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From Newscast at 2024-02-21 21:18:00 (unread)

Disorder Disorder in the House of Commons (p0hd9c2y.mp3)

Today we look at the chaotic scenes in Westminster over Gaza ceasefire votes.

A row erupted after the Commons Speaker allowed MPs to vote on a Labour motion on the Israel-Hamas conflict. The SNP and Conservatives accused Sir Lindsay Hoyle of breaking with precedent for allowing the votes - and chaos ensued.

Plus a row over who said what about government delays in payments to sub-postmasters.

Adam is joined by the BBC’s business editor, Simon Jack and Newsnight’s political editor, Nick Watt to go through both stories.

And a Trident missile has failed during a test for the second time in a row. Adam speaks to the man who revealed the news to the world, the Sun’s defence editor, Jerome Starkey.

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