Rooska is the name of the place, next to Bantry Bay, where I bought 30 acres of mountainside. My plan is to build a place in the country for holidays and retirement.

So far I have built a barn and planted 15 acres with trees.

Map of Southwest Ireland Map of Rooska Aerial Photo of Rooska Map showing boundaries and subdivisions

To visit Rooska:

  1. Take the from Cork N71 West to Bantry.
  2. Just before Bantry take the turn off for Kilkrohane.
  3. Go down this road for 4 miles until you see a church on the right.
  4. At the next left stop and walk up to the property at the end of this road.

N71 turn off to Kilkrohane Rooska Church Turnoff to Rooska


2008 Before

Map showing boundaries and subdivisions Start of driveway Corner on driveway End of driveway Yard and Stables Yard and Stables Neighbouring farmyard Lower Field looking West Piggery Lower Field looking East Donkey Bottom of mountain slope Looking down at Connection and Lower Field Looking along Connection Lower slopes Looking up the slope Pond Grasses on lower slopes Looking west from Woodland Platforms looking southwest Platforms looking east Looking up slope from Platforms Looking across the bay Platforms Looking northeast on Peak Looking east on Mountaintop Looking south at Lake Looking north at Lower Field Looking north from mountaintop

2009 Mountain

Digger on Mountain Ground dug up on Mountain Turned Soil, Rock and Machine Eastern Firebreak Eastern Drain Western drains in action

2009 Wall

Digger Preparing Ground Trench for Wall foundation Stone to build NE wall First quarter of NE Wall Second section under construction Wall detail NE Gateway Long Wall Dismantled fencing

2010 Barn

Floorplan of Barn/Office Situation of Barn Foundation of Barn Barn Under Construction Barn Under Construction Barn Under Construction View from my new office Barn Under Construction Finished Barn Exterior Main Storage Room Office Desk Office Window Bookcases in Office Barn Menaced by Giant Sheep in the Snow

2010 Planting

Willow Cuttings on mountain before planting Willow Young Giant Redwood planted at bottom of mountain slope Scots Pine Lodge Pole Pine Elms from all over the country First sign of growth after planting Lots of Sprouting on Mountainside Trees on the mountainside Map Showing Planting of Fruit Trees

2010 Quarrying

Before Quarrying Quarrying in next field Quarrying in Full Swing Truck in action Quarrying Continues Maximum Quarrying Mess Quarrying Tidyup Quarrying Completed

2010 Roads

Calves Watching New Surface on Entrance Road Car and Machinery Piers of new Bridge Completed New Bridge Mud Road Stone Road

2011 Spring

Trees protruding from grasses on mountain Flowering Pear Tree Stream banks softened by new growth Barn as of April 2011

2012 Spring

Frontgate Barn Footbridge Trees on the Mountain

2013 Spring

Barn Overview Trees Redwood Wall Footbridge

2014 Spring

Barn Overview Trees Overgrown Gate Cleared Gate Barn Interior

2014 Autumn

Cleaned Drive New Drain First Apple Mountain Stream

2015 Spring

Tidy Drive Tall Trees Plant Tree Before Plant Tree After Blue Bantry Bay

2016 Spring

Barn 2016 Twees Leptospermum Coral Candy Oleander Sheepish Neighbours

2017 Spring

Trees coming on well Before the Fire Smoke on top of the mountain Fire front Fire advancing down the slope Turned the fire to the West Western fire front After the Fire: North Slopes After the Fire: South Slopes Corner of a foreign field which will remain in the EU

2018 Spring

Barn Driveway Wall Road Entrance Harry the Sequoia Twees

2019 Spring

Barn from Mountain Barn Giant Redwood Trees on Mountain Rooska Rush Hour Piggery Water Pipes Top Pond Walking Stick Mountain


Bantry at High Tide Bantry at Low Tide

2022 Spring

Rooska mountain in 2022 Barn from the mountain in 2022 Giant Redwood in 2022 Manuka bush in 2022 Sometimes you are being stalked! Rooska office Rooska bookcases

2023 Spring

Barn and mountain Barn from gate Barn from mountain Stalking a cat Biggest tree is Giant Redwood Lower field Misty day on Bantry Bay Mountain from road Oil Terminal

Bantry Bay

Bantry aerodrome facing west Car falling into sea Duck on path Hungry Hill Kilnaruane Pillar Stone League head Seagull Dunmanus and Bantry bays Typical Irish woodland scene You are here

2010 Planting List