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Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters

From The Bottom Line at 2022-09-29 20:50:00

Excess Profits, Windfall Taxes and Incentives (p0d3k28d.mp3)

Is it right that businesses making what look like windfall profits pay windfall taxes? And do the recent announcements from the government to lower taxes in general lead to economic growth? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Irem Guceri, Associate Professor Economics and Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford Professor Michael Jacobs, Professor of Political Economy, Sheffield University Charlie Mullins, Businessman and Founder, Pimlico Plumbers Dan Neidle, Founder, Tax Policy Associates Ltd. PRODUCTION TEAM Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Richard Vadon Sound Engineers: Graham Puddifoot/James Beard Production Co-ordinators: Siobhan Reed and Helena Warwick-Cross

From The Bottom Line at 2022-07-28 21:00:00

Little Boxes? (p0cpp9dd.mp3)

The government target for building houses in the UK is 300,000 a year, but over the past few years only around half that number have been constructed. The sector faces many challenges; labour and skills shortages and rapidly rising prices for raw materials, not to mention uneven planning laws and green building commitments. Are they building the homes the country needs and where it needs them? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Ben Dimson, Partner, Property Sector, McKinsey Peter Truscott, CEO, Crest Nicholson Rico Wojtulewicz, Head of Housing and Planning, National Federation of Builders Presenter: Evan Davis Producers: Julie Ball and Lucinda Borrell Editors: Hugh Levinson and Jon Bithrey Sound: James Beard, Rod Farquhar Production Co-ordinators: Siobhan Reed and Helena Warwick-Cross

From The Bottom Line at 2022-07-21 20:30:00

Russian Exodus (p0cn9h4m.mp3)

Hundreds of western businesses have decided to stop operating in Russia as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. But what does leaving Russia actually mean in practical terms – how do you go about it and who bears the cost? Can you end up hurting your own company and your Russian workers more than the Russian state? Evan Davis debates with his guests, one of whom leads a global automotive dealer that has just sold its business in Russia to its local managers. GUESTS: James Alexander, Chief Executive of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association John Morrison, CEO of the Institute for Human Rights and Business Duncan Tait, CEO of automotive dealer Inchcape Producer: Lucinda Borrell Sound: Rod Farquhar Editor: Jon Bithrey Production Co-Ordinators: Siobhan Reed and Helena Warwick-Cross

From The Bottom Line at 2022-07-14 21:00:00

Woke or Broke? (p0cly9kv.mp3)

From Disney to the Halifax bank, companies are increasingly willing to take a stance on everything. But what is driving this trend and will it continue? Ultimately isn't it the job of a business to make money for its shareholders and not get involved in politics and contentious social issues? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Nina Bhatia, Executive Director, Strategy and Commercial Development, John Lewis Partnership Ian Leslie, Journalist and Author of 'Conflicted' Becky Willan, CEO and Co-founder, Given Agency Nicola Kilner, CEO and Co-founder of Deciem Producer: Julie Ball Sound: James Beard Editor: Jon Bithrey Production Co-Ordinators: Siobhan Reed and Helena Warwick-Cross

From The Bottom Line at 2022-07-07 20:30:00

'Sorry, all our agents are busy right now' (p0ckggjg.mp3)

Why does it seem so hard to contact a business these days? It's almost like they deliberately hide their phone numbers from us. When we do manage to ring, they often make us sit through an endless list of 'caller options' before allowing us to speaking to anyone. Are they deliberately trying to dissuade us from getting in touch or are we expecting too much too soon from customer services? Evan Davis speak to the people managing our calls. Guests: Leigh Hopwood: Chief Executive of the Call Centre Management Association Dave Mills: NHS specialist at EVAD Tim Callington: Director of technology firm Flipside Producer: Nick Holland Studio Managers: James Beard & Rod Farquhar Production Coordinators: Siobhan Reed & Iona Hammond Editor: Hugh Levinson .

From The Bottom Line at 2022-06-30 20:55:00

Employment Tribunals (p0cj4cgl.mp3)

What to expect when a workplace dispute ends up in court. Thousands of people lodge grievances relating to their jobs directly with their employers, and that's often where they remain. But if you think you have been unfairly dismissed, or suffered unfair discrimination on the grounds of sex, race of age, the case may end up at an employment tribunal. Dramatic cases - complete with lurid accusations and sometimes huge payouts - are regularly reported on by the media. Evan Davis asks his expert guests about what really goes on during this generally painful process, and whether anybody ever really wins at a tribunal. Guests: Chris Hadrill, Head of Employment Law, Redmans Solicitors Sian Keall, Partner, Employment Law, Travers Smith LLP Martin Tiplady, Director, Chameleon People Solution Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Hugh Levinson Sound: James Beard Production Coordinators: Siobhan Reed and Helena Warwick-Cross

From The Bottom Line at 2022-06-23 20:30:00

How to run a petrol station (p0cgqjs7.mp3)

As petrol and diesel prices hit record highs, Evan Davis looks at the economics of running a petrol station. There's an allegation motorists are being ripped off at the pumps. However, the actual amount of profit some forecourts make from selling fuel may come as a surprise. Guests: Kirsty Waddingham, RKW Plumbing David Charman, Parkfoot Garages James Lowman, Association of Convenience Stores David Fyfe, Argus Media Producer: Nick Holland Sound: Neil Churchill and Rod Farquhar Production Coordinators: Sophie Hill and Siobhan Reed Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2022-06-16 21:00:00

Online Reviews (p0cfdj9h.mp3)

Can we trust the wisdom of the crowd on online review platforms? Evan Davis and guests discuss how businesses can harness this knowledge to their advantage and how they can deal with bad reviews. And how do the platforms that consumers look to for assurance ensure that we're reading the truth? Plus stories of chip shops, splashing in puddles and the mysterious "review farms"... Guests: Anoop Joshi, VP Legal and Platform Integrity, Trustpilot Melissa Norton, Commercial Director, Muddy Puddles Professor Adrian Palmer, Head of Marketing and Reputation, Henley Business School Producer: Julie Ball Editor Hugh Levinson Sound: Neil Churchill Production coordinators: Siobhan Reed and Helena Warwick-Cross

From The Bottom Line at 2022-06-09 20:30:00

The price of bread (p0ccywgd.mp3)

The 'crust' of living: Evan Davis looks at the spiralling costs of baking a loaf of bread. On top of rising energy bills the industry is having to keep up with huge increases in the price of wheat. In this episode a farmer, a miller and a baker explain how they're trying to make ends meet. Guests: Sarah Bell, Wheat Farmer and Grain Consultant. Julius Deane, Wheat Director at Carrs Flour Mills Ltd Mike Roberts, Deputy Chairman of Roberts Bakery Producer: Nick Holland Sound: Rod Farquhar Production Coordinators: Sophie Hill and Siobhan Reed Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2022-03-24 20:30:00

Business and Energy (p0bxcw1y.mp3)

How will soaring energy costs affect UK corporations? Prices are spiking, not least because of the war in Ukraine. Energy is essential for everything from heating offices to transportation to manufacturing, so what happens when it just becomes too expensive? Evan Davis and guests discuss the current energy crisis, and ask how long is it likely to last and what we can do to reduce the vulnerability of our businesses. GUESTS Michael Lewis, Eon Energy Natalie Quail, Founder Smiletime Tina McKenzie, Federation of Small Businesses Gareth Stace, UK Steel Producer: Lucinda Borrell Production Coordinators: Siobhan Reed and Sophie Hill Sound: Neil Churchill and Rod Farquhar Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2022-03-17 20:55:00

Levelling Up (p0bw31br.mp3)

Evan Davis and guests examine the prospects for business in this government priority for increasing economic activity beyond the Southeast of England. How important is political devolution? Or are practical changes, like transport links and skills education more significant? Guests: Andrew Carter, chief executive, Centre for Cities Akash Paun, senior fellow at the Institute for Government Steve Cole, maritime business improvement director for BAE Systems Lucy Winskell, chair of the North-East Enterprise partnership Producer: Lucinda Borrell Sound: Graham Puddifoot Production Coordinators: Siobhan Reed and Sophie Hill Editor: Hugh Levinson The programme was produced in partnership with the Open University

From The Bottom Line at 2022-03-10 20:55:00

Changing China (p0btphfn.mp3)

How will shifts in China's economic policies affect global commerce? The nation is the world's second-biggest economy and it's been the centre of globalised manufacturing for over three decades. But after a global pandemic, an energy crisis and now war in Ukraine, is this going to change? Already, President Xi Jinping has plans to move away from the reliance on global trade towards expanding domestic consumption, alongside targets for encouraging innovation in technology and artificial intelligence. Will recent economic sanctions on Russia due to geopolitics make China retreat more from global trade? What will this mean for us and for the rest of the world? Evan Davis and guests discuss Guests: Hong Bo, professor of financial economics, School of Finance & Management, SOAS University of London Mike Collier, director, China UKTC consultancy Xiaolan Fu, professor of technology and international development: and director, Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD), Oxford University Producer: Julie Ball Production Coordinators: Sophie Hill and Siobhan Reed Sound: Nigel Appleton Editor: Hugh Levinson This programme was produced in partnership with the Open University

From The Bottom Line at 2022-03-03 21:00:00

Russia and the global economy (p0bschh3.mp3)

What will the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine be for the world's economy - and for us? From the effects on the energy markets to the tough sanctions regime, we can already see ripple effects across Europe and the rest of the globe, at a time when the world's economy is still in a febrile post-Covid state. Evan Davis and guests discuss the likely and immediate picture for business, growth and incomes. Guests: Duncan Weldon, economist and author of the Value Added newsletter on Substack. Anna Leach, deputy chief economist at the CBI Chris Rogers, supply chain economist for Flexport Greg Jackson, CEO of Octopus Energy Producer: Julie Ball Research: Johnny I'Anson Production Coordinators: Sophie Hill and Siobhan Reed Editor: Hugh Levinson Produced in association with The Open University.

From The Bottom Line at 2022-02-24 20:30:00

Buy Now , Pay Later (p0br1xrm.mp3)

We’ve all wanted something that we can’t quite afford. If you’re low on funds and waiting for money to come in there are a multitude of borrowing options from overdrafts and loans, to credit card - so you don’t have to wait for the things you want One of these options that has really taken off is the Buy now pay later market, where customers have the option to pay back money for their purchases and there’s no interest on the payments - provided the debts are cleared on time. But is it too good be true? Join Evan Davis and his panel of experts to get to the bottom of the BNPL industry GUESTS Alex Marsh, Head of Klarna UK Alice Tapper, financial journalist Sameer Pethe, Financial Services Partner, Kearney PRODUCER Lucinda Borrell SOUND Graham Puddifoot EDITOR Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2022-02-17 20:35:00

Alcohol-free drinks (p0bpr6tw.mp3)

Like alcohol, but don't want to drink? For the "sober-curious" consumer there's a range of low-alcohol alternatives on the market from gins and spirits to beers and craft lagers. But are they as good as the real thing? What is the social purpose of these substitute drinks? And why do they tend to have similar prices to their alcoholic rivals - even though they are taxed at a far lower rate? Evan Davis and guests explore the expansion of the low-alcohol market, the rising demand for luxury alcohol alternatives and asks - is this one trend that's here to stay? GUESTS Cristina Diezhandino, Chief Marketing Officer, Diageo Spencer Matthews, Founder, Clean Co Emily Neill. Chief Operating Officer, IWSR Drinks Market Analysis Producer: Lucinda Borrell Production Coordinators: Sophie Hill and Siobhan Reed Sound: Graham Puddifoot Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2022-02-10 20:30:00

The Price Shock (p0bng8n0.mp3)

Prices are rising - but are we heading into an unprecedented economic period? So far, wages haven't yet followed. How different is what's going on now from the conventional boom and bust cycle? Evan Davis and guests discuss. Guests: Dr Jennifer Smith, Associate Professor of Economics, Warwick University Professor Michael McMahon, Oxford University Sonali Punhani, UK Chief Economist at Credit Suisse Producer: Julie Ball Production Coordinators: Sophie Hill and Siobhan Reed Sound: Rod Farquhar Editor: Hugh Levinson Produced in association with the Open University

From The Bottom Line at 2022-02-03 20:55:00

Your childhood in the workplace (p0bm2016.mp3)

Psychotherapist Naomi Shragai talks to Evan Davis about how our emotional baggage can harm our work life.. She advises businesses and employees on how to recognise our deeper personal impulses, which often stem from our childhoods. Her book 'The Man Who Mistook his Job for His Life' catalogues phenomena like narcissism, fear of rejection and imposter syndrome, Naomi tells us how to recognise these powerful forces, and what we can do about them. Producer: Julie Ball Studio Manager: Neil Churchill Production Coordinators: Siobhan Reed and Sophie Hill

From The Bottom Line at 2021-11-18 21:00:00

Conflict at Work (p0b51lbv.mp3)

Evan Davis and guests discuss how best to resolve disputes between colleagues - both making the best of it and avoiding the worst. Despite our best efforts, conflict never disappears – it’s always there, when humans gather. In the office, it can be start with something as trivial as a coffee cup left on a colleague's desk. And from there, it can spiral into a situation where people are unwilling to work with each other, or even suffer mental ill health as result. Three experts give advice on how to prevent conflict festering and the best ways to mediate when co-workers end up at daggers drawn. GUESTS Gill Dix, head of workplace policy at ACAS Felicity Steadman, mediator, The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution Ade Adeniji, mediator and investigator Producers: Kirsteen Knight, Lucinda Borrell and Sandra Kanthal Sound: Graham Puddifoot Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2021-11-11 21:00:00

Class in the workplace (p0b3nxw8.mp3)

How can companies create a level playing field for applicants and employees from lower socio-economic backgrounds? Evan Davis and guests discuss the sometimes invisible barriers and assumptions which exclude some from getting jobs or getting promoted. Many believe that the job interview format tends to favour the social skills of those from the middle and upper middle classes. Diversity schemes help - but there are questions about whether they go far enough. Is this the final taboo when it comes to equality in employment? Guests: Professor Lee Elliot-Major, University of Exeter Sandra Wallace, chair, Social Mobility Commission and one of the Managing Directors for UK & Europe, DLA Piper Jenny Baskerville, Head of Inclusion, Diversity & Social Equality, KPMG Producer: Lucinda Borrell Sound: Graham Puddifoot Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2021-11-04 20:27:00

The Lottery Business (p0b2b424.mp3)

The National Lottery contract is up for grabs. While the results aren't scheduled to be announced until early 2022, the bids are in and being considered - and across the industry it seems that this is the closest competition yet with four major players in the running. How do lotteries, large and small, operate? And what obligations does the industry have towards customers who might be vulnerable? Evan Davis speaks to Camelot, who have been running The National Lottery since its inception 27 years ago, and to industry leaders, about the changing world of lotteries. GUESTS Matthew Risdale, Executive Director, Camelot Richard Dixon, Managing Director, Sterling Lotteries Tony Vick, Chair, The Lotteries Council PRODUCERS Tanya Beckett & Lucinda Borrell SOUND Rod Farquhar

From The Bottom Line at 2021-10-28 20:55:00

The Quick Commerce Economy (p0b0ynhx.mp3)

Evan Davis looks at the expanding world of ultrafast home delivery. App-based firms like Getir promise to get a grocery order to your home in just 10 minutes. During the pandemic, demand for such services skyrocketed. As new companies enter the market, is Q-commerce economically sustainable - or will there be a brutal shake-out. Evan speaks to players in this rapidly growing sector - and to a critic of it. GUESTS Turancan Salvar, general manager, Getir UK Christa Bloom-Burrows, co-founder, Biff's Jessica Moulton, senior partner, McKinsey & company Adam Badger, research student, Royal Holloway, University of London Producer: Lucinda Borrell Sound: Rod Farquhar

From The Bottom Line at 2021-10-21 20:55:00

Carbon Capture (p09zk3d9.mp3)

Earlier this week, the Government announced millions of pounds of funding to support the UK's emerging Carbon Capture industry. But what is the future of this emerging industry? Evan Davis speaks to the head of The East Coast Cluster, a project awarded some of this financial support, alongside other industry leaders to understand whether this revolutionary technology could solve our climate change problems, or is it just another way to cheat our environmental obligations. GUESTS Andy Lane, Vice President (CCUS), BP & Head of East Coast Cluster Esin Serin, UK Policy Analyst, The Grantham Institute of Climate Change Olivia Powlis, Head of UK Office, Carbon Capture and Storage Assosciation Julie Golsalvez, Chief Marketing Officer, Climeworks PRODUCER Lucinda Borrell

From The Bottom Line at 2021-10-14 20:55:00

Hybrid working (p09ypw9w.mp3)

In 2020, the pandemic hit, and the world locked down. Suddenly white-collar staff went from working in the office, to working remotely. But now we are opening up, will people want to return? Hybrid working has become the buzzword of employers across the country, allowing individuals to have more flexibility over where they work. So how likely is this to function effectively? How do businesses manage staff and productivity? And will there ever be anyone in the office on Fridays....? Join Evan Davis and guests to find out. GUESTS Emma Stewart, Co-Founder, Timewise Sam Bowerman, HR Director, Retail Businesses, NatWest Group UK Lisa Kennery, HR and Marketing Director, The Pierce Group PRODUCER Julie Ball

From The Bottom Line at 2021-10-07 20:55:00

Labour shortages and the new model economy (p09y0xnz.mp3)

Labour shortages, particularly in the hospitality and HGV sector have dominated the headlines from petrol shortages, to worries about Christmas dinner being off the menu. And its not just the logistics sector at risk - hospitality, agriculture and the care sector have all reported labour problems in post-pandemic, post-Brexit Britain. So what exactly is the solution? Do we bring in more labour from abroad? Do we invest in training and developing British workers? Or are companies going to have to pay better wages and improve working conditions? Join us on this week's The Bottom line to find out... GUESTS Rain Newton Smith, Chief Economist, CBI Alan Manning, Economist, London School of Economics Kaan Hendekli, JJ Food Services

From The Bottom Line at 2021-07-22 21:00:00

Clinical Trials (p09q48ty.mp3)

The extraordinary success of the creation of vaccines for Covid-19 has made the business of clinical trials look simple. But appearances can be deceptive and it usually takes many years and costs hundreds of millions of pounds to bring a new drug, therapy or medical device successfully to market. Evan Davis and his guests discuss how the economics of commercial clinical trials now look for companies in the light of such a disruptive event as the pandemic. How far is greater collaboration - with start-ups partnering with big pharma and research companies - changing the way in which trials operate? And will new tech developments - like the greater, tailored use of Artificial Intelligence, digital data and advanced statistical techniques - make the process cheaper and quicker - while compromising neither safety nor patient confidentiality? Those taking part are: Nuala Murphy of the executive team at Icon plc, a Dublin-based clinical research organisation which last year worked with Pfizer/BioNTech on their Covid-19 vaccine; Houman Ashrafian, managing partner of the biotech team at SVHealth Investors, a venture capital firm with offices in London and Boston; and Avideh Nazeri, vice-president in the UK for clinical development, medical and regulatory affairs at the Danish-headquartered integrated pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk. Editor Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2021-07-15 20:59:00

Carbon labelling (p09pk3j8.mp3)

Should consumers be told the carbon footprint of the products they buy? And if so, how? In recent years, a shift in customer attitudes towards climate change has caused businesses to up their game when it comes to showcasing the environmental impact of products. But just how transparent it this? How much do buyers want to know about how sustainable their shopping is? Evan Davis and guests discuss the highly complex issues around carbon labelling and how best to communicate sustainable business practices. Guests Emma Keller, Head of Sustainability UK & Ireland, Nestle Barry Clavin, Ethics and Sustainability Reporting Manager, Co-Op Hugh Jones, Managing Director, The Carbon Trust Producer: Lucinda Borrell Sound: Neil Churchill Production Coordinators: Iona Hammond and Siobhan Reed

From The Bottom Line at 2021-07-01 20:31:00

Rolling out electric vehicles (p09n4pgt.mp3)

Electric vehicles are a hot topic. Nissan has announced it will construct a factory to produce EVs, while the government says no new vehicles running on petrol or diesel will be sold after 2030. The electric transport sector will play a crucial role in tackling climate change. But are we on track to hit these targets? Can EVs deliver the same reliable service as combustion engine vehicles and reduce "range anxiety"? Does the rolling out of this transition have consumers convinced? Evan Davis and guests discuss. Guests Lex Hartman, CEO, Ubtricity Toddington Harper, CEO, GridServe Tanya Sinclair, UK & Ireland Policy Director, Chargepoint Producer Lucinda Borrell

From The Bottom Line at 2021-06-24 20:30:00

The Purple Pound (p09mgr3d.mp3)

The spending power of disabled people and their families - the so-called purple pound - is valued at £249 billion a year. So is there a competitive business advantage in designing accessible goods and services? Evan Davis and guests discuss, with examples ranging from haircare products to hotel rooms. Guests Sam Latif, Company Accessibility Leader at Proctor and Gamble Robin Sheppard, Co-Founder and President of Bespoke Hotels and Gavin Neate, Chief Executive and Founder of Neatebox Producer: Lesley McAlpine Sound: Andy Garratt

From The Bottom Line at 2021-06-17 20:30:00

The Future of Cruises (p09lsvq7.mp3)

For nearly 20 years, the cruise industry experienced huge growth. Then a pandemic hit. After a year of forking out for boats docked in port and devastating headlines chronicling outbreaks early on in 2020, what does this mean for the future of cruises? How are they restarting, what barriers are they facing and - most importantly - how do they convince customers that they are indeed safe? Guests Dr Jennifer Holland, Lecturer in Tourism, Suffolk Business School Ben Bouldin, Vice President, EMA, Royal Caribbean Cruises

From The Bottom Line at 2021-06-10 20:30:00

Sound of the suburbs (p09l4bf8.mp3)

For years the suburbs have been seen as places to live, from which you can commute to a big city to work. But has the pandemic pushed the economic pendulum in the other direction? With more people working from home and cities becoming quieter, could this lead to a revival of the suburban economy? Evan Davis explores the national picture and hears from entrepreneurs in Denton, Greater Manchester, who have helped revive its struggling town centre, encouraging people to spend money locally. Guests John Spencer, Chief Executive of BizSpace Yael Selfin, Chief Economist of KPMG in the UK Producer: Lesley McAlpine

From The Bottom Line at 2021-06-03 20:30:00

Ramping up capacity (p09kgmv9.mp3)

How can businesses cope with supply shortages? Car factories across the world have had to shut down because they can't get hold of enough silicon chips. And as many economies bounce back post-Covid, other industries are facing similar problems. How can enterprises plan both for sudden falls and surges in demand and how quickly can supply chains cope? Evan Davis and guests discuss. Guests: Dr Andy Palmer, CEO of Switch Mobility Maureen O'Shea, Leader of Supply Chain and Operations Management for KPMG John Neuffer, President and CEO of the US Semiconductor Industry Association Producer: Linda Borrell

From The Bottom Line at 2021-05-27 20:30:00

The future of money (p09jtnbw.mp3)

The pandemic has given a nudge to the decline of cash. If that is the past - what is the future for our payments system? Could it simply be cards linked to bank accounts, handled via apps? Or could we be approaching a pivotal moment when the exciting (or maybe alarming) world of crypto and digital currencies take over? Central banks around the world are pondering this very question and are poised to launch their own digital currencies. Evan Davis and guests look into the future of money. Guests: Professor Catherine Mulligan, visiting lecturer at Imperial College, London and director of D-Central Lab at Lisbon University, Marcus Hughes, European managing director for Coinbase, a crypto trading platform Paige McCartney, senior business reporter at the Nassau Guardian

From The Bottom Line at 2021-03-25 21:00:00

Billionaires (p09bv6sx.mp3)

Should we be concerned by the emergence of a set of unbelievably wealthy men? Do the likes of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk signal return to the age of the "robber baron" of the likes of Andrew Carnegie? They have the ability to make the world a better place through extraordinary acts of philanthopy - but can their efforts distort public policy, along the lines of their whims? Evan Davis and his guests discuss the inner drives that transform these individuals from just rich to hyper-rich. Guests: Dr. Katharina Rietzler, lecturer in American history at Sussex University Paul Vallely, author "Philanthropy: From Aristotle to Zuckerberg" Manfred Kets de Vries, professor of leadership development and organizational change, INSEAD Abigail Disney, documentary filmmaker, granddaughter of Roy Disney Producer: Julie Ball

From The Bottom Line at 2021-03-18 20:30:00

Hydrogen future (p09b40z6.mp3)

It’s all around us and has pride of place in the periodic table. Hydrogen is the number one element. For decades it’s been hailed as a potentially cleaner alternative to the fossil fuels which power heavy industry, our homes and transport systems. But hydrogen from renewable sources has never quite realised its potential. It's expensive to produce. However, as the UK now has targets to cut carbon emissions, green hydrogen may have a major part to play in the clean-up. Evan Davis and guests discuss the business of hydrogen. Guests: Eugene McKenna, from the chemical giant, Johnson Matthey. Dr Laurie King, Fuel Cell Innovation Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University. And Andrew Cunningham, managing director of Geopura, a green hydrogen energy supplier Producer: Lesley McAlpine

From The Bottom Line at 2021-03-11 21:00:00

How to set up an EU subsidiary. (p099dy0x.mp3)

Since Brexit, many companies have had to set up a subsidiary operation in the EU to continue trading. What are the rules, regulations, pitfalls and costs? Evan Davis hears the experience of three very different businesses, in sectors ranging from tights to cheese to architecture. GUESTS Brie Read, founder and CEO SNAG Group Ross Hutchinson, founder and principal director, Hutchinson & Partners, architects Simon Spurrell, founder and CEO, Cheshire Cheese Company

From The Bottom Line at 2021-03-04 21:00:00

The Satellite Business (p098qs3p.mp3)

The government wants to boost the UK's growing space industry through its £400 m investment in satellite communications firm OneWeb. The company is a pioneer, launching satellites in Low Earth Orbit with the aim of providing broadband to under-served areas of the globe. But there are rivals, Elon Musk's Starlink Constellation being the best known. So is the UK investment in OneWeb a moonshot moment? Evan Davis and guests boldly go into discussion over what happens when you combine cutting-edge technology with uncertain business outcomes - and whether the state should be involved Guests: Professor Marek Ziebart, UCL Chris McLaughlin, OneWeb and Carissa Christensen, CEO, Bryce Space and Technology Producer: Lesley McAlpine

From The Bottom Line at 2021-02-25 20:30:00

The Reddit Revolutionaries (p098250j.mp3)

The rush on shares by individual investors, into struggling US video game store chain Gamestop was portrayed as an attempt by a new breed of retail investors to thwart hedge funds which were shorting the stock. Some investors won big, others lost everything and one hedge fund, Melvin Capital, lost half of its $13bn fund. Was this really a David and Goliath fight, signalling a win for retail stock pickers, collaborating on social media platforms like Reddit? And has it changed the future of investing? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Holly McKay, Founder and MD, Boring Money Jack Inglis, CEO of Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) Mo and Danny, Online retail investors

From The Bottom Line at 2021-02-18 21:00:00

Net Zero in the house (p097d25y.mp3)

What are the business opportunities in turning our old housing stock green? The UK has some of the least energy-efficient housing in Europe – most of it built before environmentally efficient design was regulated. It’s estimated around a quarter of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy we use for heating, lighting or running appliances in our homes, public buildings or workplaces – and energy used in our homes is the most significant source. How soon can heat pumps, solar panels and better insulation around the house help the UK Government achieve its net-zero emissions target by 2050? And will this ramping up of energy efficiency measures really lead to a green jobs revolution? Guests: Dr Sara Walker, Director of the Centre for Energy, Newcastle University Neil Hargreaves, Managing Director for Northern Europe at Knauf Insulation Phil Hurley, Managing Director of Nibe, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of renewable energy products and Barry Hughes, homeowner at Springfield Meadows - an estate of carbon zero houses. Presenter: Evan Davis Producer: Lesley McAlpine

From The Bottom Line at 2021-02-11 21:00:00

The Covid Hangover (p096qbjm.mp3)

What are the long-term implications for the Covid crisis for the British economy. The government has borrowed more money over the last 12 months than ever before in peacetime. The ratio of public debt to national income is above 90%. If it rises even further do we need to worry? How will the chancellor manage the economic pain caused by coronavirus? What will it mean for tax and spending - and is there a route back to growth? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS John Kay, economist, author, consultant Dame Minouche Shafik, director of London School of Economics and Political Science, former deputy governor of the Bank of England Gemma Tetlow, chief economist, Institute for Government Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2021-02-04 21:00:00

Return to Brexit (p0962gwl.mp3)

Almost five years ago on The Bottom Line - just before the EU referendum – debated the pros and cons of being in the EU. In a tribute to Radio 4’s The Reunion, the programme has reassembled most of the original contributors to get a sense of whether hopes and fears have been delivered. From current customs glitches, aspirations to increase UK global exports, to Brussels red tape versus ease of trading in a European Single Market. What do guests think now? Joining Evan Davis will be: Jon Moynihan, venture capitalist Rachel Kent, head of financial services regulation at the law firm Hogan Lovells Julia Gash, artist and entrepreneur and Christopher Nieper, managing director of clothing manufacturer David Nieper,

From The Bottom Line at 2021-02-04 21:00:00

Return to Brexit (p0964jtv.mp3)

Almost five years ago on The Bottom Line - just before the EU referendum – debated the pros and cons of being in the EU. In a tribute to Radio 4’s The Reunion, the programme has reassembled most of the original contributors to get a sense of whether hopes and fears have been delivered. From current customs glitches, aspirations to increase UK global exports, to Brussels red tape versus ease of trading in a European Single Market. What do guests think now? Joining Evan Davis will be: Jon Moynihan, venture capitalist Rachel Kent, head of financial services regulation at the law firm Hogan Lovells Julia Gash, artist and entrepreneur and Christopher Nieper, managing director of clothing manufacturer David Nieper

From The Bottom Line at 2020-12-11 13:05:00

Competence (p0914tmt.mp3)

From the NHS Test and Trace Service to the lack of PPE at the start of the pandemic - both projects branded as having been incompetently delivered. But do we fail to notice the constraints their senior leadership team operate under? Evan Davis and expert guests discuss why some big public projects like the London 2012 Games went well. While others, like Crossrail, get bogged down in delays and a budget overspend. Just how is competence measured and delivered? Guests: Sir John Armitt, Chair of the National Infrastructure Commission, former Chair of the Olympic Delivery Authority Dame Jackie Daniel, CEO of Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Justin King, former CEO of Sainsbury's, and Vice Chair of Terra Firma

From The Bottom Line at 2020-11-19 20:30:00

Sector Shutdown (p08z10rr.mp3)

How are industries like live music, travel, conferences and events coping with the pandemic recession - and what plans do they have for survival? These business sectors have been hit disproportionately hard by the dramatic changes in our ways of life. In a programme recorded before the recent announcement of an apparently successful vaccine trial, Evan Davis discusses with business leaders from across these industries. Producer: Julie Ball GUESTS Tim Hawkins, Chief Strategy Officer, Manchester Airports Group Charlotte Gough, Divisional Director, Corporates, MCI Group Peter Marks, Chief Executive, The Deltic Group

From The Bottom Line at 2020-11-05 20:30:00

Commercial Property Wars (p08xhkrw.mp3)

Commercial landlords and tenants are at odds over unpaid rents due to the pandemic. Many retail, hospitality and leisure businesses are suffering acutely. Most have landlords who collect rent for their premises. In turn, many landlords have to pay interest on their loans to the banks. The pandemic is upsetting that delicate financial balance. It's estimated that billions of pounds is owed to landlords in unpaid rents. Threats of legal action against tenants are hitting the headlines. Just who should take more of the financial hit - commercial landlords or their tenants? Guests Edward Ziff, Chair and CEO of Town Centre Securities, a property investment firm Mark Dixon, CEO of International Workplace Group, which rents, develops and sublets office space and Charlotte Heyes, director of the small pub chain, Common and Co

From The Bottom Line at 2020-10-29 21:00:00

Bolton Business (p08wtz8b.mp3)

How has the pandemic affected commerce in one English town? Bolton's economy has been struck particularly hard by this pandemic. Not only was it subjected to the national lockdown, but it subsequently became a hotspot, under even tighter restrictions. With a town centre that was already in decline, how has this crisis affected local businesses and what does the future hold for the town? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Jonathan Warburton, Chairman, Warburtons Joseph Carr, Managing Director, Carrs Pasties Martyn Cox, Deputy Leader, Bolton Council Reporter: Matthew Bone Producer: Julie Ball

From The Bottom Line at 2020-10-22 20:30:00

COVID-19 and the gig economy (p08w1vgr.mp3)

Is the pandemic a spur to a world of temps and zero hour contracts? Hundreds of thousands of people have been losing their jobs during the crisis. Many are turning to the gig economy to boost their income. Should we welcome the acceleration of the move away from conventional employment? Evan Davis and guests discuss the pros and cons of the expanding gig economy. Guests Xenios Thrasyvoulou, CEO of People Per Hour Lorna Davidson, CEO of Red Wigwam Matthew Taylor, CEO of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce and Ed Cross, self-employed courier for Hermes

From The Bottom Line at 2020-10-16 10:31:00

Cybersecurity (p08vgghh.mp3)

In modern business it's impossible not to be worried about a cyber attack of some form. But how do you lower your chances of attack and what do you do if someone manages to get in your system and data? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Sian John, director, EMEA, cyber security strategy, Microsoft UK Geoff White, author, 'Crime Dot Com' and investigative technology journalist Jake Davis, consultant, Hacker Culture National Centre for Cybersecurity - Cyber Essentials advice for businesses Presenter: Evan Davis Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2020-10-08 20:30:00

The economy - winter is coming (p08tqbd5.mp3)

The second pandemic wave means UK businesses have to live with uncertainty for at least another six months. Those economic green shoots and the summer of 'eat out to help out ' seem a while back. So what are the implications for jobs and overall business viability in this climate? Difficult conversations are going on in boardrooms across the country. Evan Davis with expert guests reflect on the choices businesses face in these extraordinary times. Guests Nobel economist, Professor Joseph Stiglitz Wendy Carlin, Professor of Economics at University College London and member of the advisory panel to The Office for Budget Responsibility Entrepreneur Paul Campbell, founder of Hill Capital Partner Hannah Bernard, Head of Business Banking at Barclays

From The Bottom Line at 2020-07-23 20:30:00

WPP boss Karen Blackett on obstacles to diversity in the workplace (p08ljylv.mp3)

WPP boss Karen Blackett talks to Evan Davis about building a racially diverse business.

From The Bottom Line at 2020-07-23 18:35:00

How to build a racially diverse business (p08ljxfr.mp3)

The Black Lives Matter protests have prompted boardroom soul-searching about how to engage a more racially diverse workforce. Good intentions have been around for decades and have encouraged much talk about removing biases from mainly white corporate cultures. But this has still not led to the change people want. Hardly any large UK firms have black, Asian or minority ethnic chief executives. Evan Davis and guests explore the practical solutions to achieving racial equality at work and the potential benefits to the economy. Guests Karen Blackett, OBE, UK head of the ad giant WPP Dr Kamal Munir, reader in strategy and policy at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge Judith Hackitt, independent director at HS2 LTD Kike Oniwinde, founder and CEO of The Black Young Professionals Network Producer: Lesley McAlpine Produced in association with The Open University

From The Bottom Line at 2020-07-16 21:00:00

Transport after the pandemic (p08kz21v.mp3)

Has staying at home during lockdown made us think more about our travel habits? Are you less likely to want to get on a bus or a train to get to work or are you itching to get on the next available flight? And what about the business travel industry? Are companies realising tele-conferencing is now just as acceptable and a cheaper option than a business flight? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Laura Shoaf, managing director, Transport for West Midlands Simon Jeffrey, policy officer, Transport and Devolution, Centre for Cities Michael Valkevich, vice-president, Global Customer Group, EMEA, CWT Presenter: Evan Davis Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2020-07-09 21:00:00

How we work now - lessons from lockdown (p08k915r.mp3)

Zoom meetings and working from home. Two habits which office workers have picked up during the enforced lockdown. But will these behaviours habits stick? Some believe that if more of us choose to work from our spare rooms on a regular basis, this will have profound implications for offices, commuting, human interaction and productivity. Evan Davis and guests discuss whether current predictions about the death of the office are over-exaggerated. Guests André Spicer, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, City's Business School, University of London Rachel Higham, Managing Director of IT at BT Katrina Kostic Samen. Head of Workplace - Strategy and Design, Development. KKS Savills Produced by Lesley McAlpine The programme is produced in association with The Open University

From The Bottom Line at 2020-07-02 20:30:00

Can science save the economy? (p08jn2yx.mp3)

Evan Davis and guests ask if now is the time to exploit scientific research more effectively to help business recover from the coronavirus crash. The UK has traditionally been better at basic science research than its commercial exploitation - with examples ranging from computing to the discovery of graphene, where international companies have benefited more from those discoveries. The Bottom Line examines the government’s idea of creating an agency, similar to the legendary US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), to invest in, and commercialise UK science and technology projects. The US agency DARPA, was set up to invest in technology after they got behind in the space race with the Russian launch of the Sputnik in the 1950's. Although the agency's remit is to work on defence projects, several of its discoveries have spawned more commercial uses, most famously the Internet. Now the UK government wants to emulate this success for civil applications in the hope of encouraging new business sectors of the economy, post-Covid 19. Can it work? Evan Davis and guests discuss. Guests: Mariana Mazzucato, professor in the economics of innovation and public value, University College London Luke Georghiu, professor of science and technology management, Alliance Manchester Business School Arati Prabhakar, former director, Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Naomi Krieger Carmy, head of Societal Challenges Division, Israel Innovation Authority Producer: Julie Ball Produced in partnership with The Open University

From The Bottom Line at 2020-07-02 12:30:00

Post-pandemic resilience (p08hvnbf.mp3)

During the pandemic, businesses have faced severe tests, from supply chain shocks to fluctuations in consumer demand. How resilient are companies in dealing with the unknown? In recent years the focus has been on getting costs down, creating lean supply chains, and delivering returns to shareholders. But has that emphasis left supply chains insecure in the face of shocks? Will companies learn to value resilience over mere efficiency? Guests Dr Sandra Bell, founder and chief executive of The Business Resilience Company. Michael Davies, guest lecturer at the London Business School and founder and chairman of Endeavour Partners Poonam Gupta, founder and chief executive of PG Paper Guy Gratton, associate professor in aviation and the environment at Cranfield University

From The Bottom Line at 2020-06-18 20:31:00

Consumer habits after lockdown (p08h6z16.mp3)

What have you learned about yourself in lockdown? What is it you crave, what have you found you barely miss? Evan Davis and guests contemplate life after lockdown and changing consumer habits. A surge in the sale of bikes, toilet roll panic buying, and flour flying off the supermarket shelves. Will these consumer habits stick? Have we learned to value other things in life than shopping? Or will we just want to borrow and spend at the first possible opportunity? Guests: Kate Ancketill, founder and CEO, GDR Creative Intelligence Richard Walker, managing director, Iceland Foods Jonathan Cole, managing director, Velorution Kate Nicholls, chief executive, UK Hospitality Producer: Lesley McAlpine

From The Bottom Line at 2020-06-11 20:31:00

China (p08gnd3w.mp3)

Will Western economies and companies decouple from China? For decades, the world has relied on this rapidly emerging economy as its factory, producing everything from toilet rolls to iPhones. But post Covid-19, US trade wars and tensions with Hong Kong, is that all about to change? Evan Davis and guests discuss GUESTS Liam Casey, CEO and founder, PCH International Diana Choyleva, chief economist, Enodo Economics Dr. Yu Jie, senior research fellow, China, Chatham House

From The Bottom Line at 2020-06-05 16:11:00

Saving Companies (p08g5m11.mp3)

Should the government continue to bolster companies, large and small when lockdown is finally eased? If so what businesses do you choose to save and what are the criteria? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Michael Jacobides, holder of the Sir Donald Gordon Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, London Business School Julie Palmer, Regional Managing Partner, Begbies Traynor, Insolvency practitioners Mark Blyth, Director of the William R Rhodes Centre for International Economics and Finance, Brown University Produced in association with The Open University

From The Bottom Line at 2020-03-12 21:01:00

Business hype (p086ghvp.mp3)

Can new businesses survive without some form of hype or over-promotion? Or will consumer or investor disillusionment inevitably correct this? One recent example where hype came back to bite a company founder is that of the shared office space provider, WeWork. Its stock market valuation fell from $50bn to near bankruptcy over the course of a few weeks. GUESTS Brent Hoberman, serial entrepreneur and investor, chair and co-founder of Founders Factory and First Minute Capital Kerry Baldwin, Managing Partner at IQ Capital,a venture capital investment firm Rory Sutherland, Vice Chair of Ogilvy, the global advertising and marketing agency

From The Bottom Line at 2020-03-05 20:30:00

Coronavirus and business (p085s0gm.mp3)

How will the infection affect commerce in the UK and around the world? Evan Davis and a panel of guests discuss what's happening to the economy and look at likely scenarios. Jennifer McKeown, Chief Global Economist, Capital Economics, Gloria Guevara, CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council. Tim Power, MD of maritime and shipping container research firm Drewry. Producers: Lesley McAlpine and Julie Ball Researcher: May Cameron

From The Bottom Line at 2020-02-27 20:55:00

The working week (p0847hhf.mp3)

Is our working week due for major reform? Will a move to a four day week - as proposed by the Labour Party in its recent General Election manifesto - ever happen? From shorter hours to more flexibility in the workplace, what will the modern world of work be like in ten years time? Evan Davis and guests discuss the latest trends. Guests appearing on The Bottom Line Kate Cooper, Head of Research, Policy & Standards, Institute of Leadership and Management David Stone, CEO of MRL Recruitment and Karen Jansen, Professor in Leadership Challenge at Henley Business School

From The Bottom Line at 2019-11-21 20:59:00

Couples in Business (p07vpw3q.mp3)

What are the pros and cons of running a business with your life partner and how do you keep the personal out of your professional life? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Sophie Mirman and Richard Ross, founders and owners, Trotters childrenswear and accessories Claire and Andy Burnet, founders and owners, Chococo artisan chocolatiers Peter Leach, author and Adjunct Professor in Family Business , Imperial College Business School Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2019-11-14 20:58:00

Dismissing staff (p07tyd4g.mp3)

What are the rules when people have to lose their jobs? It's always a difficult situation - which is why it's often handled badly. Evan Davis and guests ask if there is a better way of doing it. GUESTS Angela O'Connor, Founder and CEO, The HR Lounge Consultancy Sian Keall, Partner, Employment Law, Travers Smith LLP Kate Griffiths-Lambeth, Group HR Director, Charles Stanley, Wealth Managers Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2019-11-07 20:58:00

Business Gurus (p07t99sw.mp3)

Do business gurus really hold the secret to success? Peter Drucker, Michael Porter and Gary Hamel are some of those who've found fame and influence via best-selling business books. But can following their lead transform a company - or are they really just selling themselves? Evan Davis and guests assess the pros and cons of buying from the ideas merchants. GUESTS Lynda Gratton, professor of management practice, London Business School, CEO The Hot Spots Movement John Kay, economist, author and consultant Eddie Obeng, founder and director of Pentacle Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2019-10-31 20:58:00

Managing Conflict (p07sncxk.mp3)

How should businesses deal with workplace quarrels? At a time when the nation seems increasingly divided and hot-tempered, is there a way to bring harmony among staff when there are differences of opinion and personality? Evan Davis and his guests explore what can go wrong and look for some possible solutions. In a very cooperative spirit, naturally. GUESTS: Naomi Shragai: psychological business consultant and Financial Times contributor Roxana Mohammadian-Molina, Chief Strategy Officer, Blend Network David Liddle, founder and CEO, The TCM Group Producer: Julie Ball

From The Bottom Line at 2019-10-24 20:59:00

Insolvency (p07rz125.mp3)

The number of companies in 'financial distress' in the UK is on the rise. What's causing the problems and what exactly happens when a company goes into administration? Evan Davis and guests discuss. Guests: Julie Palmer, Insolvency practitioner, Begbies Traynor Andy Scott, Chairman, REL Capital Dr Rebecca Parry, Director, Centre for Business and Insolvency, Nottingham Trent University Producer: Julie Ball

From The Bottom Line at 2019-10-17 20:58:00

Plant-based foods (p07r8q4p.mp3)

How can business benefit from the popularity of vegetarian and vegan products in supermarkets and restaurants? One in eight of us identifies as vegetarian or vegan, but that's not enough to have boosted the market so significantly. So what is happening and is it sustainable? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Kevin Brennan, CEO Quorn Tommaso Chiabra, venture capitalist and CEO Tommaso Chiabra Holdings Rachel Hugh, Co-founder, The Vurger Company Producer: Julie Ball

From The Bottom Line at 2019-10-10 20:59:00

Cryptocurrencies (p07qnx9r.mp3)

Will Facebook's launch of its own cryptocurrency be a game changer? What will this mean for established currencies and the global banking system? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Jutta Steiner, Chief Executive Officer, Parity Technologies Dr. Catherine Mulligan, Chief Technology Officer of Gov Tech Labs and Data Net at University College, London Barbara Mellish, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Government Presenter: Evan Davis Producer: Julie Ball

From The Bottom Line at 2019-07-25 20:58:00

The Future of Commercial Aviation (p07hsn58.mp3)

How can the aviation industry marry sustainability with increasing passenger numbers? Since the deregulation of Europe's airlines in the late 1990s, more and more of us have been flying every year. Whilst this may be good news for the airline industry, it's not good news for the environment. Manufacturers are trying to make models lighter and more fuel efficient, with a pledge by IATA to cut emissions to 50% by 2050. Nevertheless, experts say we are at least fifteen years away from hybrid engine powered flight. Evan Davis and guests ask whether commercial aviation can meet its climate targets through new technology and more fuel efficient engines, whilst keeping costs down for the airlines and the customer? GUESTS Paul Kahn, president, Connectivity, Cobham Plc Volodymyr Bilotkach, economist, author of The Economics of Airlines Rob Morris, head of Global Consultancy, Ascend by Cirium Presenter: Evan Davis Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Hugh Levinson

From The Bottom Line at 2019-07-18 20:59:00

Lessons of Theranos (p07h6smx.mp3)

What can we learn from how one medical start-up fooled Silicon Valley and the world? Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford University at 19 to start Theranos. She promised investors and the public a revolutionary blood diagnosis machine which would be less painful, accessible and affordable than ordinary lab tests. She managed to raise $9 billion in funding. Now the company is worth nothing. Holmes and her business partner may face up to 20 years in prison for fraud. How did she manage to deceive some of the world's cleverest minds - and is there something about start-up culture and the cult of the visionary leader which encourages charlatans? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Rebecca Jarvis, chief business, economics and technology correspondent, ABC News Margaret Heffernan, author and entrepreneur Jos White, entrepreneur and partner, Notion Capital Producer: Julie Ball

From The Bottom Line at 2019-07-11 20:58:00

The investment industry - luck or judgement? (p07gm36k.mp3)

You trust financial professionals to grow your long term savings and pension pot. But how do you know if they are investing it wisely? The UK investment industry is awash with complicated terms and conditions, and unclear and sometimes high charges, which can eat into your monetary returns. The woes of star fund manager Neil Woodford, who has temporarily frozen one of his funds to its investors after poor performance, highlights just how complicated an industry it is. Is some clarity starting to emerge? Evan Davis and expert guests look under the bonnet of the UK investment industry. Guests: James Anderson, partner at Baillie Gifford, who jointly manage the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Bella Caridade Ferreira, chief executive and founder of Fundscape Sean Hagerty, managing director of Vanguard Europe Producer: Lesley McAlpine

From The Bottom Line at 2019-07-04 21:00:00

The discounters (p07g0gtt.mp3)

Poundland, Lidl, B&M Bargains and Primark are thriving successes on the High Street, while more mainstream retailers have seen their profits hit. Just how do the discounters keep their prices so low? Keeping the business model simple, supply chains lean and costs down are key parts of the story. Guests: Barry Williams, Managing Director of Poundland Simon Arora, Chief Executive, B&M Bargains Catherine Shuttleworth, Chief Executive of Savvy Marketing

From The Bottom Line at 2019-06-27 20:59:00

Pivoting (p07fc1dw.mp3)

Can a sudden change in direction save a new company? Evan Davis and his guests hear stories about the start-up's nightmare: the original product is not selling, and cash is running out. Can changing focus - with a new service or product - pluck success from the jaws of doom? Speaking to entrepreneurs and experts, he learns about how in a range of sectors, from sanitary products to event ticketing, the key is to shift while staying true to the original vision. Guests: Celia Pool, cofounder DAME Edmund Glover and Nick Stone, FIXR Ramdane Mir, cofounder Cobbleweb

From The Bottom Line at 2019-06-20 20:59:00

Commerce and Crime (p07dp7lb.mp3)

From Somali pirates who've turned kidnapping into a global enterprise to cybercrime and fraud - the worlds of business and wrongdoing potentially have much in common. Clever criminals build business empires and fraud is sometimes carried out by well paid workers at legitimate companies. What the two worlds can have in common is a pursuit of profit and a series of apparently rational calculations. Evan Davis and guests explore why some bright, talented people try to get rich the wrong way, while others manage to do it within the rules. Guests Barrister, Sara George, a partner at Sidley Austin LLP Michael Corrigan, Chief Executive at Prosper 4 - a training and recruitment firm for former prisoners and Dr Anja Shortland, Reader in Political Economy at King's College, London.

From The Bottom Line at 2019-06-13 20:58:00

The Fitness Industry (p07gdyhx.mp3)

Who wins and loses in the cut-throat exercise market? Looking good and being fit has become more important as we have become more wealthy. Yet most new gyms and fitness centres fail. Evan Davis and his guests work out the secrets of success in this growing industry, which is is worth over £5 billion in the UK. GUESTS Stuart Broster, CEO, Anytime Fitness UK Tommy Matthews, Managing Director, Be Military Fit Dawn Tuckwell,, Director and Co-founder, Action PR PRESENTER: Evan Davis PRODUCER: Julie Ball

From The Bottom Line at 2019-06-06 20:58:00

The Last Mile (p07gds1t.mp3)

The package brought to your door may have crossed the globe - but the most expensive and fiddly bit of the journey will undoubtedly be what's known as 'the last mile'. Delivery firms are constantly innovating how they do this - using electric vehicles and e cargo bikes, robots, or offering customers a click and collect option at a local store of their choice. Consumers take it for granted that they will get free delivery in many cases. But is the whole 'last mile' industry sustainable? Delivery vans add to traffic congestion and consumers are ordering more than they need and returning unwanted goods for free. Evan Davis and guests discuss the latest trends in the logistical puzzle of 'the last mile.' Guests Jon Ormond Operations Director of Hubs and Depots at parcel carrier, Hermes. Nick Hale, Managing Director of BT Ventures. and Catherine Weetman, founder of Re-think solutions.

From The Bottom Line at 2019-06-01 17:56:00

Anti-Biotic Resistance (p07bn8h9.mp3)

Antibiotic resistance is a global problem but there have been no new drugs produced since the 1980s. So who is to blame? The public's over-consumption or the current economic model for drug research and production? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Seema Patel, Medical Director, Hospital Business, Pfizer, UK, Ireland and the Nordics Lord Jim O'Neill, Chair Anti-Microbial Resistance Review (2016), Former Chief Economist, Goldman Sachs Professor Colin Garner, Co Founder and Director, Antibiotic Research UK

From The Bottom Line at 2019-03-28 21:00:00

Planning for uncertainty (p074vssk.mp3)

Every business faces uncertainty. In the final programme of the series Evan Davis and guests ask what businesses should do when faced with uncertainty. Guests: Jeremy Bentham, Head of Scenarios, Shell Nick Allan, CEO, Control Risks Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting, Sungard Availability Services

From The Bottom Line at 2019-03-21 21:00:00

Feedback frenzy (p07470h4.mp3)

It's hard to buy anything these days without being asked to rate or review it. Evan Davis and guests look at how have businesses such as Tripadvisor, Feefo and Checkatrade have altered the relationship between companies and consumers? Do you trust the wisdom of crowds more than an expert's view? Guests Matt West, Chief Executive of Feefo Rob Paterson, Chief Executive of Best Western Hotels GB Caroline Wiertz, Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship at the Cass Business School in LOndon

From The Bottom Line at 2019-03-14 21:00:00

Internships (p073kkb9.mp3)

For many graduates an internship has become the default route to full-time, paid employment. But getting a good placement is competitive and in some cases poorly paid or unpaid. What does this mean for social mobility and diversity in the workplace? Evan Davis and guests discuss the pros and cons of internships. GUESTS Sarah Churchman, UK Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Wellbeing, PwC Amalia Illgner , Freelance journalist and a former intern Oliver Sidwell, Co-founder, Rate My Placement

From The Bottom Line at 2019-03-07 21:00:00

The personalisation revolution (p072wcqr.mp3)

Technological advances have made it easier for businesses to offer us more personalised goods and services, from customised cars to clothes that fit better and pioneering cell and gene therapies to target serious illnesses. How far can this personalisation revolution go? GUESTS Darrin Disley, Chief Executive of cell therapy company, Mogrify Georgina Silvester, Chief Operating Officer (designate), Handelsbanken UK Karl Howkins, Managing Director, Citroen UK Kate Ancketill, Chief Executive of GDR Creative Intelligence

From The Bottom Line at 2019-02-28 21:00:00

Magazines (p07276mg.mp3)

There are more than two-and-a-half thousand consumer and business magazine titles on sale in the UK. What is the appeal of magazines and how does the business endure in spite of falling advertising revenues and declining circulation figures? GUESTS Wolfgang Blau, President, Conde Nast International Terri White, Editor-in-Chief, Empire Magazine Rebecca McGrath, Senior Analyst, Media, Mintel

From The Bottom Line at 2019-02-21 21:00:00

Are auditors fit for purpose? (p071lpkf.mp3)

What's the point of an audit if it fails to detect when a company's about to go under? The sudden collapse of BHS, Carillion and Patisserie Valerie has dented public confidence in the firms that audited them and prompted calls for a shake-up of the audit industry. Would more competition in the sector, which is dominated by four big players, drive audit quality up? Do accountants need to be more robust in challenging company figures? Joining Evan Davis for The Bottom Line: Bill Michael, UK Chairman and Senior Partner at KPMG. Jac Berry, Audit Partner and UK Head of Quality at Mazars and Christopher Humphrey, Professor of Accounting at the Alliance Manchester Business School

From The Bottom Line at 2019-02-14 21:00:00

Behavioural science in the workplace (p070s6n6.mp3)

Understanding how humans think and what makes them tick can be enormously helpful if you're running a company. Luckily behavioural science is on hand to do just that. How far can its use improve decision making in businesses? Joining Evan Davis are: Octavius Black, CEO and Co-founder of MindGym David Halpern, CEO, The Behavioural Insights Team Kim Atherton, Chief People Officer, Ovo Energy and CEO and Founder of Just3Things

From The Bottom Line at 2019-02-07 21:00:00

University Businesses (p0704pt0.mp3)

Higher education in the UK is an astonishingly successful British industry, with an income of almost £35 billion a year. Universities have expanded hugely with more students from home and abroad. But uncertain times lie ahead. Tuition fees are under review and some people in the sector argue Brexit may make it harder to attract students from EU countries. Are universities sustainable as businesses? Guests: Professor Nick Petford, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Northampton Professor Trevor McMillan Vice-Chancellor of Keele University Dr Helen Carasso, Department of Education, Oxford University

From The Bottom Line at 2019-01-31 21:00:00

The Internet of Things (p06zlhsy.mp3)

The Internet of Things promised to revolutionise the way we live and work but what has it delivered and what more is it capable of doing? Join Evan Davis and guests as they discuss The Internet of Things. GUESTS Kevin Ashton, Author who coined the phrase the Internet of Things Caroline Gorski, Global Director of R2 Data Labs, Rolls Royce Plc Paul Beastall, Head of Strategy, Cambridge Consultants

From The Bottom Line at 2018-11-22 21:00:00

Business in the era of #MeToo (p06skjg3.mp3)

Has the #MeToo movement made businesses change the way they deal with sexual harassment and gender equality claims in the workplace? Does the law around non-disclosure agreements - often used to hush up this kind of behaviour - need to be changed? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Samantha Mangwana, Employment Lawyer, Partner, CM Murray Zelda Perkins, Campaigner and Theatrical Producer Octavius Black, CEO and Co-founder, TheMindGym

From The Bottom Line at 2018-11-15 21:00:00

Super-premium drinks (p06rvx9v.mp3)

There has been an explosion in the number of craft ale breweries and small-scale gin distilleries in recent years. The so-called super premium alcohol sector is growing. Why are these drinks popular among consumers? Is this a passing fad or is the drinks business facing fundamental change? Evan Davis and guests discuss. Guests: Tina Warner-Keogh, partner and co-owner of Warner Edwards Gin Distillery Laura Edwards, general manager at Meantime Brewing Company and Andrew Geoghegan, global consumer planning director at Diageo

From The Bottom Line at 2018-11-01 21:00:00

The Experience Economy (p06qj22m.mp3)

There is some evidence to suggest we are falling out of love with buying material things. Instead, we want to splash out creating memories that last a lifetime. What does the growth of what's known as the experience economy mean for businesses? Evan Davis and guests discuss. Guests Tristram Mayhew, Group Chairman, Go Ape! Myf Ryan, Chief marketing officer Europe, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Nick Johnson, Founder and co-Director, Market Operations

From The Bottom Line at 2018-10-25 21:00:00

Plastics (p06pv1xy.mp3)

Plastic is arguably one of the world's greatest inventions. Its' qualities allow it to be used in everything from food packaging to clothes and cars. But discarded plastic clogs up our rivers and oceans threatening marine life creating a consumer backlash. So what can the industry do to restore its reputation and how? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Lubna Edwards, Global Sustainability Director, Klockner Pentaplast Roger Baynham, Managing Director, Philip Tyler Polymers and Chair of the Recycling Group, British Plastics Federation Adrian Griffiths, CEO and Founder, Recycling Technologies.

From The Bottom Line at 2018-10-18 21:00:00

Shortages (p06p6knl.mp3)

No supply chain is immune from disruption and shocks. From extreme weather to strikes and cyber crime, what causes a supply chain to fail? Join Evan Davis and guests. Guests Tim O'Malley, Managing Director of Nationwide Produce Richard Oldroyd, Regional Managing Director of Persimmon Homes Liam Fassam, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Geography and Research Director at the University of Northampton

From The Bottom Line at 2018-10-04 20:30:00

Rewriting the rules of Business (p06myn87.mp3)

Business has undergone seismic changes over the past decade; do the rules of business need to be re-written? If so, who should write them and what should they say? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Ian Taylor, Chairman, Vitol Dame Helena Morrissey, Head of Personal Investing, Legal & General Investment Management Wendy Tan White, Partner, BGF Ventures

From The Bottom Line at 2018-07-26 21:00:00

The Festival Business (p06fs7nr.mp3)

There are thousands of festivals in the UK each year and millions of us go to them. But as an organiser how do you make any money? Do logistics and the British weather make them a risky business? Every year festivals get cancelled and some cease trading. Profit margins are tight, say organisers, and set-up costs are high. A big festival may have to pay more a million pounds to secure a top headline act. Evan Davis and guests discuss mud, music and hard cash. Guests: Syima Aslam, co-founder and director of the Bradford Literature Festival Ian Stockley, chief executive of the Bath Festivals. Simon Taffe, co-founder of the End of The Road Festival.

From The Bottom Line at 2018-07-19 21:00:00

Advertising (p06f5tbn.mp3)

The UK has been a global leader in the Advertising Industry since the end of the last century. But like many businesses it's now facing disruption from technology. Pop up banners on the internet and social influencers are cheaper and more immediate. Evan Davis and guests discuss whether a data driven approach to advertising will eventually kill creativity. GUESTS Sir John Hegarty, Co-Founder BBH Rohan Midha, Managing Director, PMYB Rory Sutherland, Vice-chairman, Ogilvy Producer: Julie Ball.

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How does the commodities business work? (p06dkyx6.mp3)

Commodities are the raw materials which oil the wheels of the modern economy. From minerals to crude oil to coffee, Evan Davis and guests look at how the business of buying and selling commodities works and why it matters to all of us. GUESTS Andrew Gowers, Global Head of Corporate Affairs, Trafigura Jean-Francois Lambert, Founder, Lambert Commodities Colin Hamilton, MD Commodities Research, BMO Capital Markets.

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Why do companies do bad things? (p06cxqhc.mp3)

Social media giants mishandle data, banks mis-sell PPI insurance, engineers arrange for cars to cheat emissions tests. Why do companies sometimes do bad things? Evan Davis and guests discuss whether it's by accident or deliberate. Coverage of business wrongdoing often focuses on bad individuals but how far can a company's culture be blamed? Guests: Nick Leeson, the original 'rogue trader' Sara George, Partner, Stephenson Harwood Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology, Norwegian Business School.

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Should CEOs have term limits? (p06c9747.mp3)

In some countries politicians have fixed term limits. What would happen if the same principle applied to CEOs? On average bosses in the UK stay for just under six years. But founder chief executives stay much longer. Evan Davis and guests discuss whether chief executives know when their time is up? Guests: Martin Gilbert, co-ceo, Aberdeen Standard Investments. Margaret Heffernan, author and entrepreneur Catherine Bright, a leadership consultant with Spencer Stuart.

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Franchising (p06bqtl7.mp3)

Is becoming a franchisee a good way to start your own business? Evan Davis and guests discuss the ups and downs of franchising. GUESTS Ken Deary, Franchisor Right at Home Rachana Pancholi, Franchisee, Subway Roz Goldstein Goldstein Legal Producer: Julie Ball.

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Is any company ever invulnerable? (p06b1m1c.mp3)

Facebook, Apple, Google, or Amazon. Dominant companies that today look unassailable. But similar claims were made about MySpace, Tesco, Microsoft, Kodak and Polaroid. However, these companies turned out to be more vulnerable than anyone thought. Evan Davis and guests discuss invulnerability, complacency and hubris in corporations. Guests: Sean Percival, entrepreneur and former Vice President for Online Marketing at MySpace Dr Kamal Munir, Reader in Strategy and Policy at the Judge Business School, University Of Cambridge Martin Franklin, Head of Global Marketing at Polaroid Originals.

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Co-working Spaces (p069jwpk.mp3)

Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show.

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Will 5G revolutionise our lives? (p069jk6j.mp3)

The next generation of mobile technology - 5G - will be rolled out from 2019. It will enable faster streaming on our mobile phones and tablets and speed up the 'internet of things', allowing thousands of computers to 'talk' to each other. The fifth generation mobile network also has applications that could be used in public safety and healthcare. But will the UK build the infrastructure - installing more fibre and small communications masts - to benefit from this new technology? Joining Evan Davis for the debate will be: Derek McManus, Chief Operating Officer at Telefonica UK, which owns O2. Professor Dimitra Simeonidu, Director of the Smart Lab at Bristol University and Kyle Brown, Head of Technology at Samsung Electronics.