Twinings Tea

Varieties of tea available from the Twinings website. The number of !'s indicates how popular that variety is with people in my office (in 2011).

  1. Everyday Tea: Blended to be a brighter tasting tea, Everyday tea is perfect all day... everyday. !!!!
  2. Traditional English: A robust blend of the finest Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon teas produces a rich, revitalising cup of tea. !!!!
  3. Earl Grey: Scented with bergamot flavour for a light, soothing drink. !!!
  4. Green Pure: The classic, refreshing taste of pure green tea !!
  5. Lemon and Ginger: A warming infusion, the spiciness of ginger is balanced with clean zesty lemon. !!
  6. Assam: A strong Indian tea with a rich malty character - perfect at any time of the day. !
  7. Blended to Recharge: This refreshing blend combines tangy blackcurrant and hibiscus, with ginseng which is reputed to have reviving properties. !
  8. Darjeeling: A light, distinctive tea from the district renowned for producing the world's most famous tea. !
  9. Redbush: The beating hot sun in Western Africa gives the redbush its juicy, refreshing flavour and copper-red colour. !
  10. Amber Keemun Tea: A bright Keemun black tea with a silky smooth taste.
  11. Blackcurrant, Ginseng & Vanilla: A luscious infusion with a rich combination of sweet blackcurrant, ginseng root and vanilla.
  12. Blended as a Digestif: This blend combines fennel seeds with peppermint, both of which have long been used as aids to digestion.
  13. Blended as a Morning Detox: A purifying blend, combining the fresh taste of verbena, limeflowers and lemon, which has been used for many years, with hot water, as a cleansing drink to start the day.
  14. Blended to Calm: A soothing blend combining warming rooibos and cocoa beans with lavender and camomile, which has long been used for relaxation.
  15. Blended to Cleanse: A blend of spearmint, long used to aid digestion; nettle, reputed to have a cleansing effect; and milk thistle, believed to have antioxidant properties.
  16. Blended to Recover: This cleansing blend combines the fresh taste of peppermint with rooibos and milk thistle, both reputed to have antioxidant properties.
  17. Blossom Earl Grey: We've created a stylish mix of sweet orange blossom flavour and citrus bergamot.
  18. Blueberry & Apple: A taste of autumn with a full-bodied blend of sweet red apples and blueberry flavours.
  19. Camomile: We've picked only the most fragrant flowers to make this light and delicate infusion.
  20. Ceylon: A bright, medium tea with a slight citrus character. Can be served hot or cooled as a delicious iced tea.
  21. Cranberry & Sanguinello Orange: The Sanguinello, a Spanish variety of blood orange, perfectly compliments the sharpness of cranberry.
  22. Cranberry, Rasberry & Elderflower: Lift your senses with a delicious red berry infusion with a hint of elderflower.
  23. Golden Oolong Tea: A sunny and sweet Oolong Tea with a fragrant taste of spring.
  24. Green Tea with Cranberry: When summer seems a long way off, our green tea with cranberry could be just the thing to brighten your day.
  25. Green Tea with Orange & Lotus Flower: This distinctly oriental blend combines zesty orange and a delicate hint of lotus flowers with a lightly aromatic green tea.
  26. Mulled Spice: Full bodied Assam black tea scented with cinnamon, cloves and Christmas spice flavouring.
  27. Orange, Mango & Cinnamon: Winter or summer? We love both. That's why we created our orange, mango & cinnamon infusion.
  28. Peppermint Pure: A refreshing infusion with a clean taste. The cool aroma of mint is both refreshing and soothing.
  29. Pure White: A delicate, sweet white tea, made from the unopened bud and first leaf of the Camelia Sisensis tea plant.
  30. Rose Garden: From English country gardens to ancient Turkish palaces, there's nothing like the romance and style of a rose.
  31. Spring White Tea: An easy and light white tea, made from Spring picked buds; this is tea at its purest.
  32. Traditional English Decaffeinated: A robust blend of the finest Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon teas produces a rich, revitalising cup of tea.
  33. White Tea and Pomegranate: A delicate, light tasting white tea, perfectly balanced with the sweet fruity flavour of pomegranate.