Google Chrome

Download from Alternatively, use Vivaldi.

Delete input field history: Navigate to choice with arrow keys; Then press Shift-Delete.


  1. Adblock Plus: Adblocker.
  2. LastPass: Password Manager.
  3. React: Javascript React framework Developer Tools.
  4. Redux: Javascript Redux framework Developer Tools.
  5. Stylus: Apply themes to websites.
  6. Switcheroo: All URL redirections.
  7. uBlock Origin: Blocks ads, trackers and malware sites.
  8. Visual Event: Show what event is bound on each DOM element.

Need to select Settings > Extensions > Developer Mode to allow synchronising of Extensions and Themes.

Default to getting Last Year's results:

  1. Open Chrome's Settings Manage Search Engines
  2. Add a new search engine under the list of ''Other search engines'' with the following values.
    • Name: Google (recent)
    • Keyword: recent
    • URL:
  3. Change this to be your default search To use the URL is