Personal Finance

Here are some tips and tricks which I have picked up over the years. Most are just a matter of common sense.

Bear in mind that the Financial Services industry is in the business of making money. Since they are no longer allowed to print it they have to take it from their customers.


  1. Never Borrow Money (except for a Mortgage).
    • Have as big a deposit for your mortgage as you can to get a better deal. Pay off the mortgage as rapidly as possible. Earned interest is taxed but mortgage interest payments avoided through early repayment are not.
  2. Live within your means each month (except for one-off capital expenditure). To paraphrase Dickens:
    • Monthly Income < Expenditure = Misery
    • Monthly Income > Expenditure = Happiness
  3. Never buy shares (no exceptions).
    • The stock market is a casino. As in all such establishments the odds are rigged to favour the house.
    • Also by avoiding the market you gain peace of mind.


By following these rules, after 15 years working at a mid-level IT job in London, I was able to afford to buy a mountain in Ireland.