On Tuesday, July 20, I arrived back in London. I am staying at the Beaver Hotel which is a nice traditional English hotel.

I have a found a flat to rent. Incredibly, it is the same place where I was owner-occupier from 1992-2006.

Unfortunately, the lettings agent needs six months rent in advance - as I am currently looking for work. This would not be a problem except that the bank draft with which I opened a UK account will take 5 working days to clear!

But I shall have my revenge by placing my long term savings and getting a credit card from other institutions. Thus leaving this bank with an unprofitable current account to look after.

Meantime, I shall be staying on at the hotel into next week.

When I first moved to London in 1990 I was able to rent and move into a flat within 24 hours of my arrival. The process seems to have become more complex since then.