Links related to 2006-2007 Intelligent Systems for Business and Manufacturing MSc courses at UCC.


Project: University Timetabling Presentation Report Files

AI: CS5201 lectureNotes Machine Learning Java Object Oriented Neural Engine Bayesian Text Classifier

Constraints: CS5202 lectureNotes Krzysztof R. Apt's books Tutorial by Roman Bartak Arc Consistency

Optimisation: CS5203 lectureNotes Operations Research by Jansen Operations Research

Game Theory: CS5204 lectureNotes Notes for presentation on Deep Maize Auction theory by Klemperer

Complexity: CS5205 lectureNotes Jon Kleinberg's Homepage GeNIe Better Bayesian Filtering CRM114 Spam Filtering project report projectArchive

Security: CS567 lectureNotes IPSEC Hash SecurityFocus

Mobile: CS5014 lectureNotes

Java: CS565 Java: How to Program

Modelling: CS560

Other Topics

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