Five years ago I got a Cannon Powershot A410 digital camera. I have been very pleased with its performance. I would have carried on using it if not for a slip on my mountainside which caused me to land on top of it in the mud. It was still usable but only just.

Therefore I have recently upgraded to a new Cannon Powershot A495. It is considerably smaller than its predecessor and does not have a viewfinder. I am not convinced that using the screen of a camera to compose a shot is entirely viable outdoors on a sunny day.

A new bridge is under construction across the drainage ditch between the long wall and the field at the bottom on the mountainside. This is the first image taken with the new camera to be published on my website:

Picture of bridge under construction at Rooska

As can be seen, this will be a heavy-duty bridge suitable for the passage of heavy machinery. The heavy machinery will be along next month to build the road to the mountain.