBC’s business editor, Simon Jack and Newsnight’s political editor, Nick Watt to go through both stories.

And a Trident missile has failed during a test for the second time in a row. Adam speaks to the man who revealed the news to the world, the Sun’s defence editor, Jerome Starkey.

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From The Rest Is Entertainment at 2024-02-20 00:10:00 (unread)

Romantasy - the biggest genre you're not aware of? (GLT8260242795.mp3?updated=1708434749)

Richard reveals some juicy details about his forthcoming new book but before then he and Marina delve into the world of 'romantasy', the genre which is taking up space on bookshelves at great pace. Plus a dissection of Dakota Johnson's Madame Web press tour, the return of Formula 1's Drive To Survive and which Gladiator Richard would have on House of Games. Twitter: @restisents Email: Producer: Neil Fearn Executive Producers: Tony Pastor + Jack Davenport Recommendations; Watch Richard: American Fiction (Cinema) Live Maria: The Hills of California (Harold Pinter Theatre) and A Mirror (Trafalgar Theatre) 🌏 Get our exclusive NordVPN deal here ➼ It’s risk-free with Nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee! ✅ Pre-order Richard's new book here - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit