Yesterday was my last day of employment at SBB/McGraw-Hill. As HR prefer to put it: My position has been made redundant. The writing has been on the wall since McGraw-Hill bought SBB in the summer and I learned that they, basically, don't write their own software.

The good news is that yesterday I was offered and have accepted a web developer position with a software company called ReportLab based in Wimbledon. Their site is at

My commute will be about 1 hour by train. If the new job works out then I shall move to the vicinity of Wimbledon next July (when the lease on my flat expires) and resume walking to work!

Wimbledon is such a nice area that it is more expensive to live there than in my old neighbourhood near the city. I will aim for a 3-mile walk to work which should allow me to live somewhere more reasonable.